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Koh Rang Marine Park – Islands near Koh Chang

Koh Rang, the uninhabited 12 island group at the centre of the Marine Park, is situated well over an hour out from Bang Bao on Koh Chang and just to the west of Koh Mak.

The main island has a ranger station, a couple of bungalows and a very passable restaurant, with toilet and washing facilities for overnight camping. Accommodation can be booked from Koh Chang, though people staying is a rarity.

The best beach on Koh Rang is at the south eastern tip, with another popular spot in the north west, and rougher strands along the eastern shore.

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In Detail – Koh Rang

The islands scattered around Koh Rang are in 3 distinct groups.

In the east and south east, Koh Laun (sometimes referred to as Koh Yak Lek), Koh Yak and further south, Koh Mapring are combined with the very pretty beach at the southern end of Koh Rang to make up one of the main snorkeling areas.

Koh Rang Map

To the north west, that name again, Koh Mapring, which sits alongside Koh Klang and another Koh Thian form the second grouping. The smaller speedboats may call in here, so that people can have lunch on the beach over on the main island itself.

In the north east, Koh Thong Lang, Koh Kra and Koh Thian were also a principal and very popular destination for the snorkeling trips. Unfortunately, the degeneration of their coral, its bleaching in particular, has forced the Marine Park authorities to place these islands off limits.

Visiting on a Day Trip

To visit Koh Rang, you either jump on a snorkeling trip or take a day out on one of the dive boats.

When out and about on Koh Chang, you’ll see the snorkeling advertised as 4 or 5 Island, with everything from large tour boats to private speedboats on offer. Meanwhile, the diving is recommended due to the sheltered bays of Koh Rang giving good visibility as well as manageable depths.

All details on the many different trips available, including very popular private tours, are found on those pages linked above. We can put everything in place for you, so please just get in contact.

From Koh Mak, the more adventurous can kayak but there are organised tours too, details in Koh Mak Diving and snorkeling.

Koh Rang

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The main beach

National Park Fee

Koh Rang has a government tax of 200bt per person, 100bt for kids levied on all snorkelers, 400bt and 200bt respectively for divers. Thai Nationals are 40bt and 20bt. This is collected by the rangers once you arrive in the Marine Park area. It is an additional cost to any advertised daily rates.

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