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Getting to Koh Wai – Transfers, Speedboats, Bus, Flying to Trat Airport

Getting to Koh Wai is very easy, whether it be from Bangkok, Trat or the surrounding islands of Koh Chang, Koh Mak and Koh Kood.

Leaving Laem Ngop Pier on the mainland, at least one speedboat daily calls in at Koh Wai on its way through to Koh Mak. This in turn means several of the Koh Mak travel options from Bangkok will, therefore, also work for travel to Koh Wai.

Koh Wai is also first port of call for the island hopping services out of Koh Chang and features heavily in the 3 island and 1/2 day boat trips which run from there.

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Getting to Koh Wai by Speedboat

Operating from Laem Ngop Pier (also known as Krom Luang), about 20km from Trat, Seatales is now the only speedboat which travels to Koh Wai.

With a final destination of Koh Mak, the speedboat departs daily at 14.30, 450bt per person, kids under 130cm at 300bt, under 100cm free. It reaches Koh Wai at 14.50. If there are sufficient numbers, they may very occasionally use their 11.30 service (if running) as well.

The return leaves from Koh Wai at 08.50 (Koh Mak 08.30) arriving on the mainland at 09.15.

Please note that if only one person is travelling, the boat company reserves the right to charge as 2 pax.

Rainy Season

During the rainy season, (mid May to end of October), the speedboat runs a reduced service (with different times) to/from Koh Mak. For September 22, they are only running a boat at 11.30 from Laem Ngop and 08.30 back.

In theory, this means they can stop at Koh Wai in either direction. Before planning a trip, but you should ring ahead and check with them as well as checking if the island resorts are open or not?

Seatales at Laem Ngop Pier

Piers at Koh Wai

On Koh Wai, the speedboat will head to the piers at Paradise Resort and Pakarang Resort.

  • For Good Feeling get out at Paradise Resort and walk.
  • If staying at Grandmar Huts, you walk from Pakarang‘s pier.
  • Those staying at Koh Wai Beach Resort should inform the resort beforehand and they arrange a boat pick- up from Pakarang.
  • You can also ask Seatales if they will drop you direct at Grandmar Huts and Koh Wai Beach Resort but it may not be possible.

Island Hopping between Koh Chang, Koh Wai, Koh Mak and Koh Kood

Bang Bao Boats wooden passenger ferry
During the pandemic, only Bang Bao Boat’s wooden boat has been running but this stops from May to October. Check back then to see it has restarted or not? The speedboats should also finally begin again in November 22 when the tourist numbers pick-up for high season.

It is very easy to move between the Koh Chang Islands, using speedboats or a slower wooden boat.

For Koh Wai, Bang Bao Boats speedboat, 400bt per person, leaves from Bang Bao in Koh Chang at 09.30 and 12.00, with their slower wooden boat departing at 09.00, 300bt per person. These are the services out to Koh Mak and Koh Kood. The speedboats also call in at Koh Wai on their return trips at 10.30 or 13.30, whilst the wooden boat stops by at 15.00.

Kaibae Huts Speedboat service, which plys the same route, leaves at 09.00 from Koh Chang, arriving at 09.30. Its return service leaves Koh Wai at 12.30 arriving back at Koh Chang at 13.00. Prices are the same as Bang Bao Boats.

On Koh Chang, there is a free share shuttle taxi both from your resort to the pier and the same in reverse for departure. At Koh Mak, you ask your resort to collect you or take a taxi, 50bt per person, minimum 100bt. They will normally drop you at the correct pier for departure. In Koh Kood, the boat company/your resort provides a free share shuttle between the arrival pier and your resort, both directions – check this arrangement on booking as sometimes there may be an additional charge.

See the timetables below for the times from the other islands, Koh Mak and Koh Kood.

These boats do not run during the rainy season.

Bang Bao Boats Island Hopping – Timetable and Prices

 Koh Chang to Koh Wai, Koh Mak and Koh KoodKoh Kood, Koh Mak and Koh Wai to Koh Chang
Bang Bao Boats

400bt (Koh Wai)
600bt (Koh Mak)
900bt (Koh Kood)
400bt (Koh Wai to Koh Mak)
700bt (Koh Wai to Koh Kood)
400bt (Koh Mak to Koh Kood)
From Bang Bao Koh Chang
Dep: 09:30/12.00
Arr: 10.00/12.30 (Koh Wai at your resort)
Arr: 10.30/13.00 (Koh Mak at Koh Mak Resort)
Arr: 11.30/14.00 (Koh Kood at your resort or nearest pier, free shuttle taxi)

Dep: 09:00/12.00 (from Koh Kood at your resort or nearest pier, free shuttle taxi)
Arr: 10.00/13.00 (Koh Mak at Koh Mak Resort)
Arr: 10.30/13.30 (Koh Wai at your resort)
Arr: 11.00/14.00 (Koh Chang - Bang Bao)
Kai Bae Huts Speedboat

400bt (Koh Wai)
600bt (Koh Mak)
900bt (Koh Kood)
400bt (Koh Wai to Koh Mak)
700bt (Koh Wai to Koh Kood)
400bt (Koh Mak to Koh Kood)
From Kai Bae Koh Chang
Dep: 09:00 (from Koh Chang)
Arr: 09.30 (Koh Wai at your resort)
Arr: 10.00 (Koh Mak at Makathanee Pier)
Arr: 10.50 (Koh Kood at your resort or nearest pier, free shuttle taxi)
Dep: 11:00 (from Koh Kood at your resort or nearest pier, free shuttle taxi)
Arr: 11.50 (Koh Mak at Makathanee Pier)
Arr: 12.20 (Koh Wai at your resort)
Arr: 13.00 (Koh Chang - Kai Bae)
Bang Bao Boats
Wooden Boat

300bt (Koh Wai)
400bt (Koh Mak)
700bt (Koh Kood)
200bt (Koh Wai to Koh Mak)
700bt (Koh Wai to Koh Kood)
400bt (Koh Mak to Koh Kood)
From Bang Bao Koh Chang
Dep: 09:00
Arr: 10.00 (at Koh Wai)
Arr: 11.00 (at Koh Mak)
Arr: 12.00 (at Koh Kood)
Dep: 13:00 (from Koh Kood)
Arr: 14.00 (at Koh Mak Resort)
Arr: 15.00 (Koh Wai at your resort)
Arr: 16.00 (Koh Chang - Bang Bao)
Please Contact Us to reserve boats tickets for either Bang Bao Boats or Kai Bae Huts Nor Nou. It’s pay in advance via PayPal or Thai bank transfer. You do not need a PayPal account to pay this, it can be done with any credit card.

Koh Wai Boat Trips

Not all these trips will be available in rainy season – May to October.

The Koh Chang snorkeling scene offers plenty of boat trips which call in at Koh Wai.

Bang Bao Boats run a half day excursion with its wooden boat at 600bt per person, leaving Koh Chang at 09.00. You arrive at 10.00 and are collected again at 15.00. On Koh Chang, there is a free share shuttle taxi both from your resort to the pier and the same in reverse for departure.

Another option is Mr Khai’s 3 island trip at 600bt per person, which combines Koh Wai with Koh Klum and Koh Laoya.

Of course, you can also pop in as part of on a private tour – we offer one combining Koh Wai with Koh Ngam, Koh Klum and Loh Laoya.

More details on the day trips can be found at here.

We can book any of these boat trips for you, so please do contact us for more information.

Getting to Koh Wai by Private Transfers – Car or Minibus


We can organise private transfers to and from Laem Ngop Pier by SUV car, 2/3 people or2 adults and 2 small children at 3,800bt. A minibus for larger groups is 4,500bt. The service is direct from either a Bangkok hotel or its two Airports at Suvarnabhumi (arriving by 07.30) and Don Mueang (06.30).

If your flight arrival precludes the 14.30 boat connection, you can stay near the pier or Trat and continue to the island the next day. Our guide to Trat guesthouses is here.

We can also collect from the Cambodian borders, from Siem Reap, Sihanoukville or Phnom Penh, Trat Airport and from Koh Chang, all details on our service here over in our Koh Chang section.

Please do contact us for more information on the private transfer service. We can organise the speedboat tickets too as part of the package.

Getting to Koh Wai – Public Bus and Minibus


The best public bus to take from Bangkok is the 999, price 236bt, leaving from Bangkok’s Ekamai Bus Station on the Sukhumvit Road and terminating at Centrepoint Ferry (for Koh Chang). It also calls at Suvarnabhumi Airport Transportation Centre (Bus Station) as it heads east away from the city.

For the 14.30 speedboat, you need the 07.45 (Airport, 08.20) departure, arriving at Centerpoint at 13.15 to 13.30. On arrival at the pier, you simply need to take a short 15 minute taxi ride from there to Laem Ngop Pier, price 30bt to 40bt per person. Ask at Relax Tours at Centerpoint and they will sort it all for you.

Getting to Koh Wai – Public Minibus

From Ekamai Bus Station, there is a share minibus to Ao Thammachat Pier, with times suitable for Koh Wai of 6.00 and 08.00 only, price 240bt.

After Chantaburi, at the Saen Tung junction, passengers for Koh Chang/Koh Mak/Koh Wai are swapped to a songthaew taxi (50bt) to take them to Ao Thammachat Pier. Passengers for Trat stay on the minibus. On booking the ticket or changing vehicles at Saen Tung, stress that you are going to Koh Mak/Koh Wai and the taxi may continue on from Ao Thammachat Pier to Laem Ngop Pier or if not, hop in another taxi once you are dropped at Ao Thammachat (300bt charter).

If going to Trat only, other times available are 10.00, 12.00, 14.00, 16.00 and 18.00.

The New Van Terminal opposite Morchit Bus Station operates its own minibus service to Trat, with times and price same as above. You need Terminal C, Line 9908 for Trat.

Getting from Koh Wai back to Bangkok

For the return, your best bet is to take a minibus if you want to go direct from the pier, easy enough to book when on Koh Wai itself or on arrival at the pier from Thida Tours. Taking the 08.50 daily Seatales Speedboat will connect to the 10.30 service.

The minibuses go to Victory Monument in the centre of Bangkok, calling at the Airport Rail Link (Lad Krabang) along the way, 350bt per person. You can also link to services to BKK Suvarnabhumi Airport and Khao San Road.

Alternatively, you can travel up to Trat Bus Station by taxi and take a public bus from there. Departures to Ekamai Bus Station are hourly, 240bt with Cherdchai Tours the best of the services on offer.

Getting to Koh Wai – Flying to Trat Airport


If you want to fly down, you need Bangkok Airways flight, PG305 departing Suvarnabhumi Airport at 11.40, arriving at 12.40. This makes the boat connection at 14.30. If you take the earlier PG301 (not running as of September 22), you could head to the pier and see if the 11.30 is running and if it will go or not for you? It’s a long old wait if they don’t play ball.

You can pre-book a private transfer to get you to the pier from the Airport, price at 900bt for a car for 2 pax, 25 minutes. Or there are share taxis at 250bt per person.

On the return, taking the 08.50 Seatales speedboat will connect to the PG306 departing Trat at 13.10, arriving Suvarnabhumi Airport at 14.10. It would be cutting it very fine for the PG302 (not running as of September 22) at 10.10. It’s your call of course as these domestic flights actually need very little pre-flight time (but we haven’t told you that!).

Again, you can use a private car for the trip back to Trat Airport.

We can book this car service for you, so please do contact us for more information.

Getting to Laem Ngop Pier from Trat


To Laem Ngop Pier (Krom Luang), songthaew taxis run back and forth from Trat Bus Station, a km or so out from the city itself, at a cost of 50bt to 60bt per person, leaving when full or you can charter the whole vehicle for 250bt to 300bt.

If staying the night in Trat, your guesthouse will usually organise the transport or you can walk to the covered market and negotiate yourself. Expect to pay 250bt+ to go immediately.

There is a another public taxi on the corner by the chemists, opposite the entrance to the temple. For 50bt to 60bt per person, taxis leave from here to the Koh Chang ferry piers up the road from Laem Ngop Pier, again when full only.

Simply ask them to drop you off at Laem Ngop Pier for Koh Wai/Koh Mak. Taxis coming back from the piers follow the same pricing system if full. With only a few passengers, the cost per person will increase.

Laem Ngop Pier is a few kilometres down the coast from the ferry piers of Centrepoint and Ao Thammachat which serve Koh Chang. If you find yourself at those piers, there are little blue taxis that will run you to Laem Ngop for 30bt to 40bt per person from Centerpoint, more like 300bt for a charter from Thammachat.

UPDATED September 22 for 22/23 Season

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