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Swimming pools on Koh Chang have proliferated over the last few years as competion for guests has become more pronounced. An option once seen as exclusive to the bigger resorts, pools have now become a must-have for resort owners across the island – even the cheapest hostel may have one.

Needless to say, the swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes. From rooftop to infinity, kids’ pools to pool villas and other plain curiosities, Koh Chang has them all. We have picked out some of our favourites in the gallery below. For those of us who just like knowing who has what where, then here’s a useful list too:-

At a Glance – Swimming Pools

  • Rooftop – KC Grande, Erawan (both White Sand Beach) and surprisingly, the older style resort at Mam Kai Bae.
  • Infinity – Bhuvarin (Bang Bao), Sunrise Resort (Dan Khao), Awa, The Chill, Gajapuri (all Kai Bae), Peninsula (Klong Son), Nest Sense (Lonely Beach), Chang Buri (White Sand Beach), Chai Chet Resort.
  • Kids – Slides and fun at The Splash (Klong Prao), KC Resort, Kacha, Cookies, Grand Lagoon (all White Sand Beach), Kai Bae Beach Resort, KB Resort, Seaview (all Kai Bae).
  • Cute ones at Pajamas (Chai Chet), Nirvana and Cliff Cottages (Bang Bao), TP Huts, Macura (both Pearl Beach), The Stage (Kai Bae), Carpe Diem, Paradise Cottages and Nature Beach (both Lonely Beach).
  • Oddities
    • Koh Chang Resortel – an Olympic sized pool (with 8 lanes) at this near empty resort in Pearl Beach.
    • Kooncharaburi – stunning views out over the east coast at this open/closed resort on the east coast
    • Koh Chang Boat House – a cruise ship, pool in a boat, almost impossible to describe. Take a trip to the far end of the west coast to see for yourself.
  • Coming Soon – Parama over in the south east corner of the island is excavating the deepest swimming pool yet seen on Koh Chang, It comes with Easter Island statues…we don’t know either.

The Swimming Pools Gallery

In order, left to right from the top:- The Dewa, The Chill, The Splash, Santhiya Tree (Riverside), KC Grande (Hillside), Beach Club (Peninsula), Emerald Cove, Chivapuri, Awa, Chang Buri, Crown View, Bhuvarin.
The images click though to their individual resort pages where available. For The Splash and Bhuvarin, we offer links to our affiliates.

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