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Getting to Koh Chang by Share Minibus and Bus – Hotel to Hotel, Khao San Road, Suvarnabhumi Airport, Public Bus Stations

A share minibus, microbus or bus is the cheapest way to get from Bangkok to Koh Chang, in either direction.

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Hotel to Hotel Hoppa Share Minibus

As of May 24, this service is currently only running with us in the mornings from Koh Chang to Bangkok.

From Koh Chang to Bangkok

The hotel hoppa share minibus from Koh Chang to Bangkok is 990bt per person with fast ferry ticket to a central Bangkok hotel. We always need to see the Bangkok hotel before booking to check if delivery is possible or not.

The hotel to hotel share minibus is minimum 2 persons so if travelling as one person only, you will pay double.

The morning service from Koh Chang leaves from Klong Goi bridge (Bang Bao Beach, the far end of the island) at 08.20 and works its way down the island to White Sand Beach at 09.30 and then to Ao Sapparot Pier for the fast ferry across to Ao Thammachat Pier.

Once on the mailand, the trip takes approximately 5 hours to east Bangkok, with final delivery to hotels dependent on location and Bangkok’s notoriously heavy traffic.

The minibuses are Toyota Commuters with seat belts.

Children are charged at full price as they require a seat. Babies, not toddlers, if on the parent’s lap, are free.

From Koh Chang – Other Destinations

The share minibus from Koh Chang can also drop you at:-

  • BKK Suvarnabhumi Airport – 750bt per person with ferry ticket – see here also
  • Lad Krabang Airport Link – 750bt with ferry ticket
  • Victory Monument – for north Bangkok/DMK – 850bt with ferry ticket – see here also
  • Khao San Road – 850bt with ferry ticket
  • Ekamai or Morchit Bus Stations – 950bt per person

Collections from your hotel on Koh Chang are as above for the hotel hoppa (08.20 Bang Bao Beach to 09.30 White Sand Beach).


Payment is with an initial deposit via Thai bank transfer, Wise, Revolut or PayPal and then the balance on the day in THB cash. If using PayPal, you do not need an account, it can be paid with any card.

We may sometimes take payment on the day direct. Please note if booking a return and paying on the day, then payment is in full for both legs on that first day of travel.

If you would like to go ahead, you can email us at [email protected] or use the Contact Us page. Please provide as many details as possible – number of people, date of transfers, hotel names, flight times, returns and so on.

Share Minibus – DMK Airport

There is no share minibus from DMK Don Mueang Airport to Koh Chang, you need to go to the New Van Terminal at Morchit, see below. Though more expensive, it’s far easier, more relaxing and more comfortable after a long flight to use our private SUV car transfer service, door to door – full details here.

To get from Koh Chang to DMK, you use the morning share minibus service, 850bt with ferry ticket, which drops you at Victory Monument. From there, you can take a bus or taxi (30 to 60 minutes depending on traffic).

On Koh Chang, collection from your resort starts in Bang Bao Beach at 08.20, White Sand Beach 09.30. You reach Victory Monument around 17.00 to 17.30 depending on traffic. It’s really only suitable for flights after 21.30.

We can book this service for you, payment as above.

Khao San Road Bus – Both Directions

From Khao San Road, there is a daily bus service which departs at 08.00 (1/6/24 to 30/9/24) from a pre-arranged meeting point. The price is 900bt per person including the ferry ticket at Ao Thammachat (Ferry Koh Chang). You swap to a share minibus or taxi for the island delivery, with all areas covered on the west coast.

boonsiri bus to koh chang

Journey time is around 5.5 hours to the pier, ferry (once boarded) 25 to 35 minutes and final delivery to your resort, time dependent on location from 10 minutes to 45 minutes.

Children 4 and under are charged at 450bt, 5 and over are charged at full price.

From Koh Chang to Khao San – Bus

The return is the same price per person with ferry ticket. Collection starts at 07.00 from Klong Goi bridge (Bang Bao Beach), around 07.30 at Lonely Beach and then all beaches down the island to Sapparot Pier (fast ferry). The bus departs from the mainland side (Thammachat Pier) at 10.00.

Once on the mainland, journey time back to Khao San Road Bangkok is 6.5 hours depending on traffic. This return service can drop you at Lad Krabang, the Airport Rail Link Station, from where it is about 20 minutes to Suvarnabhumi Airport, 3 to 4 trains an hour, 40bt per person. It does not go to the Airport direct.

We can book this service for you, but note it is payment in full by one of the methods outlined above.

Reservation Form

If the form gives an error message or you have not heard back from us within 24 hours, please just email us at [email protected] with your preferred service, dates, hotel names, number of people, return if needed.

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***We do NOT book the services below***

Bus and Minibus direct from Suvarnabhumi Airport

suvarnabhumi burapa bus

Suvarnabhumi Burapa Co (SWB) runs a direct service from Suvarnabhumi Airport Terminal Level 1 Door 8 to the ferry at Ao Thammachat, with delivery to your resort.

The company uses microbuses, which drive onto the ferry and off the other side. The cost is 650bt per person with ferry ticket and resort delivery up to Kai Bae Beach. For resorts in Lonely Beach or Bailan, you swap to a minibus and pay another 50bt or Bang Bao and Bang Bao Beach another 100bt.

If from Koh Chang, the price is 650bt to 750bt (dependent on the beach). Children over 100cm pay full price, under 100cm 1/2 price/ Babies, not toddlers, if on the parent’s lap, are free.

***Please note if you do try and book Suvarnabhumi Burapa Co service from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Koh Chang in advance, there is no refund for delayed flights. ***

The telephone numbers used are 092 939 9426 or 083 794 2122 (Bangkok Office) and 081 660 5926 or 080 357 1251 (Koh Chang Office).

Timetable – Suvarnabhumi Burapa Co

From Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) to Koh Chang

Updated March 24
From Koh Chang (White Sand Beach) to Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK)

Updated March 24
07.00 (Microbus)

11.00 (Microbus)
10.00 (Minibus/Microbus)

13.00 (Minibus/Microbus)

999 Bus direct to the ferry – Getting to Koh Chang by Bus

999 koh chang bus ekamai

The 999 service run by the Transport Company leaves from Bangkok Ekamai, the eastern Bus Terminal, via Suvarnabhumi Airport Bus Station, direct to Ao Thammachat Pier in the Laem Ngop area. Ekamai is located at the BTS (skytrain) station of the same name on Sukhumvit Road, literally just down the steps.

The daily departure is at 07.45 (08.20 at BKK Suvaranabhumi Airport Bus Station, arriving at 13.30 to 13.45 at Thammachat Pier.

Back to Bangkok

The return is daily at 14.30 from the mainland side at Thammachat Pier, so you need to be on the ferry by 12.30 or the 13.30. This in turn means allowing ample time for your taxi down the island to reach the pier, leaving from Lonely Beach, for example, at 11.00 for the 12.30 and so on.

***We do NOT book these services***

Timetable – 999 Bus

From Bangkok Ekamai Bus Station to Thammachat Ferry Pier

Updated March 24
From Thammachat Pier to Bangkok Ekamai Bus Station

Updated March 24
(08.20 Suvarnabhumi Airport Bus Station)

292bt per person

292bt per person

Public Bus from Bangkok to Trat

Bus to Koh Chang from Bangkok

From Bangkok’s Ekamai Bus Station, Cherdchai runs 43 seater air conditioned buses to Trat, starting at 05.00 and ending at 17.30 – see timetable below. There is also night bus at 23.30, currently running everyday.

For Koh Chang, you request to get out at the Saen Tung junction about 35km outside of Trat, where you jump in a share songthaew taxi for the last 25 kilometres to Thammachat Pier. Songthaews are around 60bt per person if full or you negotiate a price if only a couple of you. The ferry ticket is 80bt per person.

If you need to go from Morchit Bus Station, then either use the microbuses below or The Transport Company has a once daily service at 07.30 to Trat. You can swap out at Saen Tung as explained above.

Morchit is a taxi ride away (not walking distance) from Morchit BTS station – use exit 3 to drop down to the highway and the taxis are lined up waiting.

To reach either bus station from Khao San Road, you will need a taxi or you can walk to Hualamphong Railway Station and join the MRT (subway) and ride this to Morchit only or connect with the BTS for either Morchit or Ekamai.

Times given are subject to change.

***We do NOT book these services***

Trat Share Taxis

Trat Bus Station is a couple of kilometres out of town – it is not walkable – with songthaew taxis costing 30bt per person to take you into the centre. Taxis direct to the Koh Chang piers cost 60bt per person but only leave when deemed full, so if you do not want to wait, expect to pay 300bt if 2 pax to hire the whole vehicle and go immediately.

In Trat itself, as you head out of town past the covered market, there is a another public taxi on the corner by the chemists, opposite the entrance to the temple. Here, taxis leave for 50bt to 60bt per person to the two ferry piers, again when deemed full.

Taxis coming back from the piers follow the same pricing and ‘full’ system, so, if there are only a few passengers, will either increase the cost per person for immediate departure or wait for the next boat.

Timetable – Ekamai Bus Station to/from Trat – Public Bus

UPDATED November 2023From Bangkok Ekamai Bus Station to Trat Bus Station
From Trat Bus Station to Bangkok Ekamai Bus Station
Cherchai Tour
099 014 0073 (Bangkok)
039 511 062 (Trat)
Thai spoken only
05.00, 09:30, 11:30, 15:30, 17:30, *23:30 (currently every night)*

279bt per person
08.00, 10.00, 12.00, 16.00, 22.30

279bt per person
The Transport Co (999)
02-391-6846 (Bangkok)
039 511 986 (Trat)
1490 Call Center (Thai)
07.45 to Laem Ngop (Koh Chang) - 292bt per person14.30 from Laem Ngop (Koh Chang) - 292bt pp

Timetable – Morchit Bus Station to/from Trat – Public Bus

UPDATED MARCH 2023From Bangkok Morchit Bus Station to Trat Bus Station
From Trat Bus Station to Bangkok Morchit Bus Station
The Transport Company 07.30 to Trat - 288bt per person

Change at Saen Tung - 263bt per person
10.00 via BKK Suvarnabhumi - 288bt per person

***We do NOT book these services***

Public Microbus from Bangkok

From Ekamai and Morchit

Kohchang Bangkok Transport Company ( runs different sized microbuses from 05.00 till 18.30 from Ekamai or Morchit Bus Stations to Trat, 290bt per person.

public minibus to Koh Chang from Bangkok

For Koh Chang from Ekamai, you can take one from times of 05.00, 07.00, 08.30, 09.30 or 11.00 down to Saen Tung Junction and then swap to a songthaew taxi as explained above.

From Bangkok’s Morchit New Van Terminal (opposite the Bus Station), times suitable for Koh Chang are at 05:00, 06.30, 08.00, 09.30 and 11.00, same price as from Ekamai.

The return leg is the same price and just as frequent, but you will need to get to the ferry pier at Ao Sapparot on Koh Chang (Ao Sapparot to Ao Thammachat), where you can buy tickets. If going from Trat Bus Station, the service starts at 04.00 for Morchit and 04.30 for Ekamai.

***We do NOT book these services***

Microbus between Koh Chang and Pattaya

Suvarnabhumi Burapa Co (SWB) also runs microbuses or minibuses from South Pattaya to Koh Chang at 700bt per person, with an additional 50bt to 100bt for delivery to resorts in Lonely Beach, Bailan and Bang Bao. The meet time is at 08.00 though for an additional fee, you can be collected from some central Pattaya hotels.

The return is the same price, with departure at 10.00 from White Sand Beach on Koh Chang. Collection is possible from resorts further up to the island, with an additional 50bt to 100bt for resorts in Lonely Beach, Bailan and Bang Bao.

**We do NOT book this service**

Minibus between Ban Phe and Koh Chang

From Ban Phe (pier for Koh Samet), the minibus is 650bt with the ferry tickets both ends included and delivery to your resort door, with the prices the same for the journey in reverse.

***We do NOT book these services***

Minibus from Trat to Koh Chang East Coast

In Trat, you can pick up a minibus, with ferry ticket, for 150bt direct to the east side of the island. This daily service leaves at either 12.00 or 13.00 (you have to walk up and check in the morning) to Salak Phet, with drop offs possible right round the bay to Chek Bae.

You’ll find the minibus parked up in the left hand corner behind the food stalls of the temple area, which itself is through the arch behind the old Trat Department Store, diagonally opposite the covered market in the centre of town. There is a return run at 05.00, with picks-ups from your resort possible and arriving in Trat about 07.30.

***We do NOT book these services***

The number of buses and their times are subject to change depending on demand and the different tourist seasons. Telephone numbers also not always picked up or discontinued.


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