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Ao Tapao Resorts and Bungalows – Central Area (Hin Dam)

On the north west coast of Koh Kood, the lovely beach at Ao Tapao is home to 4 excellent resorts, Meedee, Seafar, Paradise Beach and Shantaa.

Combined with them, you’ll also find a handful of bungalows and homestays in and around the nearby main road in the area known as Hin Dam.

Put all those options together and it’s easy to see why the Ao Tapao has developed into one of Koh Kood’s most popular areas to stay.

Prices given are for the peak Xmas period via booking sites, not the hotel websites. They are intended as guides only.

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Ao Tapao Resorts – On The Beach

Continuing up the island away from Ao Noi, you pass a few shops, restaurants and the odd Thai small bungalow resort such as Long Gag and Sangtong, before you reach the central administrative areas of the island, home to the police station, hospital and town hall.

Opposite the police station – look out for the huge colourful Koh Kood sign – you will also find the turning down to Ao Tapao.

Follow the track the good couple of kilometres to the end, passing the 3 rooms of The Lodge along the way and you emerge out on the beach at the two 3 star resorts, Seafar and Meedee.

Each resort has a wide selection of bungalows running back from the sand, with swimming pools towards the rear. Expect prices from 4,500bt upwards.

Next door to Meedee, Koh Kood Cabana, popular with Thai weekenders, stands firm as one of the island’s oldest resorts, but it is unfortunately showing its age. It also has no easy online booking, so it’s unlikely you will stay here unless on a cheap walk-in.

Located alongside Koh Kood Cabana, Koh Kood Paradise Beach, complete with its eye-catching bright red swimming pool, offers rooms from 2,750bt in its 2 storey hotel block at the back and villas in the garden or on the sand from 3,000bt to 4,000bt.

On the Hill

Perched up on the the hill above the pier, the romantic getaway of Shantaa, has a prime spot looking out over the ocean. One of the best resorts on the island, the villas go from 5,500bt to 6,500bt or more.

You can also get to this end of Ao Tapao by shooting on past the hospital all the way to the crossroads and then following the signs to the left for Nam Luek Pier. You pass the temple just before you drop down to the back of Koh Kood Paradise Beach.

Due to the pandemic, resorts and hotels are showing reduced prices in peak season at the moment – these may yet go up in late 21/22 depending on the global situation for international travel.

Pricing Code/Per night in Baht (B):
B= under 500; BB= 500 to 1,500; BBB= 1,500 to 3,000; BBBB= over 3,000;

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villas seafar resort ao tapao resorts koh kood

Seafar Resort

Per Night: BBB – BBB

By the Ocean

Ever expanding number of bungalows at the back and on the creek combined with their brightly painted converted portacabins (from Soneva’s former construction site no less) located on the sand, all a/c. Swimming pool. Restaurant, motorbike hire, a peaceful spot. WiFi.

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villas meedee resort ao tapao resorts koh kood

Meedee Resort

Per Night: BBB – BBB

By the Ocean

Literally next door to Seafar, another very chilled out spot on the sane offering brushed concrete style, a/c ensuite bungalows in rows back from the sea. Restaurant, beach bar, swimming pool at the rear. Motorbikes available. WiFi.

They have an offshoot, Meedee 2, cheaper and more rudimentary double bungalows on the approach road, about 5 minutes to the beach. You head down to the main resort for all the facilities but the rooms do have fridges, tea and coffee making, WiFi.

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villas paradise resort ao tapao resorts koh kood

Paradise Beach Resort

Per Night: BBB – BBB

By the Ocean

Sister resort to Koh Chang Paradise, another large resort with Lanna style roofed villas in rows, all joined by raised wooden walkways. 2nd hotel style block at the rear with garden view rooms and balconies. Central reception area, restaurant and swimming pool, just steps from the sand and sea.

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villa shantaa ao tapao resorts koh kood


Per Night: BBBB

Hill above the beach

Above Nam Luek Pier on the hill overlooking the bay, this peaceful,boutique affair is one of the very best Ao Tapao resorts. A mixture of chic understated (think varnished floors, white linens) a/c villas and suites, with rain showers, open air bathrooms, terraces. Restaurant, beach at front and rear of the property, small bar by the pier, reading room. Salas and sunset deck, own speedboat pier. Popular with wedding parties and couples. No TV’s policy. WiFi.

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Other Ao Tapao Beach Resorts and Guesthouses

bungalows koh kood cabana ao tapao resorts kood

Koh Kood Cabana

Per Night: BB

On the sand next to Meedee Resort, ageing resort used mainly by Thai packages. Accommodation comprises wooden cabins, either standalone or split into doubles. Restaurant, beach bar. WiFi.

front the lodge ao tapao resorts koh kood

The Lodge

Per Night: BB

Handful of standard a/c ensuite double rooms or bungalows on the back road to Ao Tapao Beach. Breakfast served on your terrace. 5 minutes walk to the beach, can use Meedee Resort facilities. WiFi. Near to Meedee 2, see above.

Mateoasis is located at the other end of the beach on the road leading down to the pier. A restaurant and homestay, it has just a couple of rooms at the rear, 700bt a night, ensuite and a/c.

Hin Dam (Central Area) – Ao Tapao Resorts, Bungalows

In the central area known locally as Hin Dam, there are a few more options, but we feel staying here would be best with your own motorbike.

Opposite the hospital, Dara Homestay offers rooms at 1,500bt a night.

From the central area by the electricity centre, you can pick up a shortcut road, which takes you in a loop to the main road for Ao Salad, the fishing village on the north east of the island.

At th start, Ban Kon Kan is set back in a forest clearing with old style bamboo and thatch bungalows, a/c nonetheless, from 700bt.

Just before the end of this back street, Kama Siri is a popular guesthouse with fan rooms from 700bt a night.

Turn right onto the main road towards Ao Salad and along this next stretch, you’ll pass the bungalows of Koh Kood Little Hut, standard rooms from 2,000bt and the single house of Friendly Home, the whole house at 6,500bt a night.

The Thai resort of Baan Ton Katin also sits roadside in this area, 800bt a night for one of its brightly coloured bungalows. They have a 2nd smaller set-up too back towards the Ao Tapao turning.

rooms darar homestay koh kood cabana ao tapao resorts kood

Dara Homestay

Per Night: BB – BBB

Opposite the hospital in the central area of the island, 6 or so a/c ensuite bungalows styled in brushed concrete. No real garden but practical and clean. Breakfast available. Best with your own transport, but can walk to Ao Tapao Beach. WiFi.

bungalow ban kon kan hin dam koh kood

Ban Kon Kan

Per Night: BB

Set back in the forest on the cut through back library road off the central area, collection of wooden, bamboo thatch roofs old style a/c ensuite bungalows in a pretty garden setting. Breakfast available. Quiet and peaceful, can reach beach and shops easily with motorbike, rental on site. WiFi.

rooms kama siri homestay hin dam koh kood

Kama Siri Guesthouse

Per Night: BB – BBB

Guesthouse located at the far end of the central shortcut road, offering a simple selection of 2 fan wih ensuite, 1 a/c room and a double family chalet, both ensuite and a/c. WiFi. Food available, motorbikes for rent. WiFi.

bungalow koh kood little hut hin dam koh kood

Koh Kood Little Hut

Per Night: BB – BBB

On the road heading towards Ao Salad, 10 wooden cabins of varying shapes and sizes, all a/c, in mature garden setting. Breakfast included. Again, having your own transport is best so as not to feel isolated. WiFi.

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