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Getting to Koh Mak by Public Bus and Minibus

There are many ways of getting from Bangkok to Koh Mak using bus and microbus, including the 999 Bus, Suvarnabhumi Bupara Co Airport Bus and government services from Ekamai and Morchit Bus Stations.

Departing from Laem Sok Pier, the Koh Kood boat companies, Seudamgo and Boonsiri, have also now added Koh Mak as part of their bus/boat service from Khao San Road.

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Bangkok – To/From Laem Ngop Area – 999 Bus

Using the public bus, the most economical way of getting from Bangkok to Laem Ngop (Krom Luang) Pier, the departure point for Koh Mak, is with the 999 Express, 292bt per person.

To Laem Ngop

The bus leaves at 07.45 from the eastern bus station, Ekamai (Sukhumvit 63), via Suvarnabhumi Airport Bus Station (08.20) and travels direct to the Koh Chang Thammachat Pier, arriving at 13.30. The bus may continue onto Laem Ngop Pier Pier, check when buying the ticket and ask the staff on the bus – they are very friendly and helpful.

If not, you take a songthaew share taxi at 50bt per person to Laem Ngop Pier (about 20 minutes) or 300bt for the charter.

You may make the 14.00 Leelawadee Speedboat, otherwise you need to fall back on the 15.00 M Marine (Friday, Saturday and Sunday, December and January only) or the 16.00 Panan. All speedboats are 550bt per person, children under 130cm 350bt, under 100cm free.

From Laem Ngop

The return bus service leaves from Thammachat Pier at 14.30. To make that connection, you need the 11.30 Leelawadee speeboat off Koh Mak, docking at 12.30 or the 12.30 M Marine (Friday, Saturday and Sunday, December and January only) docking at 13.30.

The bus does park up at the bottom of Laem Ngop pier so you should be able to jump on here. If not, same as above, you use a songthaew taxi to Thammachat.

***Please also note the speedboats timetable for rainy season changes (May to October).***

Timetable – 999 Bus

From Bangkok Ekamai Bus Station to Thammachat Pier

March 24
From Thammachat Pier to Bangkok Ekamai Bus Station

March 24
(08.20 Suvarnabhumi Airport Bus Station)

Arr: Thammachat Pier 13.30 but will continue on to Laem Ngop Pier

292bt per person

14.30 Thammachat Pier

292bt per person

Take 11.30 boat from island and can pick it up (with a wait) at Laem Ngop Pier
02 391 6846 (Bangkok)
089 752 5732 (Trat)

***We do NOT book these services***

By Seudamgo Bus to Laem Sok

Seudamgo runs a bus at 05.00 from Bangkok (Khao San Road) to Laem Sok Pier, calling at Rama 9 ( 06.00) and BKK Suvarnabhumi Airport (06.30).

This connects to the 12.00 mini catamaran which goes via Koh Mak (Ao Nid Pier, 12.40) to Koh Kood (Ao Salat Pier, 13.20). It’s 1,100bt per person, all in for both the bus and the boat.

The return from Koh Mak (Ao Nid Pier) to Bangkok is with the 14.30 boat (Ao Nid Pier), connecting to the 15.30 bus at Laem Sok. It’s the same price, reaching Khao San at 22.30 (via BKK).

By Boonsiri Bus to Laem Sok

Boonsiri‘s service departs from the Khao San area at 06.00 (1/6/24 to 30/9/24), connecting to its boat at 13.00 from Laem Sok Pier, reaching Koh Mak at 13.45. The return is with the 11.30 boat, bus at around 13.15, Bangkok 20.00+. It’s the same price as Seudamgo, 1,100bt all-in.

By SWB Bus from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Koh Chang Pier

Suvarnabhumi Bupara Co (SWB) has a direct microbus connection from Suvarnabhumi Airport Terminal to Koh Chang at 07.00 and 11.00 priced at 650bt for delivery to your resort on Koh Chang.

You could use the early 07.00 service and then ditch the last part of the ticket, instead taking a songthaew taxi from the Thammachat Pier to Laem Ngop Pier in time for the afternoon speedboats to Koh Mak. With the 07.00, SWB do sometimes allow a fare reduction if you explain that you do not need the Koh Chang ferry and delivery.

Keep an eye on the timetable in rainy season as they may reduce to one service only per day due to low numbers.

***We do NOT book these services ***

By Public Bus from Bangkok to Trat

All services are subject to change. Do check before booking hotels and making plans.

The next option is the public bus run by Cherdchai from Ekamai Bus Station Bangkok to Trat, 279bt per person.

If you took the 23.30 night bus (currently running every day), you would make one of the morning speedboats. An early morning departure at 05.00 onwards should be OK for the 12.30 Panan, If not, you can fall back on the 14.00 Leelawadee.

When getting your bus ticket, explain that you want Koh Mak and they drop you out at Saen Tung Junction, which is about 35 km from Trat. From here, you take a songthaew taxi at around 80bt per person to the pier

Otherwise, travel down slowly and spend a night in Trat and leave the next morning with a taxi to the pier (50bt), but check the Koh Mak ferry and speedboat timetables first.

Operated by The Transport Company, there is only one daily bus from Morchit Bus Station, the 07.30 to Trat. By getting out at Saen Tung as explained above, you should make the 16.00 boat.

Bangkok to Trat Timetables – Public Bus

Public Bus

UPDATED August 23
From Bangkok Ekamai Bus Station to Trat Bus Station
From Trat Bus Station to Bangkok Ekamai Bus Station
Cherchai Tour
099 014 0073 (Bangkok)
039 511 062 (Trat)
Thai spoken only
05.00, 09:30, 11:30, 15:30, 17:30, *23:30 (currently running every night)*

279bt per person
08.00, 10.00, 12.00, 16.00, 22.30

279bt per person
UPDATED MARCH 23From Bangkok Morchit Bus Station to Trat Bus Station
From Trat Bus Station to Bangkok Morchit Bus Station
The Transport Company07.30 to Trat - 288bt per person10.00 via BKK Suvarnabhumi - 288bt per person

***Please also see the speedboats timetable.***

Public Microbus from Bangkok to Trat for Koh Mak

All services are subject to change.

From/To Ekamai

Run by Kohchang Bangkok Transport Company, there is a microbus service running from 05.00 till 18.30 which leaves from Ekamai Bus Station to Trat.

To link to the boats at Laem Ngop for Koh Mak, you take one from 05.00, 07.00, 08.30 or at a push 09.30 and get out at the Saen Tung junction as explained above. The orange open songthaew taxi (80bt) will deliver you to Ao Thammacht Pier, about 30 minutes travel time. From there, you can then get another taxi onto Laem Ngop (similar price but likely to apply a minimum charge).

Alternatively, just stay on the minibus to Trat Bus Station and get a songthaew from there, 300bt for 2 pax to go immediately. With the later microbuses, you will need to spend a night in Trat.

An hourly return service from Trat Bus Station back to Ekamai starts at 04.30 up to 18.30.

From/To Morchit

An identical service from the same company also goes from Morchit New Van Terminal to Trat Bus Station. The New Van Terminal is opposite the Bus Terminal so you need to use the over-crossing to reach it. Eastern Thailand services leave from Terminal Building C.

You will require one from 05:00, 06.30 and 08.00, with the change at Saen Tung. There are other times up until 18.30 to Trat.

Times back from Trat Bus Station are very similar but starting at 04.00 and ending at 18.00.

The telephone numbers for these services are 080 668 8556 (call centre), 080 668 8557 (Morchit), 090 818 1855 (Ekamai) – all subject to change.

***We do NOT book these services***

Share Minibus from Laem Ngop Pier to Bangkok

All services are subject to change. Do check before booking hotels and making plans.

From Laem Ngop Pier, you can pick up share minibuses to Ekamai and Morchit Bus Stations and Lad Krabang Airport Rail Link at 10.30, 11.30 and 13.00, 400bt per person.

For Suvarnabhumi Airport, hotels in the central Sukhumvit area and Phaya Thai BTS Station (Airport Rail Link), there is also a service at 10.30 and 11.30, 550bt per person. The Sukhumvit hotel name is needed to check if it is in the drop-off zone.

They do not include the boat tickets from Koh Mak, which are 450bt per person in all cases.

***We do NOT book these services. Either book them on Koh Mak or just head to Thida Tours at the bottom of Laem Ngop Pier.***

Public Minibus from/to Pattaya, Koh Samet and Rayong

All services are subject to change and/or cancellation. Do check before booking hotels and making plans.

There are daily minibuses from Pattaya direct to Thammachat Pier for Koh Chang, price around 500bt. Once there, you use a songthaew taxi to get to Laem Ngop Pier, mininum charge of 300bt.

From South Pattaya, the microbus leaves at 08.00, 600bt per person, taking around 4 hours (we can book this, payment upfront).

From Ban Phe (Koh Samet), share minibuses are 400bt to Ao Thammachat, where, again, you can ask them to continue on to your pier for Koh Mak or get a songthaew.

Return share minibuses direct from Laem Ngop Pier to Ban Phe (Koh Samet) and Pattaya are 400bt, 11.30 and 16.00 – we do not book these. They do not include the boat tickets from Koh Mak, which are 450bt per person in all cases.

Public buses do operate along this route, but are slow and probably best avoided unless Trat is your destination.

***We do NOT book these services***


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