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Klong Chao Beach Resorts and Bungalows

On Klong Chao Beach, the central spot on the west coast, you will find a complete range of accommodation from luxury high end resorts to bungalows, guesthouses, homestays and backpacker rooms.

Prices given are for the peak Xmas period via booking sites, not the hotel websites. They are intended as guides only.

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Klong Chao Beach Resorts

Fronting onto the beach, all the top-end Klong Chao resorts – and pretty sumptuous they all are too – offer a mixture of villas, pool villas, deluxe suites and rooms, spas and swimming pools.

High Season is the most luxurious in the area, with exquisitely designed pool villas in a very private tropical garden setting, online prices start at 16,000bt a night. Wendy the Pool sits next door, their 8 or so villas built around a common pool, flopping from your verandah to water in a couple of steps, prices range from 11,000bt a night.

Peter Pan Resort and Tinkerbell Privacy make up the quartet, slightly cheaper than the other two resorts, with villas from 4,000bt upwards. Incidentally, if you are curious about their names, we can find no evidence that J.M.Barrie took his annual hols on Koh Kood.

Away Resort is on the northern headland, separated from the other beach accommodation by a narrow sea channel. It’s more in the 3 star range with prices from 3,000bt a night.

Jungle Koh Kood, owned by Boonsiri Catamaran sits inland near the Klong Chao Waterfall. It has a wide selection of a/c bungalows from 2,500bt, popular with Thai packages.

Due to the pandemic, resorts and hotels are showing reduced prices in peak season at the moment – these may yet go up in late 21/22 depending on the global situation for international travel.

Pricing Code/Per night in Baht (B):
B= under 500; BB= 500 to 1,500; BBB= 1,500 to 3,000; BBBB= over 3,000;

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pool villa high season klong chao resorts koh kood

High Season Resort

Per Night: BBBB++


High end resort on the beach, with a selection of pool villas, in different sizes, some with beach front. All are luxuriously kitted out with fabulous natural design and attention to detail and very private. Restaurant and spa on site, all tours and visiting of island attractions organised.

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family villa riverside peter pan klong chao resorts koh kood

Peter Pan Resort

Per Night: BBBB++


At the northern end, large resort offering a wide selection of luxurious villas – private pools, pool access, beachside, family two storey – spread out on the beach or along the bank of the river. Swimming pool, restaurant, bar, excursions.

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pool wendy the pool klong chao resorts koh kood

Wendy The Pool Resort

Per Night: BBBB+++


Part of the Peter Pan family, ultra high end resort with prices to match, 8 stylish luxury rooms arranged a central swimming pool, with direct access to the water via steps from your terrace. In additon, one separate villa closed off from the rest of the resort, with private pool. Restaurant, coffee shop, all fronting on to the beach, metres from the sea.

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villa beachside tinkerbell klong chao resorts koh kood

Tinkerbell Privacy Resort

Per Night: BBBB++


Another boutique resort in that Peter Pan stable,this time located at the southern end of the beach, 8 luxurious villas on the sand or 8 chic pool villas in the row behind. Swimming pool, restaurant, all activities arranged.

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bungalow beachfront away resort koh kood

Away Resort

Per Night: BBBB++


On the northern headland, 3/4 star resort with duplex family bungalows on the hillside, ocean facing or beachside spacious bungalows with private terraces down by the sea – a/c, TVs and fridges, terraces. Spa, nightly bbq and sometimes open pub. It’s not connected to the rest of Klong Chao Beach, you need to paddle across. Part of the Cross Hotel/X2 Group.

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bungalow jungle resort koh kood

Jungle Koh Kood Resort

Per Night: BBBB++


Hidden away inland near the waterfall, 3 star resort with wooden style a/c bungalows linked together by walkways. Swimming pool, restaurant, motorbike hire. Mainly booked in Thai packages in conjunction with Boonsiri ferries, who own the resort.

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Bungalows and Guesthouses on Klong Chao Beach

Suiting more modest budgets, much cheaper bungalows and homestays line one bank of the river just a short walk from the sand. There are also further choices inland near Klong Chao Waterfall.

By the Road and Along the River

On the quiet road behind the beach, Klong Chao Garden View offers fan bungalows at 600bt a night, with a couple of a/c options too at 1,200bt a night.

Straight opposite, BB Dorm has single bunks in its mixed dorm from just 300bt with Pakarung Homestay beyond that at 700bt a night for an ensuite fan bungalow. Meanwhile, Jeje Cottage, on the little street down to the back of Tinkerbell, has just two a/c bungalows at 1,200bt.

Mark House, the arrival point for Bang Bao Boats inter-island speedboat sits on the river nearby, prices from 1,000bt.

Doy Homestay, an authentic Thai fisherman’s house on the other side of the bridge, provides basic fan rooms at 400bt. It’s also home to Koh Kood Boat Trip, excellent for a day’s snorkeling off the island.

Continuing upstream but accessible from the little road that runs inland, you have 6 or so different small bungalow resorts and homestays. The tiny Ra Reang Mai, from 1,000bt per night upwards, is immediately behind Klong Chao Garden View, with Klong Jao Homestay, popular with Thai packages alongside.

Ta Yai Homestay, has simple fan rooms, with shared bathroom or larger bungalows, 400bt to 2,000bt. Accommodation at the very peaceful Mangrove Bungalows is in the 1,000bt bracket, whilst at the end of the row, Cozy House ranges from 600bt for fan to 1,200bt for a/c and completes the set.

Recommended – By the Road and Along the River

Pricing Code/Per night in Baht (B):
B= under 500; BB= 500 to 1,500; BBB= 1,500 to 3,000; BBBB= over 3,000;

bungalow mangrove resort koh kood

Mangrove Bungalows

Per Night: BB – BBB

On the River

Long running resort on the river with a variety of standard a/c and fan bungalows in the garden, on the riverbank or on the hill opposite. Good restaurant with Thai and western food, kayaks available. A very peaceful spot. WiFi.

bungalow klong chao garden view koh kood

Klong Chao Garden View

Per Night: B – BB

By the Road

Family run travellers’ resort with spotlessly clean fan or a/c bungalows laid out on a grassy area by the central road, as you come south from the main bridge. A nice easy walk to the beach. Popular restaurant, motorbike hire, WiFi, solid choice with friendly owners.

bungalow cozy house koh kood

Cozy House

Per Night: B – BBB

On the River

Further along the river, long established backpacker guesthouse run by Noi and his daughter, a mixture of fan rooms or a/c bungalows, some on the mangroves, some in the garden. Just a few minutes walk from the beach. Restaurant, evening bbq’s, WiFi.

Inland near the Waterfall

Two kilometres further inland towards the waterfall, in the area known as Klong Khangkhao, you will find more budget accommodation.

Just before the bridge and at the start of the Nature Trail to Khao Ruerab (Battleship Mountain), Mata Guesthouse has a 2 bungalows (3 rooms) from 500bt a night, while further on The Memory offers 5 new rooms from 800bt upwards.

PD Guesthouse, starting at 350bt up to 1,000bt, continues to expand with nigh on 40 rooms in varying styles now available.

Even further into the forest, past Jungle Koh Kood, the appropriately named Forestel has double and quadruple rooms from 1,000bt in its traditional stilted wooden house.

On the actual road to the waterfall, Baan Panseng and Baan Sangjun are two more options, both very small family affairs, with prices once more in the region of 1,000bt a night. You may also be able to sort out a long term rental, rates from 6,000bt a month.

Of course, it’s more of a hike from this area to the sea and the restaurants or bars near the central bridge, but it is also nicely self contained, with the popular hang-out Bartist and a couple of small restaurants like Aroi also on hand.

Recommended – Inland Near the Waterfall

Pricing Code/Per night in Baht (B):
B= under 500; BB= 500 to 1,500; BBB= 1,500 to 3,000; BBBB= over 3,000;

bungalow mangrove resort koh kood

PD Guesthouse

Per Night: B – BB


Inland at the turn for the waterfall, a combination of around 40 fan and a/c rooms in wooden or brushed concrete styles, lining each of the four sides of the garden, with walkways running one to the next. Communal area for self catering. Good long stay option, 15-20 minutes to the beach on foot. WiFi.

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Other Bungalows and Guesthouses in Klong Chao Beach

front bungalow good view koh kood

Good View

Per Night: BB

High up on the hill at the southern end of the beach, fan bungalows or a couple of larger a/c choices, together with good restaurant which serves all day – stunning views. Walk down to the beach by the steps.

front bungalow mark house koh kood

Mark House Bungalows

Per Night: BB – BBB

Next door to Klong Chao’s central bridge, Thai style resort of a/c and fan bungalows, 2 storey houses and motel rooms Popular restaurant, small shop, swimming pool. Boat trips, pier used for docking by the inter-island speedboats.

front river doy guesthouse koh kood

Doy Guesthouse

Per Night: B

On the river by the central bridge, 3 fan rooms with bathroom in a Thai fisherman’s house. Food now available. WiFi. A few minutes walk to the beach. Home to Ao Thai Boat trips.

front bungalow ra beang mai koh kood

Ra Beang Mai

Per Night: BB

Behind Klong Chao Garden View, just 2 a/c stylish bungalows on offer in the garden behind the well reviewed restaurant. WiFi, friendly, realxed spot, a few minutes walk to the beach.

front bungalow klong jao homestay koh kood

Klong Jao Homestay

Per Night: BB – BBB

Friendly family affair on the river, with a/c and fan wooden style bungalows in the garden and larger 3/4 bed rooms on the river. Wonderful teak-floored restaurant, food not too bad either. A few minutes walk to the beach, popular with Thai groups.

front bungalow ta yai koh kood

Ta Yai Homestay

Per Night: B – BB

Once the home of Cozy House, another operation located on the river – 5 a/c bungalows in a garden row or and fan rooms with shared bathroom in the large converted house. Restaurant attached. WiFi.

front bungalow mata guesthouse koh kood

Mata Guesthouse

Per Night: B – BBB

Inland on the way to the waterfall, three sets of rooms under the trees at the start of the nature trail leading to Khao Ruearab or Battleship Mountain. Fan and bathroom, good long stay option, very peaceful. It’s a 15 minute walk to the beach.

front bungalow the memory koh kood

The Memory

Per Night: B – BB

Inland at the waterfall crossroads just before PD Guesthouse, 5 ensuite bungalows under the trees, spacious, clean and modern. Restaurant. Possible long stay option, WiFi.

front bungalow bann sangchan koh kood

Baan Sangchan

Per Night: BB

Inland on the final stretch to the waterfall, small family resort with nice selection of a/c ensuite bungalows with restaurant opposite. Very peaceful at night, could be a good long stay option, WiFi.

front rooms forestel koh kood


Per Night: BB

Hidden away deep in the forest, interesting spot offering double rooms (shared bathroom or ensuite) or multi-bed rooms in a large wooden house. Breakfast, WiFi. Very isolated.

Ao Noi – Klong Chao Resorts

Ao Noi is the first spot you reach as you emerge up the hill from Away Resort and Klong Chao Beach. A pretty cove with wooden piers and salas, it has just one place to stay, the many different bungalows of Ao Noi Resort. Rates range from 2,200bt to 3,500bt.

bungalwos ao noi resort koh kood

Ao Noi Resort

Per Night: BB – BBBB

By the Ocean

Just up the hill north of Klong Chao Beach, spread out right along the bay with seaview villas, a/c or fan bungalows and a restaurant, wooden piers and salas. Popular with Thai packages. Very pretty location. WiFi.

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