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Taxis, Motorbike, Bicycle Rental – Getting Around Koh Mak

Getting around on Koh Mak is easy enough using one of the share songthaew taxis, transport provided by your resort, renting a motorbike or bicycle or simply walking.

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Share Taxis – Getting Around Koh Mak

If booked in advance, your resort will meet you at the arrival piers. Otherwise, Koh Mak’s handful of share taxis come into play at 50bt per person to any resort on the island, with a minimum charge of 100bt. These taxis are lined up by the piers or someone will be on hand to help organise one.

Panan speedboat arrives direct at the pier of Koh Mak Resort on Ao Suan Yai Beach on the north west coast. Leelawadee speedboat docks at Makathanee Resort on Ao Kao Beach on the south west coast.

If travelling on the Boonsiri catamaran, or Seatales, M Marine and Suansuk speedboats, you dock at the main concrete pier at Ao Nid.

Should you need to call a taxi during your stay, numbers include

  • 089 928 0507 (Lek)
  • 094 329 1499 (Peak)
  • 085 527 9453 (Pud)
  • 092 669 4946 (Jump)
  • 098 579 6293 (Loom)
  • 061 463 8301 (Jit)
  • 099 609 6850 (Boy)
  • 092 776 2090 (Ice)
  • If using an international mobile, it is +66 and drop the 0 (zero).

Prices are fixed as above but please note after 22.00, the cost per person rises to 100bt – useful to know if you are out at a party at Banana Sunset on the far south coast.

The taxis will do full day tours around the island for 1,000bt upwards.

Motorbike and Bicycle Rental – Getting Around Koh Mak

koh mak bicycle rental

The best way to explore the island is on two wheels.

Motorbikes go from 250bt daily and are available at most resorts. You may need to leave your passport or a copy of your passport and your driving licence as a guarantee.

Bicycles can be hired at 120bt to 250bt bike per day and many resorts now have their own decent selection. Otherwise, try Ball Cafe near By The Sea or up by Little Red Oven and Food Art Hut at the top of the road to Ao Kao Resort.

If you want to properly explore the island, rent the best and most expensive geared mountain bike variety you can find. The old style bikes are fine for a jaunt up and down the back of Ao Kao Beach for an hour or so, but they quickly lose their appeal once you hit even the first gentle slope.

E-bikes are also available at 200bt for 24 hours – Makathanee, Good Time and Ao Kao Resort are the best places to try.

Golf carts are 800bt to 1,000bt a day, available from those three resorts above. Or try Koh Mak Organic Farm behind Ao Suan Yai Beach and the BBQ restaurant (Koh Mak Living) at the start of the connecting road behind Makathanee.

roads taxis koh mak

The main road that crosses from the north west to the south west, to the south and to the east is of decent enough quality and there are no hills to speak of. Slightly trickier tracks run around the southern peninsula and in the very north eastern corner but they are more than usable.

The north of the island is less well served and the roads principally consist of forest tracks, but provided there has not being much rain, they are still passable and indeed are marked out as cycle paths.

Island Shuttle Bus – Getting Around Koh Mak

There is also, in theory, an open style shuttle bus that runs between the two main beaches. Its route is from Koh Mak Resort past Seavana on Ao Suan Yai up to Good Time Resort. It then drops down the hill to Makathanee and the back of Ao Kao Beach, past Baan Koh Mak and all the way to Food Art Hut by the road to Ao Kao Resort. Ask locally for the latest timetable.

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