Koh Kood Resorts, Hotels and Bungalows

UPDATED for 2018/19 Season

koh kood resorts bungalows hotelsKoh Kood resorts and bungalows, about 50 in total, are almost all located on the west coast.

Given this limited availability, room prices on Koh Kood are considerably higher than on Koh Chang and Koh Mak, so you will need to book early if you want to secure your choice and get the best deal.

The high end market, Soneva Kiri in the far north of the island and High Season on Klong Chao Beach, starts at 20,000bt a night and runs to far higher than that.

Luxurious 4 star resorts include Wendy The Pool, Peter Pan Resort and Tinkerbell Privacy on Klong Chao Beach, Captain Hook Resort accessed only by sea in Klong Yai Kee and Cham’s House on Ao Takian Beach. Rooms here range from 5,000bt up to 18,000bt for deluxe, sea view and pool villas.

Koh Kood resorts in the 3/4 star range feature The Beach Natural Resort, To The Sea Resort and Koh Kood Resort at the northern end of Bang Bao Beach, Koh Kood Beach Resort in Klong Mad and Koh Kood Paradise Beach Resort, Meedee Resort and Seafar Resort on Ao Tapao. Rates go from 4,000bt to 10,000bt in high season.

Excellent boutique choices can be found at Bann Makok upstream from Captain Hook in Klong Yai Kee, Shantaa on the hill in Ao Tapao and the new Rest Sea Resort down in the south west, Ao Phrao Beach – similar prices to the 3/4 star offerings.

Koh Kood bungalows range from 2,000bt to 4,000bt for a/c ensuite rooms in the family run resorts – look out for Sunshine Resort and I-Lay House on Ao Phrao Beach, Dusita Resort and Horizon Resort on Ngamkho Beach and Siam Beach Resort on Bang Bao beach.

Happily, Koh Kood has not forgotten backpackers and budget travellers with a growing number of places including Mangrove Bungalows, Ngamkho Resort, Cozy House, Klong Chao Garden View, PD Guesthouse, Eve House and Baan Bua Cottage. You may get a bargain at 350bt upwards for the most basic backpacker style hut inland at Klong Chao Beach, but in all likelihood will pay around 500bt to 800bt for an ensuite hot shower room. Standard a/c bunaglows and homestays start at 1,200bt or thereabouts.

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Klong Chao Beach – Koh Kood Resorts

Klong Chao Beach is home to some of the very best Koh Kood resorts, with 4 fabulous places at High Season Resort, Wendy The Pool, Peter Pan Resort and Tinkerbell Privacy, all right on the sand. Prices range from 5,000bt upwards. Away Resort on the headland is a cheaper 3 star option from 3,250bt a night with breakfast.

Klong Chao also caters to more modest budgets in smaller bungalow resorts behind the beach and along the river such as Mangrove Bungalows, fan rooms from 700bt, Klong Chao Garden View and Cozy House, fan rooms from 600bt upwards.

Jungle Koh Kood Resort at 2,500bt provides smart new accommodation inland near the waterfall, with a couple of other cheaper guesthouses, PD Guesthouse starting at 350bt and Mata Guesthouse from 500bt, as near neighbours.

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Ngamkho Beach – Koh Kood Resorts

Ngamkho Beach, an area of 2 to 3 kilometes south from Klong Chao, has some great Koh Kood bungalows, at Dusita Resort and Horizon Resort, prices from 1,800bt a night.

The deservedly popular backpackers’ favourite, Ngamkho Resort, starts at 800bt. There’s just one 2/3 star resort, Analay Resort in a small cove at the southern end, mutilple options from 1,400bt for its fan rooms to 4,000bt for seaview.

There are also 2 cheap Koh Kood guesthouses side by side at the northern end by the road, Happy Days Guesthouse, 500bt upwards and Big Dreams from 2,000bt.

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Bang Bao Beach – Koh Kood Resorts

The beautiful bay of Bang Bao Beach has some excellent resorts at its northern end. With their standard, deluxe and pool villas, To The Sea, The Beach Natural Resort and Koh Kood Resort provide the luxury, top end at 16,000bt down to 5,000bt.

Siam Beach Resort offers more standard fan bungalows from 1,400bt upwards to 2,200bt for a/c doubles. Kod Kood BED’s is on the back road near the beach, 4 rooms from 2,000bt.

Siam Huts Resort is aimed more at the budget traveller, as are the most basic huts at Sand and Sea, 800bt as a starting price.

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South West Beaches – Ao Takian, Ao Klong Hin, Ao Jak, Ao Phrao -Koh Kood Resorts

Koh Kood’s south west beaches of Ao Takian, Ao Klong Hin, Ao Jak and Ao Phrao offer just a handful of places to stay in each area.

On Ao Takian Beach, the 4 star Cham’s House, offers villas, pool villas and a small hotel block from 4,000bt to 9,000bt for advance booking. It shares the beach with the rustic bungalows of Pa Hin Sai, 1,500bt a night. Eve House for backpackers is up by the road, fan rooms starting at 350bt.

Montana Huts is a romantic 2 star boutique resort hidden away on Klong Hin Beach with river view rooms from 2,500bt, while the 2 star Neverland Resort,has Ao Jak Beach all to its own, similar prices but some good deals out there.

The stunning sweep of Ao Phrao Beach at the end of the south west coast is home to the newest of the Koh Kood resorts at Rest Sea Resort, villas and pool villas, 3,800bt to 5,900bt. At the other end, you’ll find good value bungalows at I-Lay House and Sunshine Resort on the sand, both from 2,000bt upwards.

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North West Beaches – Ao Tapao, Klong Mad, Ao Klong Yai Kee – Koh Kood Resorts

Heading north from Klong Chao, the peaceful and romantic Shantaa looks down from the hill above Ao Tapao Beach, its villas from 6,500bt as night. On the same beach, Seafar Resort and Meedee Resort offer mid range bungalows from 3,500bt, while the much larger Paradise Beach opened in late 2016, its hotel rooms at the back as low as 2,500bt.

Koh Kood Beach Resort is another 3 star choice further up the coast at Klong Mad, 5,000bt for its huge stylish cabanas. You will also find various houses to rent inland near to here.

The charming boutique resort, Bann Makok, 3,500bt a night, sits tucked away in the mangroves near Klong Yai Kee Waterfall, with the sumptuous 4 star Captain Hook Resort a few hundred metres downstream in its own cove, 5,000bt right up to 18,000bt for the pool villas.

Soneva Kiri, Koh Kood’s most deluxe and exclusive resort is located at the very end of the road along on the north west of the island, rates as per their website, $2,000 a night.

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