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Koh Chang restaurants offer an excellent variety of different cuisines which cater to all tastes and budgets.

To get you started, our At A Glance sections for Thai and western food give you some recommendations. There’s also a price guide and then we take you round the restaurants on each beach.

Thai Food – Koh Chang Restaurants

You could happily eat just Thai food throughout your stay and not run out of options. From local street fare, bowls of noodles, papaya salad (somtam) and sticky rice through to the spicy curries, stir fries and salads which we all so adore, everything is available, freshly prepared, at decent prices and in some lovely establishments.

And that’s before we get to the Thai seafood – Red snapper, white snapper, barracuda, scallops, clams, mussels, oysters, tiger prawns, squid, soft-shelled crab you name it, they’ll likely have it, with cooking methods from steaming to grilling, soups to curries, all producing some mouthwatering dishes.

At a Glance Recommendations for Thai Food

  • Seafood: Signature (Chai Chet), Salak Phet Seafood, Salak Khok Seafood (both east coast), Ruan Thai, Chow Lay (both Bang Bao), Jae Eew Seafood, Jae Mam Seafood, Phu Talay (all Klong Prao), Sun and Soul (White Sand Beach)
  • Thai: Kati Culinary, Zhong Zi Pad Pad (eastern Thai), Baan Ta Klua @ Aana Resort (eastern Thai) – all 3 in Klong Prao, Blues Blues (Klong Son), Khao Kham (Kai Bae), Saffron on the Sea (Pearl Beach)
  • Noodles and Cheap Eats: Noodle shop on way to Kai Bae Huts, Ido Ido (Hat Sai Noi – Bang Bao Beach), Gloy (Chai Chet)
  • Curry Shops: Raan Gaeng Som (opposite Toscana, Klong Prao), Nai Hua Baoi Gaeng Tai (Kai Bae, northern end) –  both southern Thai
  • Issan: Bam (Klong Prao), Raan Ubon Somtam (before Dan Mai), One Millon Somtams (Klong Plu Waterfall)
  • Vegetarian: Everflow (Pearl Beach), Tofu Kitchen, Poke Bowl (both Kai Bae Beach), Naga (Klong Prao), Spa Koh Chang (Salak Khok)
  • Food Courts: Stalls opposite Big C (Pearl Beach), Stalls at road to Santhiya Tree (Klong Prao), Stalls behind Morgan (Kai Bae)

Western Food – Koh Chang Restaurants

Yet we do all get those western food cravings from time to time, so what else is on the table? First up, the island boasts a handful of very good and authentic Italian restaurants, two or three more than passable Indians, even a Mexican, Turkish and a Greek and the good old English breakfast is easy enough to hunt down.

Throw in the beach bbq’s where jacket potatoes and corn on the cob are ubiquitous, decent bakeries with sandwiches and cakes, proper coffee shops, steaks, burgers and a bit of fast food and it is unlikely that you’ll go hungry.

At a Glance Recommendations for Western Food

  • Italian: Mordi e Fuggi, Little Italy (both Kai Bae Beach), Pizzeria Toscana, Babylon (both Klong Prao Beach), Marco, Pizza King Express (both Chai Chet), Lisca Beach (Bailan Beach), Ciao Italian (White Sand Beach)
  • Mediterranean: El Greco (Klong Prao), Alaturka (White Sand Beach), Wine Gallery (Kai Bae Beach)
  • Fusion: Chef Studio (Klong Prao Beach)
  • Bistro: Cabana (Kai Bae Beach), Cliff Cottage (Bang Bao), Le Jao Jom (Pearl Beach), Nature (Lonely Beach), Shambala (Klong Son – Blue Haven Bay)
  • Mexican: El Barrio (Kai Bae Beach)
  • Asian: Kohchang 7 – Korean (Bailan Beach and Klong Prao), Indie Raw – Japanese (Kai Bae)
  • Indian: Taste of India (White Sand Beach), India Chef (Kai Bae Beach)
  • Burgers/Steaks: Annie P (Klong Prao), Burger Station (Kai Bae), Oodies (White Sand Beach), 15 Palms (White Sand Beach)
  • Breakfasts: White Elephant (White Sand Beach), Moleys (Klong Prao), Morgans (Kai Bae), 15 Palms (White Sand Beach), Cafe Del Sunshine (Lonely Beach)
  • Bakeries: Crust, Bread Box (both Klong Prao), Papa’s Deli (Kai Bae)
  • Coffee: Fig Cafe (Kai Bae), Moccaccino (Klong Prao), Ban Kafae (East Coast)
  • Resorts: Amber Sands (Dan Khao – East Coast), The Chill (Kai Bae Beach), Flora i Talay (Chai Chet), Parama (Chek Bae)

Price Guide – Koh Chang Restaurants

Budget wise, you can eat a plate of simple noodles for around 50bt to 60bt, cheaper if you use the local carts and stalls. A one dish over rice would be 60bt to 80bt. Curry separate from rice will be 100bt to 150bt depending on the beach.

Pizzas, standard fare with that uniform tomato base, are 200bt to 250bt. Seafood is considerably more expensive if you eat well, factor at 250bt per head without drinks for a group sharing a few dishes. Western dishes like burger and chips are 250bt to 350bt, you might get a plate of pasta for 180bt, steak 350bt upwards (best Australian 550bt+).

Beach by Beach – Koh Chang Restaurants

Our Koh Chang restaurants Snippets take you round the island area by area. You can jump straight to any of them here:-

Dive in still further in those area sections and it takes you to detailed descriptions for that particular beach.

White Sand Beach – Koh Chang Restaurants

White Sand Beach restaurants cook up everything from classic Thai food at great prices to western choices including Italian (Ciao), Turkish (Alaturka) and even a couple of Indian diners.

The area specialises in evening beach BBQs, with many resorts laying out tables and chairs on the sand where you can dine by the ocean – Koh Chang Lagoon, Sangtawan, Beach Tango and Sun and Soul, are popular choices. There’s also a nightly street market near to Kacha Resort, which pulls in the crowds for its tasty local snacks.

For Sunday roasts, steaks and English breakfasts look no further than the sports pub, The White Elephant or 15 Palms down on the beach.  Coffee shops, such as the two Marin outlets and cafes at the resorts, Chang Buri, KC and Mac, grind the beans.

Recommended: Sun and Soul, Lagoon, Alaturka (Turkish), 15 Palms, Ciao (Italian)

Klong Prao Beach

Klong Prao is home to some of the very best Koh Chang restaurants, with the area around the central temple area its main focus.

Starting our round-up there, you can get top notch Thai at Kati Culinary, Issan at Bam and southern curry over rice at Raan Gaeng Som. For something a bit different, head to  Chef Studio for an Asian fusion style. There’s a good bakery at Crust, Italian at Toscana or Babylon, Greek at El Greco or Korean BBQ at Kohchang 7.

For seafood, head over to the northern bank of the canal at Iyara and Phu Talay or roadside at the Thai’s favourites, Jae Eew Seafood and Jae Mam. And while you’re nearby, why not try the eastern Thai specialities at Zhong Zi Pad Pad or at Baan Ta Klua (in-house at Aana Resort).

There’s upmarket hotel dining at those luxury resorts by the ocean – Dewa and Emerald Cove in particular. Or in complete contrast, you can eat your way round the street food stalls by the turning to Santhiya Tree.

Recommended: Kati Culinary, Jae Eew Seafood, Jae Mam Seafood, Phu Talay, Zhong Zi Zi Pad Pad, Baan Ta Klua, Chef Studio, El Greco, Toscana

Bang Bao

Bang Bao is principally know for its seafood restaurants on the pier – Ruan Thai and Chow Lay – where the full menu of fish, shellfish, prawns and squid are cooked in a myriad of mouth-watering Thai styles. Nongyim Seafood is a much smaller new addition in 2022.

Beyond the seafood and also on the pier, there’s also a few cheap and cheerful Thai diners squeezed in amongst the souvenir shops. Other small spots, nothing fancy but doing the trick, are found on the lane from the main road to the pier and up by the bridge near the school.

Cliff Cottage on the northern side of the bay and Rasta View on the southern side, give you two more alternatives, both with lovely locations.

For a decent coffee, head back to the pier to Delight, a long standing cafe and bakery, which also offers food on its tiny terrace at the back. Finally, new this year, at the far end, Viewtalay Cafe, gives you another option with boat watching an added extra.

Recommended: Chow Lay, Nongyim Seafood, Delight, Cliff Cottage

Lonely Beach

The backpacker and party area of Lonely Beach gives you plenty of cheap Thai diners, cooking up the favourites from drunken noodles (pad ki mao) to pineapple fried rice, banana pancakes to quick pizzas and fresh fruit smooothies.

In the so called Lonely Beach Complex, which sits between the beach proper and the village, Por Par, Coco and Titanic (literally a boat) serve up a mix of seafood and classic Thai on the ocean front. Or on the beach itself, it’s hard to beat the excellent hang-out spot, Nature

Knife and Fork at Magic Garden at the southern end of the village or Oasis up the hill on Soi 3 both have wide ranging menus, both worth the walk. For something a bit different, seek out the fusion menu at the boutique resort, Nest Sense.

Roxy Bar at Warapura is another top spot by the sea, great for coffee and its chilled atmosphere. And you’ll have no trouble getting breakfast at any time of day, with Cafe Del Sunshine our favourite.

Recommended: Roxy Bar at Warapura, Cafe Del Sunshine, Nature Beach, Por Par, Coco, Magic Garden

Kai Bae Beach – Koh Chang Restaurants

The narrow main street of Kai Bae Beach provides us with a terrific concentration of places to eat.

First up, with their ice boats out front each evening, you can pick and choose from  a number of seafood BBQ restaurants such as Baan Kai Bae and Friend Seafood. Jostling for space with them, you’ll find a very popular Mexican diner, El Barrio, several Italian offerings including Mordi e Fuggi and Little Italy or Mediterranean tapas at Wine Gallery.

There’s an Indian too, a hip bistro by the sea, Cabana, whilst Khao Kwan, (Yaa from the now closed Blue Lagoon Cooking School) brings immaculately presented Thai dishes to the local table.

Throw in a cheap food court, an excellent southern curry over rice shop at Nai Hua Baoi Gaeng Tai, vegetarian at Tofu Kitchen and Poke Bowl, pub menus at Morgan and Fin, a noodle shop, a bakery, one of Koh Chang’s best coffee brews at Fig Cafe, exclusive dining at the three major resorts (The Chill, Awa and Gajapuri) and we think we can safely say, Kai Bae Beach restaurants have you covered.

Recommended: El Barrio, The Chill, Wine Gallery, Fig Cafe, Khao Kwan, Morgan, Friend Seafood

Bang Bao Beach

Hat Sai Noi, the smaller beach just after Bang Bao is great for its beach cafes. You can lose an afternoon at  Ido Ido or try the hip cafe at Indie Beach – coffee, smoothies, Thai or western choices.

Move on to Bang Bao Beach itself and it’s home to a string of restaurants, both on the beach and along the paths at the back. Menus are very similar at each, all standard fare but The Beach offers a more fusion style.   

In the evenings, the seafood BBQs appear along the front, with Klong Kloi Cottage the best of the bunch.

For a change, you could also splash out a little and dine at one of the plusher resorts like Chivapuri or Chaipura’s lovely wooden restaurant over the creek.

Recommended: Klong Kloi Kitchen, Chivapuri Resort

Chai Chet

The southern end of Chai Chet has a great road-side seafood restaurant at Signature (the rebranded Nong Bua) or the three major resorts on the sand all offer a nightly BBQ, with Flora i Talay’s the pick of the bunch. 

For simpler options, head back to the northern end opposite the bars, where you’ll find a few cheap diners used by the locals (Gloy) as well as a 259bt “cook at your table” Korean BBQ.

In the same area, U Turn opened in late 2021 and pulls in the crowds with its seafood, western and even a few Khmer choices.

Finally,  one of the best Italian restaurants on the island, Marco sits opposite Flora, offering pasta, pizza in a friendly small taverna style.

Recommended: Marco, Signature, U Turn, Gloy

Klong Son

The first area down the coast after the ferries, Klong Son, has plenty of cheap Thai restaurants by the road – noodles, curry over rice, that sort of thing – as well as a small market with street stalls.

In the Blue Haven Bay private villa development, the bistros The Beach Club and Shambala, both down by the sea, one in the main section, one in the marina section, have a few more western alternatives than elsewhere in Klong Son. You can also use the swimming pools if eating there.

On the road to the waterfall, you’ll find a hidden Thai gem, at Blue Blues Cafe – curries made from fresh pastes, delicately spiced salads, coconut juice, wine and cold beers. Near the temple, Feel @ Chill  makes its own pizzas.

Finally, there are a couple of coffee shops at the northern end – Amazon at the back of the PTT gas station is always busy.

Recommended: Blue Blues Cafe, Beach Club

Pearl Beach

Aside from the excellent Thai restaurant, Saffron on the Sea, Pearl Beach will not set the culinary pulse racing too much.

That said, the tiny vegetarian and vegan cafe Everflow, literally by the car wash on one of the side streets, belies its size, turning out a huge variety of excellent dishes.

You can also eat cheaply and well at the line of of Thai diners opposite Big C, where simple dishes like noodles or chicken over rice are all available.

Of course Big C itself or Tesco just down the road both carry a good selection of fresh produce, have in-house bakeries and also a range of daily pre-cooked items (chicken, fish etc).

Recommended: Saffron on the Sea, Everflow

Bailan Beach

Up in Bailan, you’ll find a good choice of local cheap Thai restaurants along the main street – Tamarin and J & K in particular – together with a couple of simple seafood diners down by the sea.

What you don’t expect to stumble on is a full blown Korean restaurant but head down to the bungalows at Kohchang 7  (Korean owned) and they offer a wide reaching menu of all the signature classics – recommended.

On the sand at the southern end, the Italian owned cafe, Lisca Beach (open in high season only), knocks out homemade pizzas, pasta and the occasional paella – a great spot to while away the hours by the sea.

At the northern end, the chef at Vanara Resort’s in-house diner (western and Thai dishes) has an excellent reputation built up over many years in different restaurants around Koh Chang – recommended.

And finally, on its own little beach, The Mangrove – currently closed but expected to reopen for 22/23 season – is well worth hunting out for its short interesting menu and to marvel at the magnificent thatch roof. 

Recommended: Lisca Beach, Tamarin, The Mangrove, Vanara, Kohchang 7

East Coast, South East

The east coast of Koh Chang is home to yet more excellent Koh Chang restaurants, ranging from cheap local affairs to wonderfully located seafood diners.

In Dan Khao near Centerpoint ferry pier, the in-house diner at Amber Sands Resort and its near neighbour The Souk both get good press for their Thai and western dishes.

Further on down the coast, just before Dan Mai, look out for Issan restaurant which sits roadside and then the two competing coffee shops, Baan Kafae and Ronnie’s Coconut Organic Garden, a few kilometres after Than Mayom Waterfall.

Vegetarian and vegan dishes are the order of the day at The Spa Koh Chang, whilst down in the far south east – Salak Phet, Salak Khok and Chek Bae – you’ll find three of the island’s top seafood restaurants (listed first in the recommendations below).

Recommended: Salak Phet Seafood, Salak Khok Seafood, Rommai Talay Seafood, Spa Koh Chang, Ban Kafae, Amber Sands

Updated June 22

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