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Bailan Beach Koh Chang

At a Glance

  • Likely to meet: Travellers, couples and tourists
  • The Beach: Not its strong point, small beach at southern end, tiny one at northern end, very tidal, rocks underfoot
  • Accommodation: Large hotel, 2 star resorts, traveller and backpacker
    From 350bt up to 5,800bt for the pool villas
    • Hotel/Resorts: Mercure Hideaway, Bailan Beach Resort, Harley Moon, White House
    • Bungalows: Mangrove, Bailan Bay, Lazy Republique, Saint Tropez, Vanara, Kamrai (currently closed), Green Resort, Sanook, Green Cottage, Lucky Gecko Garden (currently closed)
    • Traveller: Blue Garden (currently closed), Elephant Bay, Jungle Garden, Bailan View
  • Restaurants: Mainly cheap Thai, bit of western, pizza on the beach
    • Seafood: Sea Terrace, No Name Seafood (currently closed)
    • All Cuisines Vanara, Tamarin, J & K, Lisca Beach (Italian), Mangrove (currently closed), Coconut Cafe, Koh Chang 7 (Korean)
    • Coffee Shops: Bailan Cafe
  • Nightlife: Very low key
    • Bars: 3 Trees (sports)
  • Other: Muay Thai (currently closed), Minimart, Pharmacy, ATMs, Ticket agent, Motorbike Rental
  • Highlights: Local, easy going atmosphere, peace and quiet
  • Lowlights: The beach, village is getting more cramped as it develops

Bailan Beach Koh Chang Map

At an Island Pace – Bailan Beach

Bailan Beach (or Bailan Bay) sits about 2 kms down the road from Lonely Beach. Known for its local, quiet atmosphere and laid back tourism, it boasts a brand hotel (Mercure) at the southern end, a couple of mid range resorts and plenty of bungalows.

Alongside them, you’ll find a few cheap and cheerful restaurants, minimarts and a bit of massage. There is no nightlife – part of its attraction. On the downside, the small beaches at either end are certainly not award winners, so you need to head to either Lonely Beach or Bang Bao Beach for the proper sand and sea experience.

Northern End | Central | Southern End | Summary

Bailan Beach has been particularly hard hit by Covid-19’s business downturn. We have removed businesses we know will not return and marked selected others as currently closed – at this stage, it’s impossible to say if they will restart in the future or not? Separate to this, all venues will of course also adhere to the regularly changing Covid rules.

At The Northern End

Coming from Lonely Beach, the road sweeps round a couple of corners before reaching Bailan Bay Resort, with The Mangrove and its hippy chic bungalows by the sea, just a few hundred metres further along.

Next up, the two resorts of Lazy Republique and St Tropez, both French owned, are on the mountain-side, immediately followed by the cheap Thai diner Coconut Cafe and the rooms of Green Resort and Baan Sanook. Completing the row, Tarzan Island has changed hands to become Vanara – a restaurant and newly renocated bungalows .

bailan beach koh chang
Northern end by The Mangove

Opposite Coconut Cafe, a small soi leads to the large mid-range Bailan Beach Resort, bungalows on the seafront, swimming pool and a small hotel block behind. There is a sweet little beach here, which runs northwards past the front of The Mangrove (currently closed) but, due to the rocks underfoot, you can only swim if the tide is up. Incidentally, at certain times of the year when the tide retreats its furthest, Koh Chang’s coast becomes a perfect spot for the locals to harvest a specific type of clam.

You can walk right to the end of the beach and through Bailan Bay to reach the abandoned buildings on the little peninsula.

The Central Area

Back at the road, on the ocean side, Faye Orchid Resort, 3 Trees Guesthouse, Kamrai Resort (currently closed) and Jungle Garden, with its bar, bungalows and hammock shop, run in a line to the bridge.

From the bridge, small minimarts, a noodle shop, the odd little cheap Thai diner, a motorbike rental and a laundry are all tightly packed together as you enter the middle of the village.

street koh chang
Main street in Bailan

The highly rated boutique resort Harley Moon Hideaway sits at the top of the small street which leads down to the sea, with Bailan View, cheap wooden bungalows on stilts in a garden setting, next door. The Russian owned Muay Thai Boxing Club (currently closed), complete with high roofed ring and basic rooms, is across the way. 

Green Cottage Resort and Sea Terrace restaurant face the ocean at the bottom, with Bai Yard Bungalows offering a handful of rooms alongside. Following the curve, the ever popular Elephant Bay Resort has cheap and mid-range huts as well as a swimming pool.

bailan beach koh chang
View from Koh Chang 7 Guesthouse back towards Lonely Beach in the distance

At the very end, Kohchang 7 Guesthouse, seafront cabanas and a Korean restaurant on stilts over the water, finishes the accommodation off, with No Name Seafood (currently closed) its neighbour. The coastline here is rocky, with clumps of mangroves, little local fishing dinghies and no beach.

The Southern End – Bailan Beach

Across the main road from Harley Moon, you’ll find Tamarin, a long running Thai restaurant with a Khmer slant and another good cheap diner, J & K, alongside. Opposite them is one of Koh Chang’s many building merchants. The Happy Turtle has changed hands but not re-opened since the pandemic started.

bailan beach koh chang
On the beach, southern end

Running down the side of The Happy Turtle, the street leads to the Lucky Gecko Garden (currently closed) , six or so bungalows and The White House, a mid range resort and swimming pool. You can walk straight through the resort and drop down to the sea at this southern end, with the headland in the distance giving a most impressive overall panorama.

On the Beach

The Mercure Hideaway, with its villas, discreet hotel block, swimming pool and loungers, fronts onto the beach, a beach they actually created by importing sand, dredging rocks and building the long stone breakwater.

beach breakwater koh chang
The breakwater in front of Mercure Hideaway

At the far end, the Italian/Thai owned Lisca Beach, a chilled out bar/restaurant also offers a few teepee tents. The headland has been wired off as private property, a pity as from its tip, there is a fabulous view looking back at the bay itself or across to Lonely Beach in the distance.

Far Southern End on the Street

Back at the road, opposite The Happy Turtle, the inland street leads past Bailan Cafe on the corner to the few bungalows of Blue Garden Resort, local and long stay houses, with other houses for rent in the garden area behind the massage units on the road.

In the next little section heading towards Mercure Hideaway, you’ll find a laundry and minimart as well other good local food stands on either side of the road, with the police box, an ATM and Preecha Seafood restaurant (currently closed) opposite the hotel entrance. The bungalows and restaurant of Rock Inn sit next door.

Just before the hill, a track leading to the ocean is clearly marked for Treetop Adventure Park, a fun time swinging through the trees. The end of the track brings you out at the southern end of the bay once more at Lisca Beach.

sunset on beach koh chang
Sunset at the southern end

Summary – Bailan Beach

All in all, Bailan Beach makes a good base for those not too fussed about lying on the beach, with a good range of accommodation, cheap eats and chill-out bars that do not rave into the wee hours.

It is easy enough to hop over to Lonely Beach by songthaew, your own bike or even a 15 minute walk and as an alternative, Bang Bao Beach, 6 kilometres further south, is a very popular option for a day on the sand.

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