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Koh Chang is Thailand’s third largest island, with a size of 212 square kilometres, 30 kilometres long by 14 kilometres wide and a population touching 10,000. 

It’s located about 320km out from Bangkok near to the border with Cambodia – the far east of the Gulf Of Thailand. The island and surrounding area is designated as the Mu Koh Chang Marine National Park.

After laying low for many years,  Its steady development over the last decade is not on the same scale as the 2 larger Thai Islands of Koh Samui or Phuket. Instead, Koh Chang attracts the more independent minded global tourist who is looking for something a bit different.

Alongside the international visitors, the island is also hugely popular with Thais themselves, who come from all over the country in their holiday time to enjoy its rugged beauty and wonderful beaches.

At A Glance

  • Koh Chang’s accommodation covers the board – luxury and boutique resorts, hotels in all sizes, family villas, pool villas, 3 star resorts, bungalows, cheap rooms and hostels. Whatever your budget, you’ll find something that suits.
  • You access the island via two car ferries. Private transfers are the ideal way of getting to the departure piers but you can fly, jump on a share minibus, cheap bus or island hop too.
  • The best beaches are on the west coast – White Sand Beach the most developed, Klong Prao with its large resorts, Lonely Beach with its travellers and parties. Kai Bae a bit of everything. Plenty of other great spots too and don’t forget the more local east coast.
  • Koh Chang offers a broad range of activities including diving, snorkeling, visiting the waterfalls, cooking classes, sailing and trekking, massage, yoga and volunteering.
  • As for restaurants, you can eat around the globe – some great Thai diners and seafood of course but also  Mexican, Mediterranean, Italian, Indian, Korean and vegetarian. Great cafes and bakeries also.
  • For the night owls, Koh Chang does have a vibrant nightlife scene – parties, bars, live music and even a couple of small clubs.
  • Offshore, you can visit various islands on day trips or even in a kayak.
  • As to those important holiday FAQs, Koh Chang is a very well developed island, with a public and a small private hospital, police stations, banks, 4G/5G internet, great mobile coverage, 7-11s and superstores.

UPDATED September 2022 for 22/23 Season

How to Get to Koh Chang

Head here for all the different ways of getting to Koh Chang whether by land, by air or by sea – the complete lowdown on private transfers, hotel to hotel share minibuses, VIP and public buses, flights to Trat Airport, ferries and island hopping.

Private Transfers

Want to travel to Koh Chang in comfort with the minimum of fuss?  Then, a private transfer is the only way to go.

With us, you can book either an SUV style car for couples and small families or a private minibus for larger groups. The service is door to door, ferry tickets are included, collection times are up to you, child seats are available . 

Private transfers are available in either direction from Bangkok hotels, Suvarnabhumi Airport, Don Mueang Airport, Trat Airport, Ban Phe , Pattaya, Laem Ngop Pier (Koh Mak) and Laem Sok Pier (Koh Kood).

Prices start at 3,950bt for an Innova or Fortuner from Bangkok’s main BKK Airport to your resort on Koh Chang.

All transfers are, of course, available in both directions.


We also lay on International transfers from the Cambodian cities like Siem Reap, Sihanoukville and Phnom Penh. Or we meet you as you cross into Thailand at the borders – Had Lek, Aranya Prathet and Ban Pakkad.

Book Your Transfer Now!

Flying to Trat Airport

Bangkok Airways flies once daily, PG305, at lunchtime departing at 11.40 from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) and landing at 12.40 at Trat Airport (TDX) on the mainland. The corresponding return, PG306, is at 13.10 from Trat.

From 30/10/22, the airline will add an additional flight at 16.55, PG307, also an hour duration. Its return, PG308, leaves Trat at 18.30.

Between Trat Airport and your resort on the island, we can provide a private transfer at 1,800bt for an SUV car for 2 adults or 2 adults with 2 small children or 2,300bt for a minibus for 4 adults, both with ferry tickets. Alternatively,  shared minibuses are 700bt 650bt per person with ferry ticket, 1,300bt 1,200bt round trip.

Trat Airport/Koh Chang – Book the Transfer here


The island is served by two car ferries, with the crossing taking 25/35 to 60 minutes :-

  • The faster one, Ferry Koh Chang (Ao Thammachat on the mainland to Ao Sapparot on the island) runs every hour from 06.45 to 18.30.
  • The older Centerpoint Ferry starts at 07.00 from the mainland with the last ferry over at 18.00. Coming from the island, it’s 06.30 start and ending at 18.15. They leave every three hours during the day.

Prices are 80bt for a single adult ticket on both services, 120bt for a car.

If flying into Trat Airport, the airline and Ferry Koh Chang co-ordinate so the last flight (from 30/10/22), PG307 landing at 17.55 will always makes the ferry connection – even if the flight is delayed. 

Share Minibus, Bus

Hotel to hotel share minibuses shuttle to and from the island daily, with prices from 950bt per person including a fast ferry ticket. (As of September 22, only available from Koh Chang to Bangkok).

If you are staying in the Khao San Road area, you can jump on the 05.00 daily bus service, 900bt per person with Centerpoint ferry ticket and resort delivery by share taxi. The bus return is in the afternoon or there is morning share minibus with fast ferry ticket, same price.

There are also direct links from Suvarnabhumi Airport at 06.00, 650bt with ferry ticket and resort delivery up to Kai Bae Beach. Return at 10.00 either by bus or by share minibus, fast ferry ticket, 750bt.

Public buses and minibuses depart regularly from the Bangkok Bus Stations at Ekamai and Morchit, either to the piers or Trat.

You can book the hotel hoppa, Khao San bus or minibus and Koh Chang to BKK share minibus services here.

Island Hopping

The wooden boat, the only service that has been in operation since 2021, stops for rainy season, May to October.  See here for options during this period. No word yet on whether the speedboats or catamaran will restart in 22/23 season.

You can island hop between Koh Chang, Koh Wai, Koh Mak and Koh Kood using either a speedboat, catamaran or a slower wooden boat. Between them, that’s 5 times daily in each direction.

Prices go from 300bt to 900bt per adult depending on which service, which island to which island.

We can organise the bookings for you so do get in contact wth your requirements.

Where to Stay in Koh Chang

Numbering in the hundreds, Koh Chang hotels, resorts, villas and bungalows are located all around the island.

Luxury and 3/4 Star

At the top end, the premier resorts on the island are Awa, The Chill, Gajapuri, located in a row by the sea in Kai Bae and KC Grande on White Sand Beach. You can also add Santhiya Tree, Dewa and the hotel, Emerald Cove (all Klong Prao) to that list. Prices start around 4,000bt but go much higher for the pool villas, 15,000bt upwards.

3/4 star resorts include Kacha (White Sand Beach), Koh Chang Paradise (Chai Chet), Aana, Barali (Klong Prao), Parama (Jek Bae) and Sylvan, formerly Seaview (Kai Bae Beach).

Mid Range

Across the beaches, you’re also spoilt for choice in the mid range category – look out for Chang Buri  and Grand View ( White Sand Beach), Paradise Hill, Flora I Talay (Chai Chet), The Splash (Klong Prao), Kai Bae Beach Resort, KB Resort (Kai Bae), Mercure Hideaway, Bailan Beach Resort (Bailan) and Bhuvarin (Bang Bao) – estimate 2,000bt to 4,500bt per night, family and pool villas obviously more.


No need to worry either on finding decent boutique resorts –  try Chivapuri (Bang Bao Beach), Vayna Boutique (Klong Prao), Nest Sense (Lonely Beach), Amber Sands (east coast), Spa Koh Chang (Salak Khok) and Little Sunshine (Klong Son) for starters, 3,000bt and up.


For families and groups, villas sleeping from 4 to 8 persons are available in select developments –  Blue Haven Bay (Klong Son), Pearl Beach and over on the east coast at Serenity and Baan Talay Thai.

Bungalows and Budget

The cheapest fan rooms (shared bathroom) are as low as 250bt but for something a bit more salubrious – hot water and a/c – assume in the region of 500bt to 2,500bt. Here’s a few from around all the beaches (north to south):- Independent Bo, Sai Khao Inn (White Sand Beach), Pajamas, (Chai Chet), Tiger Huts, Ban Rim Nam, Papaya Cottage (all Klong Prao), Porn’s Bungalows, Paradise Bungalows, Sea Breeze (all Kai Bae), Oasis, Nature Beach, Warapura, Sea Flower (all Lonely Beach), Lazy RepubliqueHarley Moon Hideaway (Bailan), Cliff Cottages (Bang Bao), Indie Beach and Bang Bao Beach Resort (Hat Sai Noi, Bang Bao Beach).

In the main page of our resorts section, we provide recommendations in all the different budget categories – from luxury to traveller. In addition to that, we bring you our detailed snippet accommodation guides for each area.

You can then explore further by going to that individual area page for the full run-down. Choices made, all that remains is for you to head over to our affiliates at Agoda and Booking.com

You can also use the main guide in conjunction with our accommodation section in the Features area of the site. There we provide detailed recommendations on individual resorts as well as lists and Top Tens –10 Ten Luxury Resorts, Best Hotels, Top 10 Boutique, Budget Picks and Best Hostels and Dorms.


We take you round all the Koh Chang beaches including White Sand Beach, Lonely Beach, Klong Prao Beach and Kai Bae Beach. West coast and east coast, it’s all here.

Our At A Glance snippets for each beach give you information on what to expect in that area, with tips for places to stay, restaurants and bars.

We then take you on a detailed guided tour in the At An Island Pace section, highlighting where hotels, restaurants and bars sit in relation to one another.

There’s a map too so you can see whereabouts on the island each beach sits and a few pictures to give you a taster.

Things to Do in Koh Chang

You won’t be short of things to do on the island, with a wealth of activities on land and at sea to keep you busy.

Whether it’s snorkeling, sailing or diving, cooking classes, jungle treks or elephant camps, waterfalls, ATV, Muay Thai, massage, yoga, gym, shopping or volunteering, our in-depth guides give you all the information required.

We take you through what’s on offer, the companies, the prices and the daily schedules and of course, we can organise any of these activities for you too.


Koh Chang has a vibrant diving community, with  a handful of professional companies heading out to sea daily.

The calm waters and usually excellent visibility make it a perfect place to learn to dive. For those that have never tried, you can start with the taster day known as DSD (Discover Scuba Diving).  If you want to get fully qualified, then the Open Water Course over 2 to 3 days is the one you need.

For PADI qualified, there’s some terrific dive sites offshore at the Marine Park of Koh Rang and at the HTMS Chang wreck to the south of the island.

Prices start from 3,000bt for 2 fun dives, DSD at 4,500bt and Open Water at 14,500bt. All other courses are also available.

Koh Chang Boat Trips

Snorkeling is a must-do activity when on holiday in Koh Chang.  

With either a converted wooden fishing boat or a speedboat, you can choose between the reefs at the Marine Park of Koh Rang (4/5 island) or a shorter day with a trip combining Koh Wai, Koh Klum and Koh Laoya (3 island) and possibly Koh Ngam.

Prices per person range from 600bt (the bigger tour boats) to 700bt/750bt down to Koh Rang or 600bt for the 3 island tour.  The speedboat is 800bt to 900bt. Yet to confirm if starting again for 2022/23 season, the luxury cruise, which includes Koh Mak, is 1,490bt .  Also yet to commit for next season, you can cruise down the west coast of Koh Chang in the catamaran for  1,750bt.

We specialise in bespoke days on private boats of all sizes – large wooden boats for wedding parties or celebrations, small speedboats for couples or families. Whatever your requirement, we can find a boat and itinerary to suit.


Trekking in the Koh Chang forest is a popular break from the beach, with daily excursions into the interior of the island.

The treks are run by four separate guides, who offer a combination of easy half days, good for kids and seniors or the tougher but rewarding  full days.

For the fittest, you can climb the two highest mountain peaks at Salak Phet (Khao Laem) and White Sand Beach (Khao Jom Prasat). There’s also treks in Klong Prao to the secret waterfall, up to the top of Klong Plu Waterfall and in the Klong Son Valley. A couple of the guides also run trek/tours to the south east of the island, with visits to the mangrove walkways and local fishing community. Prices range from 700bt to 2,000bt.

Birdwatchers too can head out early morning with the island’s expert – it’s a couple of hours in the Klong Prao area, 800bt per person.

Thai Cooking School

Learn to cook Thai food at one of the island’s cooking schools, with detailed instruction on ingredients,  preparation, techniques and some history. 

You learn everything from how to make the curry pastes (pestle and mortar at the ready) to cooking the actual curries (Green, Red, Massaman, Sour). There’s time too to knock up some noodle dishes such as Pad Thai and even a dessert, with sticky rice and mango the most popular. You eat what you cook!

The 2 schools – Napalai and Kati – are both based in the Klong Prao area, running either all day classes or short sessions, morning, afternoon and evening. Prices range from 1,000bt to 1,800bt per person, with transfers included. Classes are 8 to 10 persons maximum.

Elephant Camps

Koh Chang is home to 5 camps, where you can get up close to the elephants and enjoy a forest trek.

The hour session is the trek only where you sit in pairs on a specially made seat strapped to the elephant’s back.

The longer two hour session includes the trek followed by the chance to swim with the animals and give them a thorough scrubbing –  a unique experience.

Prices are 500bt for the hour, 900bt for the two hours, with kids at half price. Transfers between the camp and your resort are included. 

Koh Chang Weather

For the full guide to the climate and seasons on Koh Chang Islands, please head here.


Having put in all the hard eating for you, our restaurant guide kicks off with our recommendations for where to find the best Thai food –  seafood, fine dining, Issan, noodles, cheap eats, vegetarian.

We add in all our western restaurant choices including Italian, fusion, burgers and steaks, Mediterranean, breakfasts, bakeries and coffee houses.

We then take you round the island, beach by beach – in brief or in detail. 

Tuck in!

Top Tips

  • (White Sand Beach) Sea and Sun, 15 Palms, Alaturka
  • (Pearl Beach) Le Jao Jom, Saffron on the Sea, Everflow
  • (Chai Chet) Marco Italian, Signature, U-Turn
  • (Klong Prao Beach) Jae Eew Seafood, Jae Mam Seafood, Iyara Seafood, Baan Ta Klua @ Aana Resort, Chef Studio, Kati Culinary, Toscana, El Greco
  • (Kai Bae Beach) Tofu Kitchen, Indie Raw, Khao Kwan, Wine Gallery, Fig Cafe, El Barrio
  • (Lonely Beach) Nature Beach, Por Par, Knife and Fork @ Magic Garden, Roxy Bar @ Warapura
  • (Bailan Beach) Kohchang 7, Lisca Beach
  • (Bang Bao, Bang Bao Beach) Chow Lay, Ido Ido
  • (Klong Son) Blues Blues
  • (East Coast) Salak Khok Seafood, Salak Phet Seafood


Koh Chang Nightlife has been hit hard by the pandemic. It is slowly coming back to life and hopefully by 22/23 season, will be back in full swing.

Looking to dance till dawn? Hoping to meet the partner of your dreams? Want to watch a sunset sipping a Mai Tai? Kick back and and hear some old classics? Watch the game with a cold one?

Well, worry not as Koh Chang nightlife has it all and our unique guide does the legwork for you, so you can plan your evening out on the island.

Whether it be a wine, lounge, beach or cocktail bar, sport pubs or Thai beer bars, live music or party venues, we’ve got it all covered.

As well as our general summary and snippets on all the areas, we also take you in depth to three main nightlife areas – Lonely Beach, White Sand Beach and Kai Bae. So get your party hat on, strap on those dancing shoes and head on in!

Top Tips

  • (White Sand Beach) 15 Palms, Himmel, Mac Bar, Some Mao, Tapas Bar, White Elephant
  • (Chai Chet) Malibu, Beer Bars, Flora i Talay
  • (Klong Prao) Sapparot
  • (Kai Bae) Wine Gallery, Morgan, Cabana, Jellyfish
  • (Lonely Beach) Lonely Beach Bar, Nature, Himmel, Ting Tong, Margaritaville
  • (Bang Bao) Rasta View, Cliff Cottage
  • (Hat Sai Noi & Bang Bao) Djembe

Islands near Koh Chang

In this section, we explore in detail the smaller islands near Koh Chang.

Koh Rang sits about an hour out from Bang Bao. As the center of the Marine Park, it’s home to the best snorkeling in the area.

Koh Ngam lies off the south east corner of the island near Long Beach. Just a bit further out to sea, you’ll find Koh Laoya, which has a solitary resort.

Koh Klum, a regular feature in the 3 island boat trips, now has accommodation and of course, we cover all those islands you see from the west coast beaches too.

FAQs and Information

As you plan your holiday in Koh Chang, practical considerations come into play.

  • Can I change money?
  • Will my mobile work easily?
  • What hospitals are at hand should something happen?
  • If I lose my passport, how do I find the Police?

We go through all this essential information and hopefully put your mind at ease. We have also added a dedicated page just for emergency contact telephone numbers.