Koh Laoya (Lao Ya) – Islands near Koh Chang

UPDATED for 2019-20 Season

koh-laoya-beach-koh-chang-islands Koh Laoya or Koh Lao Ya as it is often seen written, sits off the southern end of Koh Chang and comprises three small islands, Koh Laoya Nai, Koh Laoya Klang and Koh Laoya Nok.

The Islands

The largest island, Koh Laoya Nai is about a 1 kilometre long and wide, with hillside jungle on its interior and an almost perfect long white sand beach, lapped by shallow clear blue waters, running the length of its eastern shore.

There are great views across to Long Beach on Koh Chang whilst, at its top end, Koh Klum, a large uninhabited island just out of Bang Bao, sits on the horizon.

Also at this far end, the main island is or was joined to the tiny Koh Laoya Klang by a wooden bridge, but this has fallen into disrepair, making the crossing, at present, not possible. The forested rock of Koh Laoya Nok lies just a bit further south of them both.

Koh Laoya Klang

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Koh Lao Ya with the broken bridge to its smaller sister island

The Resort and Tours

On the main island, the recently renovated Laoya Coco Island is the solitary resort and it does now takes bookings from allcomers, not just Thai packages.

Easily reached from both Salak Phet or Bang Bao, the island’s wonderful beach used to be one of the main ports of call on the 3 island boat trip. However, in the last year or so, that practice has now been knocked on its head by the resort, who introduced a private island tax to deter the hordes from coming ashore. The tour boats do still head this way but they must now make do with snorkeling off the smaller neighbours at the top end.

If you want to go on the island, you need to use a private boat trip and then pay a varying fee of either 400bt per boat or 100bt to 200bt per person. Do please contact us for bookings.

By hiring a launch out of Salak Phet bay at 1,500bt or so, you can also make your own tour to here and the other nearby islands such as Koh Ngam. The adventurous, of course, kayak and it is easy to rent one from a resort around the bay at either Salak Phet or Chek Bae for 300bt, or thereabouts, per half day. Koh Laoya, however, is a fair way out to sea, so we suggest only experienced kayakers should attempt it.

Getting There

If you have booked a room, the resort offers its own daily wooden boat at 08.30 from Laem Ngop, returning at 11.00. Alternatively, from the same pier, the 14.30 Seatales can call in on its way to Koh Wai and Koh Mak, 450bt. Its return is at 08.45, same price.

From Koh Chang, the Bang Bao Boats’ speedboat is your choice, times at 09.00 or 12.00 with the returns at 10.45 or 13.45, 450bt. You can also pick up connections from or to Koh Wai, Koh Mak and Koh Kood.

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