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Bang Bao Beach Restaurants – Hat Sai Noi

Bang Bao Beach restaurants are, in the main, exactly that, classic beach restaurants of the bamboo chairs and thatch roof variety, offering simple one dish over rice, noodles and western food, shakes and cold beers.

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Hat Sai Noi Restaurants

After Bang Bao Pier and the village, Rasta View, the brightly painted wooden cafe next door to Tranquillity Bay is worth a stop for its reggae inspired vibes and the terrific views across the bay.

Shortly afterwards, you reach the first beach, Hat Sai Noi (noi, little, sai, sand, hat, beach). Over time, this has developed into a great hang out spot and you can easily spend all day at either Ido Ido or next door at Maha, both offering up good food and a chilled-out atmosphere. Indie Beach has a hip cafe too, which is open to non-residents.

Bang Bao Beach Restaurants

Continue on down the road for a a couple more kilometres and you reach Bang Bao Beach itself. Chaipura Resort, a few metres further on from all the parking, has a lovely restaurant setting, high up over the creek and makes a nice change from the other beach choices.

Across the bridge, The Beach serves a good selection of Thai and western dishes on its terrace as does Yu Yu Golden Beach alongside – plenty of deckchairs too for a post-prandial snooze.

Klong Kloi Kitchen, also on the sand, is again nothing fancy but well prepared and tasty fare, with its seafood BBQ in the evenings the best on the strip. Green Garden gives you another option.

Towards the southern end, set back a little from the sand, Bamboo Hut is another decent choice for Thai and western. It also runs a cooking school on site. Finally, Chivapuri Resort is certainly worth a visit if you fancy a change from the others – open for lunch or dinner.

On the tracks and trails behind the beach and worth seeking out, you’ll find some standard cheap diners such as Ginger Home, Yaree and Mandala (Bamboo). They all serve the Thai standards, with a few western choices thrown in.

Incidentally, Bang Bao Beach Koh Chang is also known as Klong Goi or Klong Kloi Beach.

Pricing Code/Per person in Baht (B) excluding drinks: B = under 100; BB = under 500; BBB = over 500.

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Ido Ido

Per Person: B – BB

The best of the bunch along this little stretch of sand known as Hat Sai Noi, just before you reach Bang Bao Beach, offering the usual fried rice, noodles and curries, late breakfasts. Drinks, wifi, deckchairs. Friendly, good hang out.

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Klong Kloi Kitchen

Per Person: B – BB

Adjunct to the traveller bungalows, this busy restaurant has seating under the thatch or out on the sand. It serves a full menu or at nighhts, the seafood bbq from the ice boat, a wide freah selection. A popular hang-out and reliable.

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