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Koh Kood resorts, bungalows and homestays, number about 50 in total, with almost all located on the west coast.

Given this limited availability, room prices on Koh Kood are considerably higher than on Koh Chang and Koh Mak, so you will need to book early if you want to secure your choice and get the best deal.

The high end market is dominated by Soneva Kiri in the far north of the island where prices start at around 45,000bt a night. High Season on Klong Chao Beach is cheaper, with villas ranging from 13,500bt to 30,000bt.

Luxurious 4 star resorts include Wendy The Pool, Peter Pan Resort and Tinkerbell Privacy on Klong Chao Beach, Captain Hook Resort accessed only by sea in Klong Yai Kee and Cham’s House on Ao Takian Beach. Rooms here range from 5,000bt up to 18,000bt for deluxe, sea view and pool villas.

Koh Kood resorts in the 3/4 star range feature The Beach Natural Resort, To The Sea Resort and Koh Kood Resort at the northern end of Bang Bao Beach, Koh Kood Beach Resort in Klong Mad and Koh Kood Paradise Beach Resort, Meedee Resort and Seafar Resort on Ao Tapao. Rates go from 3,500bt to 10,000bt in high season.

Excellent boutique choices can be found at Bann Makok upstream from Captain Hook in Klong Yai Kee, Shantaa on the hill in Ao Tapao and the new Rest Sea Resort down in the south west, Ao Phrao Beach – similar prices to the 3/4 star offerings.

Koh Kood bungalows range from 2,000bt to 4,000bt for a/c ensuite rooms in the family run resorts – look out for Sunshine Resort and I-Lay House on Ao Phrao Beach, Dusita Resort and Horizon Resort on Ngamkho Beach and Siam Beach Resort on Bang Bao beach.

Happily, Koh Kood has not forgotten backpackers and budget travellers with a growing number of places including Mangrove Bungalows, Ngamkho Resort, Cozy House, Klong Chao Garden View, PD Guesthouse, Eve House and Baan Bua Cottage. You may get a bargain at 350bt upwards for the most basic backpacker style hut inland at Klong Chao Beach, but in all likelihood will pay around 500bt to 800bt for an ensuite hot shower room. Standard a/c bungalows and homestays start at 1,200bt or thereabouts.


Klong Chao Beach – Koh Kood Resorts

Klong Chao Beach is home to some of the very best Koh Kood resorts, with 4 fabulous places at High Season Resort, Wendy The Pool, Peter Pan Resort and Tinkerbell Privacy, all right on the sand. Prices range from 5,000bt upwards. Away Resort on the headland is a cheaper 3 star option from 3,250bt a night with breakfast.

Klong Chao also caters to more modest budgets in smaller bungalow resorts behind the beach and along the river such as Mangrove Bungalows, fan rooms from 700bt, Klong Chao Garden View and Cozy House, fan rooms from 600bt upwards.

Jungle Koh Kood Resort at 2,500bt provides smart new accommodation inland near the waterfall, with a couple of other cheaper guesthouses, PD Guesthouse starting at 350bt and Mata Guesthouse from 500bt, as near neighbours.

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Ngamkho Beach – Resorts, Bungalows

Ngamkho Beach, an area of 2 to 3 kilometes south from Klong Chao, has some great Koh Kood bungalows, at Dusita Resort and Horizon Resort, prices from 1,800bt a night.

The deservedly popular backpackers’ favourite, Ngamkho Resort, starts at 800bt. There’s just one 2/3 star resort, Analay Resort in a small cove at the southern end, multiple options from 1,400bt for its fan rooms to 4,000bt for seaview.

There are also 2 cheap Koh Kood guesthouses side by side at the northern end by the road, Happy Days Guesthouse, 500bt upwards and Big Dreams from 2,000bt.

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Bang Bao Beach – Resorts

The beautiful bay of Bang Bao Beach has some excellent resorts at its northern end. With their standard, deluxe and pool villas, To The Sea, The Beach Natural Resort and Koh Kood Resort provide the luxury, top end at 16,000bt down to 5,000bt.

Siam Beach Resort offers more standard fan bungalows from 1,400bt upwards to 2,200bt for a/c doubles. Kod Kood BED’s is on the back road near the beach, 4 rooms from 2,000bt.

Siam Huts Resort is aimed more at the budget traveller, as are the most basic huts at Sand and Sea, 800bt as a starting price at the latter.

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ao tapao bungalows koh kood

Ao Tapao and Central Area – Resorts, Bungalows

Heading north from Klong Chao, Ao Tapao Beach offers up plenty of places to stay both on its excellent beach and in and around the main road, home to the central administration area.

The peaceful and romantic Shantaa looks down from the hill above the pier at one end of the beach, its villas from 5,000bt as night. Down on the sand, Seafar Resort and Meedee Resort offer mid range bungalows from 3,500bt. The much larger Paradise Beach has hotel rooms at the back from as low as 2,500bt, with villas, garden or sea view, ranging from 3,000bt to 4,000bt.

Back up at the main road, Dara Homestay has a handful of rooms opposite the hospital at 1,500bt and Ban Kon Kan, rustic old style (yet still a/c) huts at 1,300bt.

The guesthouse, Kama Siri, tucked away at the end of a small forest road which leads from the electricity centre, is another popular option, with fan rooms for 700bt, doubles and family choices also available.

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klong mad koh kood bungalows homestays

Klong Mad – Bungalows and Homestays

Further up the coast from Ao Tapao, the small local fishing village of Klong Mad serves up a couple of resorts alongside cheaper accommodation via bungalows and homestays.

Koh Kood Beach Resort stands out as the premier choice, its huge stylish cabanas and swimming pool lined up a on lush green lawn which leads down towards the sea and a small private beach. Prices start from 3,500bt. Suanya Resort, a much older Koh Kood resort, sits in the heart of the village, a mix of styles, popular with Thai weekenders, rooms from as low as 1,300bt.

On the way into the village, Wave F Homestay and Ban Bua Cottage provide two cheaper options, bungalows at 1,500bt upwards – both well worth a look.

Squeezed in amongst the local houses on the jetty, Rabieng Talay has popped up as the main homestay option, 1,300bt with breakfast.

Heading north out of Klong Mad on the back forest road, the houses of Kood Life at 2,500bt might suit a family, whilst across the road, Koh Kood Garden rates at 1,000bt for a bungalow and the whole house, Good View, at 4,000bt. Even further along this route, Koh Kood Guesthouse by Nokky you can find a few fan rooms at 700bt a night.

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klong-yai kee resorts koh  kood

Klong Yai Kee – Resorts

Accessed along a quiet forest road and perhaps the most remote area of the island, Klong Yai Kee has just 3 places to stay.

Downstream from the the waterfall, tucked away in the mangroves, the charming boutique resort, Bann Makok, is comprised of just 8 rooms at 3,500bt a night.

At the point where that same river meets the sea, the sumptuous 4 star Captain Hook Resort, sits by the sea and on the hillside above, 5,000bt right up to 18,000bt for the pool villas.

Lastly, Soneva Kiri, Koh Kood’s most deluxe and exclusive 5 star resort, is located at the very end of the road, rates as per their website, 46,500bt a night at the low end.

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Ao Takian Beach – Resorts, Bungalows

Heading down the south west coast, the mostly undeveloped Ao Takian Beach, play hosts to the 4 star Cham’s House.

Accommodation at Cham’s House is in two sections. Housed in a hotel style block at the rear, standard rooms are priced from 2,700bt to 3,500bt. Leading down from the raised infinity pool with its superb ocean views, villas are dotted about the garden, some with private plunge pools, rates from 4,500bt.

It shares the beach with the rustic bungalows of Pa Hin Sai, 1,500bt a night.

Up at the road, there are 3 backpacker options, Eve House, Wooden House and Rung Aroeng, prices for fan rooms starting at 500bt. You can walk to the beach in 10 minutes.

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klong hin beach bungalows

Klong Hin Beach – Bungalows, Guesthouses

The pretty cove of Klong Hin Beach is home to 3 places to stay.

A La Kood has 10 rooms in two converted fisherman houses, which sit on stilts over the lagoon at the southern end. Rooms start at 2,800bt.

Opposite lining the other bank of the same lagoon, Homehug@kohkood is another guesthouse style spot, with its row of cottages at 2,500bt a night. It also has a restaurant area on the headland.

Finally, used almost exclusively by Russian tours, Klong Hin Beach Resort has a prime spot on the sand itself with a wide selection of bungalows but it is normally booked in packages only.

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Ao Jak Beach – Bungalows

Continuing on further down the south west coast, there are just two resorts on Ao Jak Beach.

The long established Neverland Resort dominates the whole area, with bungalows starting at 2,000bt a night. The majority of the accommodation is dotted throughout the garden area which runs down to the beach, but they also have other options on the river alongside.

Newly addded, Rim Talay Bed and Cafe has half a dozen brushed concrete bungalows by the sand at 2,300bt a night. Behind on the river, fan rooms are also available in a lovely old Thai house, homestay style.

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ao phrao beach resorts bungalows koh kood

Ao Phrao Beach – Resorts, Bungalows

The stunning Ao Phrao Beach, the last one at the end of the south west coast, offers up 4 resorts along the sand and a further two options overlooking the mangroves on the river behind.

At the northern end, the boutique Rest Sea, complete with its ocean facing swimming pool, has a selection of villas, including some with their own private pools. Prices start at 3,900bt a night.

Sunshine Resort sits at the opposite end of the sand, cottages, bungalows and family rooms from 1,750bt a night. I-Lay House, two rows of bungalows at 1,700bt and Ao Phrao Beach Resort, mainly booked by Russian and Thai packages, complete the set.

Back on the river, the 4 rooms at homestay Gumm Lonely Club range from 800bt to 1,500bt. Recently opened, the stylish Escape Life offers 8 deluxe rooms off a central corridor.

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ao salad resorts bungalows koh kood

Ao Salad – Resorts and Guesthouses

The fishing village of Ao Salad up on the north east coast of the island now has a couple of places to stay.

About a kilometre from the pier, Ao Salat View offers a selection of standard bungalows, pool and restaurant, prices between 1,000bt and 1,300bt a night.

Down in the heart of the action on the jetty, you can also take a room at the back of Dutchman Homestay for 800bt, a/c but shared bathroom.

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