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Kai Bae Beach Nightlife

Kai Bae Beach nightlife is by no means the hub of Koh Chang, but it still has some great bars and venues for you to sup a cocktail, listen to some decent tunes or strut your fancy stuff.

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Northern and Central Kai Bae Nightlife

As you come into Kai Bae, Indie Social is the lastest offshoot from Indie Beach Bungalows in Bang Bao (Hat Sai Noi). It’s a bar come cafe serving up bistro food and sushi – Indie Raw is next door – alongside live music (acoustic mainly) on selected nights of the week.

Heading further into the village, the live music bar Caan is a new addition in 2023 on the old Ploy site and Jellyfish has a loyal following amongst the locals for cocktails, coffee and interestingly, a side-line as a tattoo studio. Green Bar is in the same stretch too as another alternative.

Nearby, Wine Gallery, is far and away the best of its type on the island, offering a vast array of decent bottles (wine and beer) from around the world, complimented by its excellent Mediterranean tapas menu.

Back on the main drag opposite the Awa, The Chill and Gajapauri, Red Monkey and M & M Guesthouse are both similar in style to the Walking Street bars. Incidentally, The Chill has a very keenly priced happy hour.

Southern End

By the bridge, make a beeline to Morgan for all your football and sports needs – a decent screen, very friendly English host, full bar and western and Thai menu.

Meanwhile, just a metres further along the main street, the always busy Fin offers happy hours, themed nights or parties, live music and bistro style food.

Also at this end, the open air Bangkok style Squid Story, on the corner of the little inland road, has beer on tap. Finally, Sea Breeze, the bungalow resort, has a nightly live band in its street side bar.

Walking Street

At the northern end shortly after Indie Social (see above), there are a cluster of bars on Walking Street, including Sky Bar, @Marks, Yak Yak and Maipai. All are sociable places for drinking into the wee small hours, with food available too and some live music. You may also find a few girls looking for company but it is nothing on the scale of White Sand Beach. Yak Yak specialises in late night vinyl DJ sessions, so keep an eye out for their flyers.

At the far end of Walking Street, Lighthouse is a Thai nightclub, with Thai live music, DJs and yes, ladies. The long running Finnish bar Hell Sinki and its neigbour Bonjour are a hundred metres further on.

Beach Bars – Kai Bae Beach Nightlife

Kai Bae beach has a couple of beach bars at the northern end – Seaweed at the front of White Knot and Sun View, the in-house bar/diner at Patoo. To get to them, turn in on the right just before Gajapuri and follow the lane to the end.

Similar in style, they make for a good afternoon hang out on this great stretch of sand. Sun View also has a seafood restaurant and puts on fireshows. You can walk from one bar to the other in matter of steps.

At the very end by the sea within Coral Resort itself, you”ll find the ultra hip Cabana. You can use the swimming pool, there’s loungers, salas, great for sunsets, frequent DJs on hand to provide the Ibiza style soundtrack and of course a full bar and menu. You can also access it by either the little lane by Awa or by going past the food court behind Morgan (see below).

Porn’s, at the other end of the village and accessed by the same mountain road as Seaview, is still one of the island’s best sundowner locations. Watching how light changes on the offshore islands as the sun dips below the horizon, still remains one of those special holiday moments.

North to South

exterior jellyfish kai bae beach nightlife koh chang


Main Street

Small lounge bar on the main street serving up cocktails, spirits and cold beers, Seating at the bar or on old sofas, coffee and cakes often available in the afternoon and a recommended tattoo studio at the rear.

exterior wine gallery kai bae beach nightlife koh chang

Main Street

Wine, expertly transported and kept, as well as spirits, sold from this outlet. Great selection of bottles from around the world, with bar and excellent Mediterranean tapas cafe attached so you can buy a vintage, sit back and savour. Also have a shop on Lonely Beach.

sala by sea cabana ocean bistro kai bae beach nightlife koh chang


Main Street

By the sea at the back of Coral Resort, chic bar bistro offering cocktails, cold beers, wine and smoothies to the hipster crowd (Lonely Beach Bar, Margaritaville). Seating inside, round the pool or by the sea. Food available too, nice music. Great for sundowns or afternoon hang-outs

exterior evening morgans kai bae beach nightlife koh chang


By the Sea

2 storey English owned bar and restaurant (Western and Thai) specialising in live sports – all the Premier League football, Champions League till late, F1 and more. Pool Table, friendly and busy, locals and tourists .

bar exterior filou kai bae beach nightlife koh chang


Main Street

Chic cocktail bar come restaurant with Flaming Lamborginis its tour de force. Pub style menu of western and Thai food, Belgium specialities and snacks available. Look out for nightly drink deals, theme nights and live music most nights. A relaxed, well run spot.

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