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Resorts and Bungalows – Koh Wai

There are just 5 Koh Wai resorts and bungalows, with 4 located on the north coast beaches and one, Koh Wai Beach Resort, just around the corner on the east coast.

The backpacker style huts at Paradise Resort, Good Feeling Bungalows and Grandmar Huts are basic fan affairs, some with attached bathrooms but most with shared facilities. Rates go from 300bt to 700bt per night, with generator electricity only from 18.00 to 21.00 or 22.00, no WiFi but you can get mobile data.

The bungalows at Pakarang Resort and Koh Wai Beach Resort are a step up in quality, but don’t expect high end! Prices start at 700bt for fan and go up to 2,500bt or more for family a/c rooms. Electricity is on all night, with WiFi available in the common areas, mobile data everywhere.

Pricing Code/Per night in Baht (B):
B= under 500; BB= 500 to 1,500; BBB= 1,500 to 3,000; BBBB= over 3,000;

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Resorts and Bungalows in Koh Wai

bungalows koh wai paradise

Koh Wai Paradise Resort

Per Night: B – BB

On The Beach

On a lovely stretch of beach, 30 thatch and wood bungalows, some two storey family rooms, all with shared bathroom and fans. Popular restaurant, own pier. Electricity from 18.00 to 23.00. Prime spot for daytrippers, so days can be very busy. Room numbers in the 30’s away from the crowds, with 36 and 37 on their own cove.

bungalows koh wai good feeling

Good Feeling Bungalows

Per Night: B

On The Beach

Small friendly operation of cabins on the hillside above its restaurant, with shared bathroom or wooden bungalows with their own bathroom on the beach, daytripper free, further round the coast. Electricity 18.00 to 22.00. Shares the pier with Paradise, with the restaurant located at its start.

bungalows ao yai ma grandmar huts koh wai

Ao Yai Ma (Grandmar Huts)

Per Night: B

On The Beach

Most remote of the north coast resorts and only one on the island owned and run by an original Koh Wai family. Very simple fan rooms with shared bathroom on the hillside or 3 to 4 fan bungalows with bathroom on a small sandy cove. Own pier and restaurant (good for seafood). Electricity 18.00 to 21.00. Fabulous beach a few hundred metres further along the shore, with limited daytrippers.

room koh wai pakarang resort

Koh Wai Pakarang Resort

Per Night: BB – BBB

Whole array of different style accommodation from small rooms with fan to large a/c bungalows, all by or above the gritty sand beach. Own pier and conference room, restaurant, small shop. Electricity all night, satellite WiFi, kayaks. Can be busy with daytrippers.

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rooms koh wai beach resort

Koh Wai Beach Resort

Per Night: BBB – BBBB

Reached only by sea, selection of 8 hillside bungalows, 10 beachfront villas, teak houses and larger family houses with 2 or 3 bedrooms, fan and a/c. Restaurant, electricity all night, kayaks. Mobile data coverage.

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