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Ao Ngamkho Resorts, Bungalows and Guesthouses

Sitting along the whole length of the beach, Ao Ngamkho resorts are in the 2/3 star range and so attract a nice mix of traveller and the more budget conscious tourist. Inland, you’ll also find some good small bungalows operations as well as a couple of guesthouses.

The beach here is not the best on the island but the area itself is very central, so it makes a good base from which to explore.

Prices given are for the peak Xmas period via booking sites, not the hotel websites. They are intended as guides only.

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Northern End – Ao Ngamkho Resorts and Bungalows

At the northen end of Ao Ngamkho Beach by the sea, S Beach Resort, predominately but not exclusively used by Thai tourist packages, offers different sized bungalows dotted around the gentle slope down to the beach, with prices from 1,000bt to 2,000bt.

Further on at the bottom of the hill, the budget Happy Days Guesthouse, German owned and connected with Paradise Divers, is currently closed. It may reopen for the 22/23 season. Next door, the Italian owned Big Dreams Guesthouse, has also shut down, seemingly for good.

Central Section – Ao Ngamkho Resorts and Bungalows

On the beach, Dusita Resort is perhaps the best of the Ao Ngamkho resorts, offering both fan and a/c rooms or bungalows scattered about its immaculately kept lawn and garden. In peak season. prices start at 1,500bt for the standard and rise to 4,000bt for the largest , all highly recommended.

Across the road from the beach in the little local village by the creek, Lung Kluang Homestay has a couple of clean, practical rooms for 500bt a night.

Less than a hundred metres further on, you can pick up the inland road to Khao Ruerab (Battleship Mountain). At its start, Baan Suan Maprao has become a quietly popular spot, with travellers drawn to its good value 1,500bt bungalows behind the restaurant.

Continuing on down this way, you reach Far East Resort, very easy to spot due to its iconic 2 seater airplane which is parked up on the grass. Popular with Thai packages, the resort provides a wide selection of different style bungalows, from 1,800bt a night.

Next along, another Thai style resort, Suan Nai sits on the corner just after the construction supply company. Its garden bungalows rate from 1,500bt.

Finally, Pink Kangaroo Cafe has added some simple rooms at the back of its cafe, prices from 800bt a night.

Southern End – Ao Ngamkho Resorts and Bungalows

Down at the southern end, Ngamkho Resort is a Koh Kood favourite, with a variety of different styled huts and bungalows spilling down the slope towards the sea, prices from 800bt.

Above it, the French owned Horizon Resort, which closed down during the pandemic, has now been absorbed by Kinnarree, the original small roadside set-up. It looks like it will continue on much as before, prices from 1,500bt to 3,000bt a night depending on size (double or family) and location (seaview or garden).

In the next cove along, the largest of the Ao Ngamkho resorts, A-na-lay offers bungalow accommodation from 2,500bt in all different shapes and sizes, some on the top looking out to sea, others around the small pool and yet more on the inclines and the creek by the tiny Hat Sai Daeng Beach.

Pricing Code/Per night in Baht (B):
B= under 500; BB= 500 to 1,500; BBB= 1,500 to 3,000; BBBB= over 3,000;

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bungalow analay resort ao ngamkho resorts koh kood

Analay Resort

Per Night: BB – BBBB

By the Ocean

In the next cove as you leave Ngamkho Beach, a large sprawling 2/3 star resort set on the hill, by the lagoon and by the lovely little beach. Comprises fan and a/c bungalows, standard and deluxe, swimming pool and plunge pool as well as a large restaurant. Can be busy with Thai packages. WiFi. Own pier for speedboat delivery.

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bungalow dusita resort ao ngamkho resorts koh kood

Dusita Resort

Per Night: BB – BBBB

By the Ocean

Midway along Ngamkho Beach, fan and a/c bungalows of different shapes and sizes at this family 2 star resort, set in a lovely immaculately kept garden. Good restaurant and their own pier. A friendly peaceful spot, suits couples rather than families.

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bungalow horizon resort ao ngamkho resorts koh kood

Kinnarree Resort

Per Night: BB – BBBB

By the Ocean

Up on the headland at the southern end of Ngamkho Beach, looking out over the bay, Kinnaree have taken over the old French run Horizon Resort. Not much if anything has changed, so still the same beachfront and seaview wooden bungalows, fan and a/c, all set in landscaped gardens. Another laid back spot. Restaurant by the sea and also Khao Kaeng roadside.

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bungalows ngamkho resort koh kood

Ngamkho Resort

Per Night: BB

By the Ocean

On Ngamkho Beach by the hill at the southern end, a/c huts and bungalows, brished conrete or bamboo style, all with bathroom. Run by the friendly Uncle Jo and family, it’s a popular beach hangout for travellers. Camping possible. Nice chilled restaurant and coffee shop. WiFi.

bungalows suan maprao resort koh kood

Baan Suan Maprao

Per Night: BB


On the road leading to Khao Ruearab, just a handful of well maintained ensuite a/c bungalows in a row on a lawned area behind the little cafe diner by the road. 5 minutes walk to the beach. WiFi. Popular and quiet.

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Other Ao Ngamkho Resorts and Bungalows

bungalows s beach ao ngamkho resorts kood

S-Beach Resort

Per Night: BB – BBBB

At the northern end, on one of the best stretches of Ngamkho Beach, old style Thai resort with a/c rooms either 2 to one long cabin or deluxe, all laid out on the slope overlooking the sea. Restaurant. Popular with Thai packages. WiFi.

front rooms happy days guesthouse koh kood

Happy Days Guesthouse

Per Night: B – BB

(Currently Closed, may re-open 22/23 Season)

Long established, German owned guesthouse, with fan or a/c rooms in mini motel and a family bungalow behind. Restaurant. Base for Paradise Divers (also currently closed).

front rooms far east resort koh kood

Far East Resort

Per Night: BB – BBBB (packages)

On the inland road to to Khao Ruearab, Thai style resort, with a/c bungalows, family rooms, homestay options, Thai packages, restaurant. About 10 minutes walk to the beach.

bungalows suan nai koh kood

Suan Nai Bungalows

Per Night: BB

Another few hundred metres along from Far East, 8 to 10 a/c bungalows in a quiet garden setting behind the in-house restaurant. Aimed mainly at Thai packages but open to all. Best with your own transport, 15 minutes walk to the beach. WiFi.

chalet pink kangaroo koh kood

Pink Kangaroo

Per Night: BB

Fair way down the Battleship Mountain road, run by an Aussie/Thai couple, small selection of ensuite fan chalets or a larger one bedroom affair – all set in the garden behind the popular cafe. WiFi. Best with your own transport.

bungalows baan phuean koh kood

Baan Phuean Bungalows

Per Night: BB

At the southern end on the inland side, tucked away in a quiet garden setting over a little bridge, 5 or so a/c bungalows with balconies. No restaurant but breakfast can be ordered. 5 minutes walk to the beach at Ngamkho Resort.


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