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Chai Chet Resorts, Bungalows and Hostels

Chai Chet has a good mix of large mid-range and boutique resorts and a selection of cheaper guesthouses and backpacker places to stay.

Accommodation is centred on the terrific beach at the southern end, with four large resorts, Coconut Beach Resort, Koh Chang Paradise Resort, Koh Chang Resort and Flora i Talay all fronting directly onto the sea. Chai Chet Resort sits on the cape overlooking the others, whilst the hotel, Paradise Hill and its water park, is across the road from the beach.

Other smaller resorts, guesthouses and bungalow operations are found along the main street or around the shopping plazas in the middle of town.

Prices given are for the peak Xmas period via booking sites, not the hotel websites. They are intended as guides only.

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On the Beach and Roadside – Chai Chet Resorts and Bungalows

Opposite VJ Plaza, Coconut Beach Resort fills both sides of the narrow street which leads down to the sea and then also has accommodation on the beach itself. Pre Covid, it attracted mainly the eastern European market, boasting a good combination of standard rooms at around 1,600bt a night and seafront bungalows at 3,600bt.

Over the bridge on the cape, the large Chai Chet Resort offers well appointed hillside and seaview bungalows as well as deluxe villas on the land spur. It has further bungalows and hotel rooms back over the inlet by the beach. Price range fromt 2,000bt for standard up to to 5,500bt for the deluxe villa.

Down on the sand and next door to Coconut Beach, one of Koh Chang’s most dependable resorts, Koh Chang Paradise Resort and Spa comprises a wide range of rooms and large villas, some with pools – in peak, assume 5,000bt for a superior bungalow up to 14,700bt for beachfront pool villa but look out too for its great deals.

Heading south on the beach, Koh Chang Resort, its neighbour, is one of the older Koh Chang resorts and popular with Thai packages, hillside rooms at 2,000bt in peak, beachside bungalows at 4,000bt.

Southern End of the Beach

Just a bit further along, you’ll find the boutique bungalows of Flora i Talay, all brushed concrete and thatched roofs, just a few meters from the sea. The back garden bungalows start at 1,500bt a night, beachfront bungalows at 2,000bt, its beachfront villas at 4,300bt and the deluxe pool villas at 7,500bt upwards.

Back from the beach at this end by the public walkway, Pajamas gives Chai Chet a very good backpacker option of individual flashpacker double rooms at 2,100bt or dorm beds from 540bt, the kidney shaped swimming pool and colourful style all adding to its summery vibe.


Shortly after VJ Plaza and its neighbour Coconut Plaza, the 96 room hotel, Koh Chang Paradise Hill, sits across the street from its parent resort Koh Chang Paradise. Prices here are a little cheaper than beachside at 2,800bt a night for a standard double. And no doubt seeing how busy The Splash in Klong Prao has become, it too has added a large water park for use by its customers and those from Koh Chang Paradise.

Pricing Code/Per night in Baht (B):
B= under 500; BB= 500 to 1,500; BBB= 1,500 to 3,000; BBBB= over 3,000;

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pool villa paradise resort chai chet beach koh chang

Koh Chang Paradise Resort

Per Night: BBBB – BBBB++


Towards the southern end, standard or superior bungalows and villas in the garden, by the pool or on the beachfront itself. Restaurant, seafood bbq and spa. Check for frequent good value deals, popular spot.

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pool villa flora i talay resort chai chet beach koh chang

Flora i Talay

Per Night: BBB – BBBB+


At the southern end of the beach, large boutique resort with stylish a/c bungalows, thatch roofs, sand-stone finish in well spaced rows. Pool villas, restaurant, sun terrace and bar with pool table, 2 small swimming pools.

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swimming pool chai chet resort koh chang

Chai Chet Resort

Per Night: BBB – BBBB+


On the cape at the northern end, a selection of hill, garden and seaside bungalows, rooms and deluxe villas, with swimming pool, restaurant and mini jungle trek along the coastline. Popular with Thai packages.

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swimming pool pajamas koh chang

Pajamas Koh Chang Hostel

Per Night: B – BBB

Just back from sea

Backpacker hostel at the southern end of the beach, linked to the sand by decking and the public walkway. A mixture of double rooms with balcony and bathroom or dorm accommodation, either mixed or female only with shared bathroom, all a/c. Great little kidney-shaped pool, breakfast area and communal lounge. The restaurant, Signature, with the hip coffee shop Nong Bua Alam upstairs, is next door.

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swimming pool koh chang paradise hill

Koh Chang Paradise Hill

Per Night: BBB – BBBB


Opposite Koh Chang Paradise Resort, 96 room resort consisting of brushed concrete style 3 storey hotel style blocks around a central swimming pool in landscaped gardens. New water park next door complete with whole manner of slides and tunnels. Restaurant and bar, 24 hour reception. Across the road to the beach, 5 minutes to shops at the plazas. Deals available.

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The Plaza Area – Chai Chet Resorts and Bungalows

Perhaps a little over-ambitious with its name, Luxury Guesthouse, down the lane just before VJ Plaza, houses a good range of clean and practical rooms over several floors with prices from 1,000bt a night. Sony Guesthouse, opposite Luxury in the same little cul-de-sac, offers much the same on a much reduced scale. The beach road is just on the other side.

At the back of the VJ Plaza, VJ Island View is popular with island workers and resort staff. Certainly nothing fancy but may suit someone looking for long term cheap no frills digs – around 450bt a day. Occupying the bottom floor of the same building, Habitat Hostel, is undergoing a renovation ready for the 22/23 season. It’s shifting its emphasis to private rooms, though will keep some dorm accommodation. Prices will be in the region of bunk beds from 350bt upwards, private doubles, twins and quadruples at 1,200bt to 1,800bt.

front oyo 835 koh chang luxury hotel

OYO 835 Koh Chang Luxury Hotel

Per Night: BB – BBB

By the central plazas

Off a small soi by VJ Plaza, a 3 storey hotel style building with standard and superior rooms or 1 and 2 bedroom suites. Restaurant and bar, games room, gym and badminton court. Long term deals available. Short walk to the beach. Now in the OYO stable.

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room interior bunk beds habitat hostel koh chang

Habitat Hostel

Per Night: B – BBB

By the central plazas

Renovation in progress ready for 22/23 season. Bottom floor of 4 storey building at the end of VJ Plaza, with an emphasis on private double, triple and quadruple rooms but also offering some mix dorms. Walk to the beach in 7 minutes. No restaurant but a couple at the end of the plaza and back along the main street heading north.

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Other Chai Chet Resorts and Bungalows

At the far northern end, the French owned Grand Tree Resort has standard garden bungalows and a nice pool, prices from 1,200bt to 1,600bt in the booking sites. It neighbour Big Tree Residences is for long stay only and not the same owner.

Continuing on and opposite the long row of beer bars, Kerdmanee Resort has practical bungalows in rows running up the hill, reasonable rates for long stay or backpacker starting from 500bt a day. It has a swimming pool too.

Next door, Thai Garden Hill Resort offers rooms in large Lanna style houses around the swimming pool from 1,200bt a night, not a bad choice and only about 10 minutes walk to the beach.

You can now also find some more bungalows behind the hardware store at Bann Fine Times, prices from about 1,300bt a night up to 2,000bt for the villa, deals available for long stay.

As you approach the central plaza area, OYO Blue Resort and Spa, is tucked away across the street on the corner. It offers large solid wooden bungalows on stilts, but with the unique feaure of them sitting around a small lake. Prices start at 1,100bt a night.

Also worth a mention, at the far southern end of Chai Chet up on the hillside, Mother Earth is a sustainable living project where like minded people from artists to digital nomads can rent a house long term and become part of the community. To find it, look out for the tiny thatched sala by the road, the last structure of any sort on that side of the road and you’ll see steps going up from there.

swimmign pool rooms thai garden hill koh chang

Thai Garden Hill Resort

Per Night: BB – BBB

Road-side northern end

At the northern end, double and twin rooms in Lanna style villas, set in tropical gardens with a swimming pool and restaurant. A good stroll to the beach, but could suit for a few days if the price is right, though the beer bars are opposite.

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More Chai Chet Resorts and Bungalows

Listed North to South

bungalow grand tree resort chai chet beach koh chang

Grand Tree Resort

Per Night: BB – BBB

At the far northern end, a bit in the middle of nowhere just back from the road, selection of bamboo and thatch bungalows, a/c or fan, bathroom ensuite, in a pretty garden setting. Small swimming pool, restaurant. Long term deals available.

rooms row kerdmanee resort chai chet beach koh chang

Kerdmanee Resort

Per Night: BB

At the northern end, standard bungalows, fan and a/c, arranged in twos rows up a steep hill on the mountainside. Monthly rates available. Swimming pool. Long term rents but opposite the beer bars might not suit all.

rooms lagoon blue resort koh chang

OYO Blue Resort and Spa

Per Night: BB- BBBB

20 natural style wooden a/c bungalows built out on stilts around a lake, with simple spa facilities, restaurant. Out the back, it is just a short hop to the beach at Chai Chet Resort, out the front, the plazas. Now in the OYO stable.

building vj island appartments chai chet beach koh chang

VJ Island View

Per Night: BB – BBB

Three levels of a/c rooms for daily or monthly rent in this motel style building at the end of the plaza, with its restaurants and facilities on the doorstep and just 5 minutes from the beach.

villa coconut beach resort chai chet beach koh chang

Coconut Beach Resort

Per Night: BBB- BBBB

Opposite the plazas, standard and superior bungalows, hotel and villa rooms spread out in different buildings along the street down to the beach and on the seafront itself. Swimming pool and restaurant. Very popular with the Russian and East European market.

rooms koh chang chai chet beach koh chang

Koh Chang Resort

Per Night: BB – BBB

Large older resort towards the southern end, with rooms and bungalows, both sea and hill side, swimming pool, spa and restaurants. Popular with Thai packages.

UPDATED NOVEMBER 22 for 22/23 Season

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