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Koh Chang beaches are, almost exclusively, spread out along the west coast, with two large mountains at either end.

The principal area is White Sand Beach, by far the most developed and touristy, though not on the scale of the main spots in Phuket or indeed Koh Samui.

Lonely Beach has become the main draw for the travellers and party crowd, whilst Klong Prao Beach, the longest stretch of sand, attracts a generally older crowd with its large upscale  resorts and quiet atmosphere. Kai Bae Beach is a little bit of everything – touristy, backpacker and family friendly, a great choice .

Beyond those, there are plenty of other spots to explore among the Koh Chang beaches from the quieter Bailan Beach, the fishing village at Bang Bao, its neighbour, Bang Bao Beach, and the up and coming spots of  Chai Chet and Pearl Beach.

Or head across the mountain to the more local Klong Son and then down the rural and undeveloped Koh Chang East Coast. The south east corner of the island completes the picture at Salak Phet or the remote and wild Long Beach.

About our Beaches Section

We have organised the Koh Chang beaches according to their popularity and when you visit their individual pages, we give at a glance breakdowns for those in a hurry and more leisurely island paced tours for those with time to spare.

Happy exploring!

White Sand Beach – Koh Chang Beaches

With its great stretch of sand, White Sand Beach is the most touristy of the Koh Chang beaches.


For accommodation, you have the full range on choices on offer. For luxury, look no further than KC Grande Resort, one of the best resorts on the island. Alongside that, there’s other great choices either on the beach (Kacha, Banpu) or seafront (Chang Buri, Grand View), with a selection of smaller hotels to such as The Erawan. Du Talay and Alina

In the cheaper price range, bungalows include  Sangtawan, Sang Arun, Sai Khao Inn, Para and White Sand Beach Resort. Hidden away at at the northern end, literally on the sand, you’ll also find a unique backpacker area (Independent Bo, Maylamean, Pen’s), which is complimented by another collection inland and even some long stay options up the hill in the south.

Restaurants and Nightlife

White Sand Beach restaurants cover everything from cheap Thai (Tamnak Chang) to Italian (Ciao, Piatto Ricco), Turkish (Alaturka) , Indian, steaks and breakfasts (15 Palms), beach BBQ’s (Grand Lagoon, Sea Bar, Sangtawan), coffee shops and a nightly street food market.

Nightlife revolves around a couple of nightclubs (Sabay Bar, Babylon), live music at Oodies,  a sports pub (White Elephant), a few beach bars (Mac Bar, 15 Palms, Tapas),and a zoned strip of beer bars at the southern end.


Finally, White Sand Beach is home to all you are likely to need while on you break – banks, exchanges and ATMs, massage, minimarts, pharmacies, larger gift stores (Findig), smaller shops for beachware and souvenirs, several 7-11s, the huge Makro Food Centre, Mini Big C, computer and phone shops, motorbike rentals and multiple tour agents.

Lonely Beach

Lonely Beach, most famous for its nightlife, stands proudly as the party and travellers’ area among the Koh Chang beaches.

It’s split between a small but excellent little beach, the slowly developing Lonely Beach (LB) Complex and the main village, with its Khao San Road vibe.


On the beach there are just a three resorts, Siam Beach, Bhumiyama Beach Resort and Nature.

Up in the actual village, meanwhile, you have a whole host of options from great affordable bungalows (Oasis, Magic Garden, Seaflower, Paradise Cottage) to guesthouses (Janrassammee, Cafe del Sunshine) and even a small boutique resort (Warapura). At the far southern end,  Nest Sense,  is the go-to resort for more upscale pool villas.


The LB Complex between the village and the beach is now home to a bit of a nascent restaurant scene with two diners on the seafront specialising in seafood – Por Par and Coco .

In the village, you can choose from a handful of cheap and cheerful restaurants scattered along the main street and down little lanes, Soi 1 and Soi 2, as well as in the bungalow resorts themselves. It’s standard traveller fare but Knife and Fork at Magic Garden and Roxy Bar at Warapura are ones to look out for.


As for nightlife, Soi 1 is the place to hit. Here, Himmel on one side and Ting Tong on the other, mix the drinks and play the tunes till late into the night. Other smaller bars like X Bar and Om are around and about, with  live music too at Stonefree. 

Back at that LB Complex, Titanic, a specially constructed boat, serves up cocktails by the sea, with Beautiful Bar and the reggae joint, Rude Boy, as company. There’s also a few beer bars here if that is your thing.

Down on the beach itself, head up the far end for Himmel on the Beach and the ramshackle, popular Lonely Beach Bar. Nature too always draws a crowd.


Lonely Beach also has a thiving tattoo scene, a bit of massage, a dive shop (currently closed) and of course, one of two minimarts and ticket agents.

Klong Prao Beach

Klong Prao Beach, the largest area of the Koh Chang beaches, has a lovely long 3km + stretch of white sand beach, split by two inland rivers or klongs as they are known.


It has the highest concentration of high end resorts and hotels on Koh Chang – The Dewa, Santhiya Tree, Emerald Cove, Centara Tropicana, The Splash, Vayna Boutique, Aana to name a few but with plenty of other smaller hotels (The Gallery), cheaper bungalows (Iyara Boty, Papaya Cottage, Leelawadee), a few villas, guesthouses (Ban Rim Nam, Watercolours), traveller accommodation and long stay choices too.

Restaurants and Nightlife

Among its many restaurants, Jae Eew Seafood, Kati Culinary, Baan Ta Klua (in Aana Resort), El Greco, Babylon Pilot, Toscana Pizzeria, Bam Issan, Chef Studio and Jae Mam Seafood are all recommended.

Klong Prao Beach is not known for its nightlife, so don’t expect beach parties and late nights. Sapparot and Moleys on the canal are nice spots for a sundowner or head to the handful of beer bars at the southern end.


Klong Plu Waterfall is well worth a visit and alongside that, there are plenty of other activities –  3 elephant camps, ATV and cooking schools.

Kai Bae Beach

Kai Bae Beach is split into two halves by its river, with the beach great at the northern and southern ends, but rockier on the central section.


Accommodation is across the board, with four high end resorts in Awa Resort, The Chill, Gajapuri Resort and Seaview. There’s also an excellent choice of 3 star resorts including KB Resort, Kai Bae Beach Resort, Mam Kai Bae as well as bungalows (Sea Breeze, Paradise, Porn’s), guesthouses (Montra, JOP) and even some traveller huts (Patoo).

Restaurants and Nightlife

The narrow main street in Kai Bae Beach is lined with different restaurants, offering everything from Italian to Mexican to bbq’s and cheap Thai – look out for El Barrio, Khao Kwan, Mordi e Fuggi, Baan Kaibae Seafood, Tofu Kitchen and Nai Hua Baoi Gaeng Tai. For coffee, you are spoilt for choice at Fig, The Mount and View Cafe.

It has a decent nightlife too with the bars of Walking Street at the northern end, Fin cocktail bar, Wine Gallery, the very relaxed Jellyfish, Cabana for sunset and Morgan for sports.


By following the road inland at Meechai Elephant Camp, you can even hunt down a charming one drop waterfall, hidden away deep in the forest.

Kai Bae Speedboats, the island hoppers, also have their base here.

Chai Chet – Koh Chang Beaches

Chai Chet Beach covers a large area between Pearl Beach and Klong Prao Beach.

Its less attractive northern end combines beer bars with a couple of 2 star resorts, a minibus parking lot and hardware store, whilst the central area is home to two shopping plaza areas – VJ and Coconut. Head down to the sea from them though and you reach a stunning beach – blue calm waters and white sands.   


Accommodation is mainly in large resorts by the sea, Koh Chang Paradise Resort, Chai Chet Resort and Flora i Talay but there is an excellent hostel too at Pajamas. The hotel, Paradise Hill shares a water park with its sister resort across the street. At the northern end, too, you can find rooms and bungalows at Kerdmanee and Thai Garden Hill.

Restaurants, Nightlife

For restaurants, U-Turn and Gloy offer Thai food at great prices, roadside, at the start of the area, but Marco’s (Italian) and Signature (seafood), both at the southern end, are the stand-outs.

If the beer bars are not your thing, then head to Malibu in Coconut Plaza or try the in-house bar on the beach  at Flora. If beer bars are you thing, then there are about 20 to choose from, once again at the northern end.


You’ll also find a bank, ATMs, a 7-11, Tesco Lotus, Thai Immigration (no  good for extensions though) and the Animal clinic. 

Bang Bao – Koh Chang Beaches

At the far end of the west coast, Bang Bao started life as a simple fishing village but it has transformed itself into the main focus for diving and boat trips from Koh Chang out to the Marine Park at Koh Rang.

Though there is no beach here, you can easily walk to Hat Sai Noi and Bang Bao Beach, just 2 kms up the road.


Accommodation is available in boutique resorts like Bhuvarin and Resolution Resort which lie on the northern side of the bay. Look out too for cheaper rooms and glamping tents in the same area at Cliff Cottages, as well as guesthouses and homestays on and near the pier. Aquarius, the ongoing development at the start of the whole area, will bring in a hotel, deluxe villas and a mall. Tranquillity Bay provides the condos on the southern coast.

Restaurants and Nightlife

Bang Bao is famous for its seafood restaurants but there are other cheap diners too as well as a couple of  coffee shops. 

Nightlife, by the way, is non-existent with the exception of Rasta View and its gorgeous views out over the bay.


It’s also one of the best areas on the island for shopping, whether it be clothes, last minute gifts or souvenirs. The pier is lined with similar outlets,  Peace and Moon the best of the bunch.

You can also pick up island hopping services onto Koh Kood, Koh Mak, Koh Wai.

Bang Bao Beach

Located at the very end of the south west coast about 2kms past Bang Bao, Bang Bao Beach (Klong Kloi), comprises two areas – a tiny little strand, known as Hat Sai Noi and then the main beach itself.

Hat Sai Noi

Hat Sai Noi is home to just a few places to stay such as Indie Beach, Beach Box, Secret Garden as well as a great beach restaurant, Ido Ido and  long running Thai hippy bar at Djembe. You can walk to the main beach in about 5 minutes.

Accommodation on Bang Bao Beach

On that main beach, accommodation is in one premier resort, Chivapuri Resort and other bungalows such as Yu Yu, Bang Bao Beach Resort, Klong Kloi Cottages, Sea You Place and Freedom Home, either located on the sand or in the lanes behind.

Restaurants and Nightlife

It’s all low key development but there are a couple of restaurants – Bamboo, The Beach – outside of the resorts and a decent hang-out bars at Green Garden and Ginger Home (Chan Siam).


This is one of the busier daytime Koh Chang beaches as people come up from Bang Bao and Bailan, but it is very relaxed and chilled out in the evenings.

The abandoned back road to the other side of Koh Chang, Salak Phet, is off the road running behind the beach.

Bailan Beach

Bailan Beach is the the peaceful neighbour to Lonely Beach with local, low key development and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Its beaches at either end of the village are certainly not award winners but you can always hop over to the terrific sands at Lonely Beach.


Accommodation ranges from a good large hotel, Mercure Hideaway at the southern end, to boutique at Harley Moon, hippy chic at The Mangrove and  2 star resorts at Bailan Beach Resort and White House. There’s plenty of traveller spots too – Lazy Republique, Vanara, Jungle View, Elephant Bay, Bailan View and .

Restaurants and Nightlife

There are a few restaurants – Korean at  Kohchang 7, Italian at Lisca Beach, in-house Thai and western at Vanara and a few good cheap Thai diners along the road including Tamarin and J & K.

Nightlife is not really Bailan’s thing but Bailan Bar in the centre does open from time to time, Zest is always good for a natter and both Lisca and Mangrove makes great spots for watching a Koh Chang sunset. 

Pearl Beach, is located a couple of kilometres past White Sand Beach.

Accommodation combines private villas – Inspiration, Pearl, Elegance, Tippawan and Supphatra House – with 2 star Thai style resorts – Penny’s, Privilege, Khai Mook – and boutique style at the older resort Keereta or the well maintained Ban Ton Rak. There are also some cheaper bungalows including TP Huts, Alisa and Macura and even a great camping spot on the seafront, Khai Mook Camping

By the road, you should try the good cheap Thai food court, but Saffron on the Sea and the vegetarian Everflow are the pick of Pearl Beach’s places to eat. For a beer by the sea, head to The Secret Pearl in Khai Mook Camping or Crazy Mojitos provides a bit of nightlife up on the hill at the start of the village.

Of the Koh Chang beaches, this is perhaps the least impressive – no sand, mainly shingle and rocks  – but it makes up for that with the great snorkeling offshore. You can easily pop to White Sand Beach too, less than 10 minutes in a taxi.

Lotus’s and Big C have their main island superstores here and the Koh Chang post office is at the southern end.

Heading west, Klong Son is the first town after the ferries.
It is a busy local island town, with hardware stores, the PTT gas station, two 7-11s, car repair shops, cement works, a Chinese and a Buddhist temple and a local fishing community.
Blue Haven Bay (formerly Siam Royal View), the largest private development on the Koh Chang beaches, is based at the northern end. It comprises around 90 villas, condo block, 2 beach clubs, marina, 9 hole pitch and putt gold course, 2 boutique resorts and a small hotel – all set on an impressive long sweep of white sand in  a lovely bay.
The large Aiyapura Resort looks down on the same bay from the southern end and you’ll find other small guesthouses, motels and 2 star resorts around and about the temple, the entrance to Blue Haven and inland.
Also inland, the best elephant camp on the island, Ban Kwan Chang sits deep in the forest, with the waterfall beyond that.
Restaurants tend to be roadside cheap Thai diners, but look out too for the excellent Blues Blues Arts Cafe on the same inland road – a real gem.

Salak Phet – Koh Chang Beaches

Salak Phet is way down in the south east of the island about 25km from the ferries – on the other side of the bay to Chek Bae. A local community, its main interests are fruit farming (durian), rubber tapping and fishing, though it does also attract a good deal of Thai tourism on weekends and public holidays.

Accommodation comprises Thai homestays, a couple of other resorts – Salak Phet Resort and Mangrove Hideaway – and some traveller spots at Sleepover! and Baan Yemaya.

Salak Phet boasts two waterfalls, Klong Neung and Kheeri Phet, a temple and a mangrove forest, easy to explore via the newly restored walkway. You can also head up to the twin peaks of Salak Phet and Khao Laem mountain which tower over the area.

Though there are no beaches in the immediate area, Salak Phet does lie at the other end of the abandoned back road to Bang Bao Beach on the west coast and this gains you access to the last of the untouched Koh Chang beaches, Wai Chek.

As for restaurants, Salak Phet Seafood, found in the far corner of the bay, is a Trat Province institution, so certainly worth a visit but you’ll also find plenty of tasty and cheap diners, roadside.

Koh Chang East Coast

Koh Chang East Coast, which runs down the seaboard from the ferries is not a ‘white sand beaches’ part of the island but it still has plenty to offer.

Dan Khao

Dan Khao,  a couple of kilometres on from Centerpoint Ferry, plays host to an excellent selection of  boutique resorts –  Amber Sands Resort, Serenity Resort and Sunrise Beach – which sit along the gritty red sand beach so typical of this coast. Past them, Baan Talay Thai is another of Koh Chang’s private villa developments, whilst Blessed is an esoteric B & B nearby.

Dan Mai

Dan Mai is next along. It’s the administrative capital, with its temple, hospital, police station and small waterfall. Crown View Beachfront is a recent addition on the way in and Villas Wave A, B and C offer high end luxury as you leave.

Passing another waterfall at Than Mayom, you ultimately reach the outskirts of  Salak Khok,  where the wonderfully peaceful boutique retreat, Spa Koh Chang, provides detox programmes. 

Other scattered local communities complete the picture.

Restaurants on the East Coast

Dining wise, there are cheap spots here and there all the way down the east coast, but look out for The Souk in Dan Khao, Dan Mai Somtam (with the chickens on the spit out front) and coffee at Baan Kafee or Ronnie Organic opposite.

Long Beach, Salak Khok and Chek Bae – Koh Chang Beaches

Chek Bae, Long Beach and Salak Khok are located in the south east corner of Koh Chang. It’s another of the island’s most rural and local areas, with self-contained communities working in fishing, fruit farming and to a lesser extent, Thai tourism.

Chek Bae

The widely spaced out village of Chek Bae lies on the opposite side of the bay to Salak Phet, with the offshore islands of Koh Pkrao Nok and Nai sitting in the middle. It has accommodation in homestays, small resorts or some luxury at Parama Resort.

Long Beach

From Chek Bae (Jek Bae), you can pick up the wonderfully scenic road to Long Beach, perhaps the remotest of the Koh Chang beaches. You can stay here at the old style beach huts at Treehouse or the sometimes open Thai resort, Tantawan. Moving beyond the beach, Koh Chang has its naval memorial and at the every tip, the island of Koh Ngam lies just offshore.

Salak Khok

Completing the picture, Salak Khok is a small fishing village hidden amongst the mangroves in a bay which opens out onto the east coast. There is nowhere to stay here but you can explore the mangroves either using the old walkway or by renting a gondola with its own friendly gondolier.

You can eat at Salak Koh Seafood or in Chek Bae, Rommai Talay, a very understated diner with superb views. Once you get to Long Beach, Treehouse’s simple restaurant always hits the spot.

Most visitors rent a car or a motorbike to visit this part of Koh Chang – it makes for a terrfic day trip.

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