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In this FAQs section of the site, we have brought together all the essential information needed for your holiday in Koh Chang.

  1. The island has a good selection of local banks, numerous currency exchanges and ATMs on most beaches.
  2. There is excellent mobile coverage and fibre internet. 4G is is also available.
  3. For medical needs, there are 2 hospitals, one public and one private as well as local clinics and a good dentist.
  4. For police matters, many areas have their own police box, which stand in addition to the central station on the east coast.
  5. We have dedicated one whole page to rip-currents, which occur on the beaches at certain times of year. It’s worth taking the time to familiarise yourself with how to spot them and the correct procedures in dealing with them if you get caught.
  6. And finally, we give you a phone directory. Please note that numbers do change and English is not always spoken.

Please do contact us for any advice or the answers to any other FAQs we have missed.

Internet, Bank and Phones – FAQs

Head here for practical information on banks (locations and opening times) and currency exchanges.

We also give some pointers on what to expect in local mobile coverage, WiFi speeds and International dial-arounds.

Hospital, Dentist, Police, Post – FAQs

Our guide to the private and public hospitals on Koh Chang or over on the mainland at Trat. Health insurance is now mandatory for entry to Thailand. You can find a local dentist in Klong Prao Beach.

Here, we cover too the Tourist Police, the main police station and the local police boxes.

Finally, we give you some practical tips on the Thai post.

Rip Currents

With tragic consequences, rip currents do appear all year round on the Koh Chang beaches.

If you get a moment, please do visit this page which tries to answer all of your FAQs on rip currents. It may just save yours or someone else’s life.

Koh Chang Telephone Numbers – Essential Services

Make a note of this page as it has all the emergency contact telephone numbers for the essential services on Koh Chang.

We have listed the private and public hospitals both on the island and in Trat, the emergency 24 number and even the dentist. We also have the Koh Chang Rescue number for call-outs, excellent in the case of a nasty motorbike spill.

The Tourist Police, emergency police numbers and the main station are all included.

You will also find the contact for Laem Ngop Immigration over on the mainland as well as the small Chai Chet office on the island itself. Finally, just in case needed, there’s the main number for the National Park Headquarters.