Koh Chang Restaurants – Our Beach by Beach Guide

UPDATED for 2019-20 Season


Koh Chang Restaurants offer up a variety of different cuisines which cater to all tastes and budgets.

Thai Food – Koh Chang Restaurants

You could happily eat just Thai food throughout your stay and not run out of options. From local street fare, bowls of noodles, papaya salad (somtam) and sticky rice through to the spicy curries, stir fries and salads which we all so adore, everything is available, freshly prepared, at decent prices and in some lovely establishments

And that’s before we get to the Thai seafood – Red snapper, white snapper, barracuda, scallops, clams, mussels, oysters, tiger prawns, squid, soft-shelled crab you name it, they’ll likely have it, with cooking methods from steaming to grilling, soups to curries, all producing some mouthwatering dishes.

At a Glance – Recommendations for Thai Food – Koh Chang Restaurants

    Seafood: Nong Bua (Chai Chet Beach), Salak Phet Seafood, Salak Khok Seafood, Ruan Thai, Chow Lay, Fish (all 3 at Bang Bao), Dang Seafood (Lonely Beach), JE Seafood (Klong Prao), Hea Seafood (Klong Prao, by road to Santhiya Tree)

    Thai Dining: Tonsai, Kati Culinary, Zhong Zi Pad Pad, Blue Lagoon (all Klong Prao), Blues Blues (Klong Son), Saffron on the Sea (Pearl Beach), Khao Tha @ Warapura (Lonely Beach), Buddha View (Bang Bao)

    Noodles: Kai Bae Huts, VJ Plaza (Chai Chet)

    Curry Shops: Front of Potato (Klong Prao), Muslim Stall (opposite Leelawadee, Klong Prao)

    Issan: Bam and Boy (Klong Prao), Took Ka Ta Kaimoon (Kai Bae Beach), Gai Mun (White Sand Beach), Raan Ubon Somtam (before Dan Mai), One Millon Somtams (Klong Plu Waterfall)

    Cheap Eats: Nong Bua (White Sand Beach), Baan Mai (Lonely Beach), Chumnan (Klong Prao), Stalls opposite Big C (Pearl Beach), Family Restaurant (Klong Prao Beach), Ido Ido (Hat Sai Noi – Bang Bao Beach)

Western Choices – Koh Chang Restaurants

Yet we do all get those western food cravings from time to time, so what else is on the table? First up, the island boasts a handful of very good and authentic Italian restaurants, two or three more than passable Indians, even a Mexican, Turkish and a Greek and the good old English breakfast is easy enough to hunt down. Throw in the beach bbq’s where jacket potatoes and corn on the cob are ubiquitous, decent bakeries with sandwiches and cakes, proper coffee shops, steaks, burgers and a bit of fast food and it is unlikely that you’ll go hungry.

At a Glance – Recommendations for Western Food – Koh Chang Restaurants

    Italian: Ziva (Kai Bae Beach), Invito al Cibo (White Sand Beach), Pizzeria Toscana (Klong Prao Beach), Marco (VJ Plaza, Chai Chet Beach), Pizza King Express (Chai Chet Beach), Mordi e Fuggi (Kai Bae Beach), Lisca Beach (Bailan Beach)

    Mediterranean: El Greco (Bang Bao), Alaturka (White Sand Beach), Wine Gallery (Kai Bae Beach)

    Fusion: Cabana (Kai Bae Beach), Alchemy (Klong Prao Beach)

    Mexican: El Barrio (Kai Bae Beach)

    Indian: Taste of India (Whie Sand Beach), Emperor of India (Kai Bae Beach)

    Burgers/Steaks: The Journey (Bang Bao Beach), Annie P (Klong Prao), Oodies (White Sand Beach), Paddy’s Palms (White Sand Beach)

    Breakfasts: Alchemy, Moleys (Klong Prao), Morgans (Kai Bae)

    Coffee: Moccaccino (Klong Prao), Le Jao Jom (Pearl Beach), Ban Kafae (East Coast)

    Resorts: Amber Sands (Dan Khao – East Coast), The Chill (Kai Bae Beach) Flora i Talay (Chai Chet Beach), Nature Beach (Lonely Beach), The Mangrove (Bailan Beach), Parama (Chek Bae)

Price Guide – Koh Chang Restaurants

Budget wise, you can eat a plate of simple noodles for around 50bt to 60bt, cheaper if you use the local carts and stalls. A one dish over rice would be 60bt to 80bt. Curry separate from rice will be 100bt to 150bt depending on the beach. Pizzas, standard fare with that uniform tomato base, are 200bt to 250bt. Seafood is considerably more expensive if you eat well, factor at 250bt per head without drinks for a group sharing a few dishes. Western dishes like burger and chips are 200bt to 250bt, you might get a plate of pasta for 180bt, steak 350bt upwards.

As to which is the best, our favourite Koh Chang restaurants are to the right, but visit each beach below for all of our choices.

At a Glance – Beach by Beach – Koh Chang Restaurants


White Sand Beach

Top Tip: Invito al Cibo

Cheap Thai restaurants alongside Italian, Indian, Turkish, steaks, burgers, western, beach bbq’s, coffee shops and a nightly street market.
Look out for: Sun and Soul, Alaturka, Nong Bua


Lonely Beach

Top Tip: Kao Tha at Warapura

Lots of cheap Thai restaurants, a tapas bar, usual western choices, nightly beach bbqs, pizzeria, fusion by the sea, coffee shop.
Look out for: Nature Beach, Baan Mai, Dang Seafood, Rim Tarn, Marco Pizza


Klong Prao Beach


Seafood restaurants on the canal, beach cafes, fusion, upmarket hotel dining, cheap Thai restaurants, western choices and a bakery.
Look out for: Kati Culinary, Iyara Seafood, Zhong Zi Zi Pad Pad, JE Seafood, Alchemy, Blue Lagoon


Kai Bae Beach

Top Tip: Ziva Italian

Several seafood bbq restaurants with western choices, good Italians, Mexican diner, Indian cafe, noodles, hotel dining, coffee shop and a bakery.
Look out for: El Barrio, The Chill, Cabana, Wine Gallery


Bang Bao

Top Tip: Ruan Thai

Famed for its seafood restaurants on the pier, but also has a couple of fusion choices, cheap Thai by the road, coffee shop and a bakery.
Look out for: El Greco, Buddha View, Fish, Chow Lay


Bailan Beach

Top Tip: Tamarin

Local cheap Thai restaurants alongside popular Thai and western spots, very decent coffee shop, pizzeria on the beach.
Look out for: The Mangrove, Lisca Beach, No Name Seafood


Chai Chet

Top Tip: Nong Bua Seafood

Southern end offers great seafood, the northern end plenty of cheap Thai along the road, plazas have Italian, Thai, western diners, excellent noodles and a coffee shop.
Look out for: Marco, Max’s Bistro, VJ Plaza Noodles


Pearl Beach

Top Tip: Saffron on the Sea

Home to one of the best Koh Chang restaurants down by the sea, selection of other cheap Thai stalls or in-house dining at your resort restaurant. Tesco’s and Big C on hand for emergencies.
Look out for: Le Jao Jom


Bang Bao Beach, Hat Sai Noi

Top Tip: Ido Ido (Hat Sai Noi)

Two beaches both offering Thai beach cafes, western, seafood bbq at night, resort dining in a couple of the plusher places.
Look out for: Klong Kloi Kitchen, Chaipura Resort, The Journey


Klong Son

Top Tip: Blues Blues Art and Food

Excellent Thai cafe on the way to the waterfall, western beach club down in Siam Royal View,cheap Thai road restaurants and stalls.
Look out for: The Beach Club, Shambala


Koh Chang East Coast

Top Tip: Salak Phet Seafood

Very local areas with mixture of seafood restaurants, cheap Thai,curry and rice shops, noodles, coffee shops and even a vegetarian.
Look out for: Rommai Talay Seafood, Spa Koh Chang, Salak Khok Seafood, Ban Kafae, 62 Cafe

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