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Koh Ngam – Islands near Koh Chang

Koh Ngam lies off the coast of Koh Chang, just a couple of hundred metres away from its south eastern tip.

Its unique shape of two small mountains joined together by a sandbar, with matching crescent-shaped bays on either side has gained it the moniker of the Koh Phi Phi of the Koh Chang Islands. Though this may be a little over-egging things, it’s an undoubtedly a beautiful spot.

Analay Resort was the only place to stay on Koh Ngam but, as of June 2024, this remains closed, with ongoing land encroachment disputes over between owner and government. An entrance fee of 200bt per person is now levied, collected by the skeleton caretaker staff who live permanently on the island. They also run a sideline drinks and snacks kiosk for anyone who turns up ashore.

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Getting There – Koh Ngam

To get to Koh Ngam, you must follow the east coast road on Koh Chang all the way to Long Beach.

Once there, follow the route above and behind the bungalows, past the partially constructed Long Beach Resort until you get to the turning to Tantawan Resort. If you head down this road into the resort, you get a great view across the tiny bay to Koh Ngam itself. They will rent you a kayak at around 200bt for a few hours or take you across in a small boat at 100bt per person – 085 699 5444, Tantawan.

Alternatively, you can stay on the route and continue past the Hat Yuttanany Naval Memorial, until you arrive at the very end. From the rocks, the views are once again superb but the little shack restaurant which also used to offer kayaks, has long since closed down – head back to Tantawan.

Koh Ngam

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View from the far south east corner of Koh Chang

Day Trips to Koh Ngam

You can also organise private speedboat trips, which could also include Koh Laoya Yai (the one with the lovely beach, 200bt per person), Koh Klum and Koh Wai.

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Or another alternative is to hire a launch out of Salak Phet and combine a visit to there with a jaunt around the other islands in the bay, Koh Phrao Nai and Koh Phrao Nok (also known as Koh Sai Khao) or out to Koh Laoya, price on request. For a bit more, you can maybe add Koh Wai and Koh Klum to the itinerary.

We can organise the private speedboat trip, so please just get in contact with your details – dates, number of people, resort and so on. We will get back to you within 24 hours with a price.

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