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Ao Jak Resorts and Bungalows

Down on the south west coast, the wonderful beach at Ao Jak is home to just a couple of places to stay.

Neverland Resort once again picks up the J.M.Barrie connection so beloved of Koh Kood, though this time it’s a much more samller, standard bungalow resort unlike the luxury over at Tinkerbell, Wendy the Pool and Peter Pan on Klong Chao Beach and Captain Hook up in Klong Yai Kee.

Neverland has downsized since the pandemic, abandoning the old restaurant/reception building and all its the bungalows by the river. Those it has kept, about 10 in total come in a range of different styles, with price from 1,200bt a night.

At the northern end, Rim Talay provides either brushed concrete bungalows in one row on the beach with prices from 2,300bt upwards or rooms in the row behind, a little cheaper.

Koh Kood Homestay, sometimes also known as Koh Kood Club, a large colourfully painted fisherman house on the river, is normally sold as part of a package for Thai groups but should you want to try it, prices range from 1,200bt upwards.

Along the long back road which leads to the beach, Walk In Homestay continues to expand and improve. It comprises fan and a/c bungalows rooms, 1,100bt to 1, 900bt a night. Shortly before, another homestay, Pink House, offers three rooms in the garden behind the main building, similar prices. Kood Exotic, the cannabis outlet nearby, also has bungalow for rent, long term preferred.

Finally, up on the main road near the turning down to the beach, Ban Choeng Kao, a small roadside restaurant, also offers a couple of smart bungalows, prices around 1,500bt a night.

Pricing Code/Per night in Baht (B):
B= under 500; BB= 500 to 1,500; BBB= 1,500 to 3,000; BBBB= over 3,000;

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bungalow neverland ao jak resorts koh kood

Neverland Resort

Per Night: BBB

By the Ocean

No reduced in size, around 10 bungalows running from the back down to the sea. Fan or a/c, all ensuite, with either gardenviews. Restaurant in excellent vantage spot on the beach for all food, coffee and drinks. A very scenic and relaxed spot. WiFi.

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bungalow rim talay ao jak resorts koh kood

Rim Talay

Per Night: BBB

By the Ocean

At the northern end of the beach, family resort with accommodation available either in garden view a/c rooms (twin) or in a/c brushed concrete bungalows on the sand. Cafe, WiFi.

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bungalow walk in homestay ao jak resorts koh kood

Walk In Homestay

Per Night: BB – BBB


On the back road to the beach, selection of large wooden style well-equipped ensuite bungalows (fan or a/c doubles, family), all with terraces. Set in a well kept garden area rolling down to the creek, it’s no more than 7 minutes walk from the beach. Breakfast, WiFi, Minimart and Laundry. Connected with Rim Talay.

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Other Ao Jak Resorts and Bungalows

rooms ban choeng kao ao jak resorts koh kood

Ban Choeng Kao

Per Night: BBB

Just a couple of brushed concrete a/c, ensuite rooms, set back from the road near the turning to Ao Jak. Great little restaurant on site, friendly hosts. Best with own transport so you can head to the nearby beaches.

homestay ao jak resorts koh kood

Koh Kood Homestay (Koh Kood Club)

Per Night: BBB – BBBB (packages)

Charming homestay in traditonal wooden Thai house on stilts in the creek. Fan and a/c options, doubles, triples, normally booked as tour packages. Connected with Rim Talay.

UPDATED June 23 for 23/24 Season

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