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Lonely Beach Restaurants

Lonely Beach restaurants on Koh Chang offer simple, cheap and tasty Thai food, catering perfectly to the travellers and backpackers flocking to this beach for its parties and laid back vibe.

Besides the resorts’ in-house restaurants and our recommendations in the guide below, you will also find plenty of small roadside cafes, where a plate of pad thai, a hangover-curing banana pancake or a fruit shake can be knocked up at the drop of Thai hat for next to nothing.

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The Beach – Lonely Beach Restaurants

Nature Beach is a great spot to have lunch, with its vantage point in the centre of the sand – just perfect for escaping the heat of the day and people watching. As you move down towards the northern end, there are also a couple of ramshackle cafes (currently closed but sure to spark up again once tourism revives) where you can pick up cheap one plate dishes.

Lonely Beach Complex

In the so called Lonely Beach Complex, which sits between the beach proper and the village, there is, finally, the makings of a restaurant hub as Por Par, Titanic and Coco have all opened down on the oceanfront in the last year or so. There have been a fair few false dawns before in this area, so watch this space as to how it develops but for now, it gives Lonely Beach a few more dining choices.

Por Par and Coco cook up up a mixture of seafood dishes and classic Thai fare, all at good prices alongside plenty of smoothies, beers and coffee. Titanic, literally a boat is more of a stylish bar but it too does serve bistro style food.

By the Bridge and Soi 1 – Lonely Beach Restaurants

Back in the village, by the bridge, sad to report but that whole row of restaurants has closed due to the pandemic. Leading up to Soi 1, there are still a couple of small diners such as the aptly name Restaurant Soi 1 and Oneka Seafood remaining but the choice is limited. As a guide, a plate of something simple like seafood noodles in soy sauce (pad siyu thale) is 60bt.

Ducking down into Soi 1 itself , the kebab and burger bar on the right hand side has been a fixture for many years providing that late night sustenance for those that have over-indulged. Cafe Del Sunshine, a few metres further down, serves good breakfasts and all the standard Thai dishes as does its neighbour, Thale.

Soi 2 – Lonely Beach Restaurants

At the other end of the connecting street and so the bottom of Soi 2, Roxy Bar at Waraprua is another charming cafe restaurant by the sea. Its presentation and cooking fit perfectly its reputation as one of the best boutique resorts in the area.

From the same owners as Warapura, Sleepy Owl, on the corner of the Soi 2 and more a of Bangkok style coffee house, for now remains closed.

Main Street

Along the high street, both Beach Jungle and Lonely Beach Resort are open to non residents, whilst Oasis up the top of Soi 3, is also worth the hike up the hill. It’s a nicely friendly place, decent food and even a treehouse with stunning views out over the area.

Knife and Fork at Magic Garden at the far end remains the pick of the bunch – a great hang-out, fresh coffee, WiFi and a huge selection of western and Thai food.

Finally, Paradise Cottage continues to offer well prepared bistro dishes in the very relaxed atmosphere at the southern edge of the village down the lane to Nest Sense. And talking of Nest Sense, that too makes for a change from the usual Lonely Beach fare with its fusion menu and more upmarket setting.


The bakery at the turning down to Siam Huts has closed. The other at Buongiorno, next door to the 7 Days minimarket on the main drag in the village has finished too.

Pricing Code/Per person in Baht (B) excluding drinks: B = under 100; BB = under 500; BBB = over 500.

North to South

sea terrace nature beach lonely beach restaurants koh chang

Nature Beach

Per Person: B – BB

Prime location in the middle of the beach, relaxed restaurant and bar serving Thai, western food, cold drinks and shakes. Great place for some lunch and watching the people, sundown beer or cocktail.

front cafe del sunshine lonely beach restaurants koh chang

Cafe del Sunshine

Per Person: B – BB

Half way down Soi 1, cosy little cafe serving breakfasts, lunch and dinner, western or Thai. Fresh coffee, shakes and cocktails with friendly staff. Nice place to hang out. Tickets and information, rooms out back.

terrace kao tha warapura lonely beach koh chang

Roxy Bar at Warapura

Per Person: B – BBB

Chilled out bar diner down by the sea at the boutique resort. Nicely spiced and presented fusion Thai food, alongside some western choices, good cocktails and music. Also have a pizzeria and cafe roadside at the top of Soi 2, Sleepy Owl (currently closed).

interior night magic garden lonely beach restaurants koh chang

Magic Garden

Per Person: B – BB

A winning combination of Thai and western food – curries, pasta, lots of seafood, bbqs, sweet treats, coffee – and chilled out atmosphere continues to draw in the travellers. Good value for money. WiFi.

UPDATED NOVEMBER 22 for 22/23 Season

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