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Koh Kood Information and FAQs – Hospitals, Police, Money, Internet, Shops

To help you with those practical requirements of your holiday, we have pulled together useful Koh Kood information and FAQs on hospitals, police, post, phones, money, internet and shopping.

In brief, the island does have a central local hospital with a central main police station nearby. It also now has a bank and a couple of ATMs, as well as currency exchanges.

Mobile phone and internet coverage is very good, both in connections and speeds.

Is there a hospital on Koh Kood?

Koh Kood Hospital

Koh Kood has a small hospital on the main inland road near Ao Tapao Beach (Hin Dam), north from Klong Chao Beach. This can deal adequately with the usual day to day problems.

More serious cases will involve transfer to Trat on the mainland, where there are two options, the public hospital or the private one, Bangkok Trat. Health insurance is strongly advised.

Although the area has not 100% eradicated malaria, cases are extremely rare and anti-malarials should not be required.

If you know you need a medical supply daily and are unsure if the island will have it, bring it with you to be safe. There is a good pharmacy in the area shortly after Fisherman Hut and Pizza and Pasta restaurants.

  • Koh Kood Hospital (Public) – 039 521 852, 039 525 747, Emergency 1669, 089 603 8685
  • Bangkok Trat Hospital (Private) – 039 532 735
  • Trat Hospital (Public) – 039 511 040/1
  • Koh Kood Rescue – 081 762 4360
Koh Kood Police Station

Koh Kood Police StationCrime is hardly a factor on Koh Kood, but you may need to consult with the police in the event of accidents or to obtain a report for insurance purposes on lost items.

You can find the police station a few hundred metres before the hospital.

  • Koh Kood Police – 087 958 1991, 039 525 745 or Emergency 191 or 1155
  • Tourist Police – 1155

In the same area as the hospital and police station, opposite the main government buildings, there is a bank and ATM (pink).

A 2nd ATM is between Sea Dog restaurant and BB Divers in Klong Chao Beach itself.

Many of the resorts will accept credit cards, exchange money (dollars/euros/pounds) or indeed allow cash withdrawal against a credit card, at a surcharge of 2% to 5%.

Most resorts now have internet access with Wi-Fi in the common areas and rooms. This comes from the telephone companies’ towers, which dot the landscape, surprisingly good speeds if using a local carrier, less so of course from the resorts’ over burdened in-house modems.

Mobile coverage is 3G/4G.

Since the laying of the major cable from the mainland 3 years ago, electricity is 24 hours across the island, with just the odd exception.

The island post office is found behind Big Dreams and Happy Days Guesthouse at the northern end of Ngamkho Beach

The island does not have 7-11s or any of the large super stores such as Tesco and Makro. Instead, you can find most essential items at the selection of stores along the central main road leading up to the hospital. You’ll also find small minimarts around the beaches – Klong Chao Beach after the bridge, Ngamkho Beach, Bang Bao Beach, by the turning into Ao Takian Beach (Cham’s House) and behind Rest Sea Resort on Ao Phrao.

At Ao Tapao near the pier and Shantaa, the modern local store stocks a few more western items than others.

For souvenirs and clothes, again try those central stores on the main road – Mermaid Boutique and Cafe by the garage is one to look out for – but don’t expect anything like the choice found in Koh Chang, with its numerous stalls around all the beaches and on Bang Bao Pier.

If you know you need something and are unsure if the island will have it, bring it with you to avoid the frustration of it not being available.

Please do contact us for any advice or additional information you may require.

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