Koh Chang Volunteering – Kids, Animals and Trash

UPDATED for 2019-20 Season

koh chang volunteering

Volunteering in Koh Chang is possible in education, animal welfare and the environment, with each of the charitable organisations listed here more than happy to take on volunteers for a day, a week or longer.

Cambodian Kids Care, based in Klong Prao, welcomes allcomers to its kids’ school and day centre in the migrant workers’ camp. You don’t need to be a qualified teacher to get involved, just lots of enthusiasm and a sense of fun.

Koh Chang Animal Project has been established for 17 years and carries out unstinting service helping the local animals, with dogs and cats the main focus but all beasts taken in if they need help.

Happy Dogs Koh Chang too has been extremely active a few years, concentrating on the day to day care and management of the island’s stray and abandoned dogs – see their facebook page for updates.

The global operation Trash Hero has successfully established itself on Koh Chang, with over 20 clean-up days on beaches, roadside and out on the archipelago now completed by willing groups of locals, expats and tourists. See their facebook page for details of up and coming events. The Koh Chang dive companies also carry out extensive underwater annual clear-ups.

The Organisations – Koh Chang Volunteering

Koh Chang Animal Project

Koh Chang Animal Project

Klong Son
Non-profit animal organisation run since 2002 by Lisa McAlonie which looks after stray and abandoned pets, mostly dogs and cats, but sometimes other animals too. The clinic, located on the way to the waterfall in Klong Son, has a small surgery and lab, with facilities for pre/post operation. Visiting veterinarians are always welcome, with long term stays particularly useful, as are day visits from tourists who would like to help.

Visit their web page at Koh Chang Animal Project to volunteer, donate or find out more about this very worthy cause.
Cambodian Kids Care

Cambodian Kids Care

Klong Prao - northern end, opposite Ramayana Resort
Cambodian Kids Care - Koh Chang (CKC) provide free education and a hot meal every school day to the most underprivileged children on the island. These children (mostly of imigrant Cambodian parents) are unable to attend regular Thai schools because of their parents work status. Without CKC, kids as young as 4 years old would spend all day alone in the jungle or at dangerous work places without an education.

Visit their Facebook page at Facebook - Cambodian Kids Care Center/ to volunteer, donate or find out more about this very worthy cause.

Happy Dogs Koh Chang

Happy Dogs Koh Chang

Klong Prao and Klong Son
Run by Martina Moeller, Happy Dogs Koh Chang is a non-profit organisation which looks after the island's numerous stray dogs. Day to day work includes feeding, responding to reported injuries, logistics of getting the dogs to surgery and rehabilitation as well as the ongoing project of spaying and neutering dogs across all areas of Koh Chang.

Happy Dogs needs volunteers for its daily operations as well as for adoption of the strays, both locally and overseas. For overseas adoptions, volunteers are needed as 'flying friends'.

Visit their web page at www.happydogskohchang.com to volunteer, donate or find out more about this very worthy cause.
Trash Hero Koh Chang

Trash Hero Koh Chang

Island wide and at sea
Collections, all carried out by hand by volunteers, are either weekly or every couple of weeks, usually from 09.00am on Wednesdays. All you need are gloves and energy.

T-shirts are 100bt each, sponsorships welcomed.

Visit the website at https://trashhero.org/ for more information on the main organisation.

Visit the website at Facebook - Trash Hero Koh Chang for more information on the Koh Chang organisation.

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