Koh Mak Nightlife and Bars

koh mak nightlife barsKoh Mak nightlife is not going to set too many pulses racing, it’s not that kind of island, but there are a couple of places where you can kick back, have a cocktail and a natter, listen to some music and meet fellow travellers.

In the season, Monkey Bar on Ao Kao Beach is place to head for the serious party action, with live music most nights, house djs and plenty of disco lights. For more live music, you should also hunt out Art House opposite the entrance to Good View on the back road running from Makathanee Resort towards Ao Suan Yai Beach.

Banana Sunset over on the south east coast is great for, you guessed it, sunsets, with a very laid back deck built down by the sea. On Ao Suan Yai Beach, I Talay by Koh Mak Resort Pier and Thai Sabai Bar just down the beach to its right are also great spots to sip a mojito or two. Over on Ao Kao Beach, Talay Bar at Baan Koh Mak is a cute beach bar also worth a stop.

The English owned Cafe del Mak is a bit of Koh Mak insititution, just a few tables and chairs but good music and local ex-pat life. Koh Mak Sports Bar on the road to Ao Nid is the place to head for all the major sporting events including the football – they also serve food.

On all the major holidays, you can safely assume a proper party on the beach, late and loud.

Once a year, normally towards the end of March, the island hosts Thaibreak, a German clubbing festival. Running for 3 days, DJs move from venue to venue throughout each night ending at sunrise and later. Monkey Bar, Riverside, Thai Sabay and even Koh Rayang Nok are all part of the action.

This video, which gives a good flavour of the event, was taken by Thor Kaichon Co. who designed the feature bamboo stage on Ao Suan Yai beach.

Our Favourite Bars – Koh Mak Nightlife

Monkey Bar

Ao Kao

Koh Mak’s beach bar offering live music, parties, dj sets on Saturdays, beers, spirits, cocktails, chill-out decks to lounge about on and an all round holiday atmosphere.

Cafe del Mak

Ao Kao

At the southern end of Ao Kao by Koh Mak Divers, small relaxed bar set back from the road serving cocktails, spirits and cold beers with a nice vibe, good chat and some excellent tunes. Open late.

Banana Sunset

Laem Chan

Very secluded spot on the south coast, with sofas and chairs, a chill-out deck great for those sunsets, pool table, jetty and kayaks. Full restaurant, nice music. Popular.

Koh Mak Sports Bar

Ao Nid

On the road leading down to Ao Nid Pier, large sports bar offering football and major sports events on the big screen. Bakery and pizza, buffet every Tuesday and Saturday.

Art House

Ao Kao

On the back road from Makathanee Resort leading to Good Times Resort, live music, beer, cocktails, the odd snack, bohemian atmosphere. Open late. Good place to hang out.


Ao Kao

At the back of Baan Koh Mak over the little bridge by Joe’s Corner Hostel, restaurant and bar with frequent live music, PA system for jamming, billiards, darts, sports on the TV. Bungalows also.

Thai Sabai Bar

Ao Suan Yai

Just along from Koh Mak Resort Pier on Ao Suan Yai Beach, popular beach bar and restaurant, serving cold beers, cocktails, fresh coconuts. Fireshows and parties on the sand, low key fun Koh Mak style. Venue for Thaibreak.

I Talay Bar

Ao Suan Yai

By Koh Mak Resort Pier on Ao Suan Yai Beach, nice sunset venue for drinks, cocktails, cold beers. Loungers and parasols on the sand. Restaurant on the terrace behind, full menu, snacks available too.

Talay Bar

Ao Kao

At the front of Baan Koh Mak on Ao Kao Beach, cute little beach bar with nice music – cocktails, cold beers, just a few tables and chairs, bar stools. Resort restaurant behind can serve food here too.

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