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Bailan Beach Restaurants

Bailan Beach restaurants are cosy, friendly affairs as you expect of this local area where development has been steady rather than spectacular.

As well as standard Thai, you can also find some seafood spots, Italian and Korean food and a couple of cafes.

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Thai Food

J & K and Tamarin are the attraction in the center of the village, with both drawing a good crowd each evening for their well priced Thai cooking.

Elsewhere, there are a few cheap and cheerful Thai places dotted along the main street – Coconut (Thum and Di’s) next door to St Tropez at the northern end, Lek’s Kitchen, more central.

If you fancy Issan food (somtam, grilled meat, sticy rice), then the diner diagonally opposite the White House turning hits the spot.

For noodle soup, look no further than Pah Jae, the large house by the crossroads in the centre and by the bridge, the small restaurant with attached minimart knocks up a great cashew nut chicken (complete with long dried red chillies).

Lastly, on the beach at the northern end, check out the understated and ultra laid back resort, The Mangrove . The restaurant, an all wood affair with a simply wonderful high thatched roof, offers a short menu of mainly Thai options, all well cooked and presented – it’s always highly praised by those that venture down there.


For seafood, head down the street by Harley Moon Hideaway to either Sea Terrace, the large restaurant over the water at the bottom or to the ramshackle building at the very end, No Name Seafood by Koh Chang 7 Guesthouse. Preecha Seafood, behind the police box at the northern end, gives you one more option.

As you would expect, prices are a little higher than the other Bailan Beach restaurants.

Other Cuisines – Bailan Beach Restaurants

Down on the beach, next door to Mercure Hideaway, the Italian owned Lisca Beach is a charming cafe, offering a nice mix of authentic Italian and Thai dishes – a terrific spot to wile away the hours.

Offering both Thai and western choices, the chef at Vanara Resort’s in-house diner has an excellent reputation built up over many years at different establishments, so well worth giving his food a try. It’s at the northern end of the village.

In a great setting down by the sea, this time in the middle of town, you can get real Korean food at Kohchang 7. The long menu with its vast array of choices also carries details on each dish – very useful for those not familiar with this delicious cuisine.

At the southern end, The Happy Turtle changed hands in early 2020 but has yet to re-open. When it does, it will apparently offer a bakery alongside the usual Thai and western staples.

Coffee – Bailan Beach Restaurants

Finally, for coffee, Bailan Cafe in the centre of the village offers a good range of the usual choices, though its opening hours can be erratic. When it re-opens, The Happy Turtle opposite gives you another option.

Pricing Code/Per person in Baht (B) excluding drinks: B = under 100; BB = under 500; BBB = over 500.

front tamarin bailan beach restaurants koh chang


Per Person: B – BB

In the center of the village, with tables on the terrace behind the tamarind tree. Good, tasty Thai cooking, with a Khmer influence from this very popular diner, run by a French and Cambodian couple. Well priced, breakfast too.

exterior kohchang7 bailan beach restaurants koh chang

Kohchang 7

Per Person: B – BBB

Korean restaurant by the sea at the traveller resort. Full and authentic menu (the owner is Korean) including Bi Bim Bap (pork and mixed veg rice with egg), Dak Bok Keum Tang (chicken and potato stew), kimchi, stir fried rice cake. Other Thai and western choices too. Nice spot with great views back to Lonely Beach.

beach exterior lisca beach bailan beach restaurants koh chang

Lisca Beach

Per Person: B – BBB

Italian owners so expect authentic pizza, pasta, paella and more than decent Thai food at this relaxed beachside diner. Cocktails, chilled beers and great tunes as well as glamping tents, massage and friendly hosts. Recommended.

UPDATED NOVEMBER 22 for 22/23 Season

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