Koh Chang East Coast Restaurants

UPDATED for 2019-20 Season


Koh Chang east coast restaurants vary from local curry and rice shops, noodle stalls and somtam shacks to classic seafood diners catering to the Thai weekenders.

Seafood – Koh Chang East Coast Restaurants

With some terrific locations, the east coast has some of the best seafood restaurants on Koh Chang.

Starting in Ao Sapparot at the bottom of the hill just before Koh Chang ferry Pier, you’ll find some inexpensive and surprisingly tasty spots down the little street near Fasai Resort.

A good way further down the road at Dan Mai, there is a wonderfully peaceful restaurant, Dan Mai Seafood near the Chinese Temple. It’s rarely busy and the single table sala over the water is truly a great spot for lunch.

Salak Khok at last rears its tourist head with its own diner among the mangroves, the recommended Salak Khok Seafood, where you can also be paddled off on a gondola tour as a post-prandial excursion.

The Thai homestay resort of Rommai Chailay in Chek Bae plays host to a charming sleeper of a restaurant, with fabulous views out over the islands in the middle of the bay.

Finally, Salak Phet Seafood, back around the Salak Phet side of the same bay at the far far end, is generally packed, a legend in its own lunchtime in the Trat province. Sangarun next door is a cheaper alternative, with a similar menu.

Thai and Western – Koh Chang East Coast Restaurants

With an extensive menu of both Thai and selected western dishes, the boutique resort Amber Sands in Dan Khao happily accepts outside guests for lunch and dinner at its very well reviewed restaurant by the sea.

The Souk has now reopened after selling off its bungalows to Sunrise Beach. It continues in the same vein as before, with its unique Thai and western food, alongside excellent cocktails.

Further along the main road, newly opened, the small Suan Wirote just before Baan Talay Thai offers simple one dish over rice dishes and noodles.

Moving down the coast, just before Dan Mai, you’ll find an excellent somtam restaurant next door to Fuengfah Hotel – look out for the whole chickens roasting slowly on a spit at the front. There’s another very popular somtam restaurant located up on the bank by the turning to Klong Nonsi waterfall. Indeed, roadside throughout this area, you’ll find plenty on offer for the local government workers from simple noodle soup stalls to curry and rice shops. The no name one about 50 metres down from the police station hits the spot.

At the entrance to Than Mayom waterfall, Rimtang Restaurant makes a nice stop for a drink or quick lunch. A few kilometres further on, best known for its home grown coffee, Ban Kafae also serves up simple Thai dishes and snacks, while across the road, Ronnie’s Organic Garden, offers a bit of everything from Thai to burgers to shakes.

Koh Chang’s only truly vegetarian restaurant is at Spa Koh Chang in Salak Khok, with a long menu of interesting takes on traditional Thai dishes. On the corner of the garage opposite, the little thatched roof noodle soup shop is also very popular, fish in particular. There’s a tiny but decent somtam shop by the village mangrove walkway.

Salak Phet – Koh Chang East Coast Restaurants

As you approach Salak Phet, Chang Noi Kitchen on the left hand side offers local curry over rice, 40bt per plate, whilst opposite, the ba mee (wheat) noodles cart has 2 or 3 tables, always busy at lunchtimes.

Carrying on down the road, after passing yet another somtam choice, you can wolf down a great plate of crispy pork and Chinese broccoli at the restaurant 500 metres before the temple. In and around the temple itself, you’ll find more stalls and cheap options.

Fishermen’s Hut Restaurant, offering Swedish and Thai food, has a terrific location out over the water in Salak Phet fishing village and further along in the same area, if open, Baan Yemaya, serves up Thai cuisine on its tiny terrace.

Turning right instead at Chang Noi Kitchen and heading along the road to Salak Phet Seafood, there are more cheap diners in the area signed Klong Thum, including a popular multi-tasking restaurant which does everything from pork and chicken on the oil drum bbq to noodle soup and pad thai from the stove.

Chek Bae – Koh Chang East Coast Restaurants

In Chek Bae, the village which runs along the coast on the opposite side of the bay to Salak Phet, the new 62 Cafe and Restaurant has a wide reaching Thai menu with all the classics. Kokomo, formerly on the beach near Klong Prao Resort, has now set up home here too, with a sweet little thatched diner up on raised ground above the road. The in-house restaurant at Parama is also worth a visit, well presented food in a wonderful location by the water.

Long Beach – Koh Chang East Coast Restaurants

Over in Long Beach, Treehouse Bungalows is your spot for a simple feed after the long drive to get there and as an alternative, check out Tantawan Resort, at the very end. If they are open, it’s another beautiful setting to enjoy lunch.

Coffee Shops – Koh Chang East Coast Restaurants

You can take a welcome break at a couple of decent coffee shops as you travel down the east coast.

Shortly after Than Mayom Waterfall, Na Tara Resort whips up a decent cup at its scenic terrace by the sea, whilst a couple of kilometres after Koh Chang Shooting, Ban Kafae as mentioned above, always attracts a steady stream of visitors for its homegrown blends.

62 Cafe offers the full coffee shop menu in Chek Bae and also has the bonus of a nice cooling a/c seating area.

Our Favourites – Koh Chang East Coast Restaurants

Pricing Code/Per person in Baht (B) excluding drinks:
B= under 100; BB= under 500; BBB= over 500;
Please click on an image to expand

The Souk

Per Person: BB-BBB

Long established diner in Dan Khao, right on the beach amongst the 3 resorts. Thai and western, lots of speciality pasta from black ink, salmon, pesto and seafood, all with a unique twist. Full Thai menu also, breakfasts. House Cocktails.

Dan Mai Seafood

Per Person: BB-BBB

Down in Dan Mai village by the sea, large party room and tiny sala located over the water with great panoramic views. Mainly seafood menu, Thai style. Take a kg of crab and have it cooked different ways, say with black pepper (pad prik dam) or curry sauce (pad pon karee). Great place to lose an afternoon.

Ban Kafae

Per Person: B-BB

A couple of kilometres further on from Than Mayom waterfall, well-liked coffee shop which grows all its own beans locally on the island. Simple thai food and snacks menu alongside all the usual coffee choices, other drinks also available. Homestay at the rear.

Ronnies Organic Garden

Per Person: B-BB

Across the road from Ban Kafae, hotch potch collection of reclaimed wood, old glass and anything else to hand make up this restaurant, which serves everything from burgers to Thai food, shakes, coffee and fruits. Affable host. Local produce.

The Spa Koh Chang

Per Person: BB

Vegetarian menu that reminds you of student days, but it’s good, with fresh local seafood too, served up at the in-house restaurant of the detox centre by the mangroves near Salak Khok. Produce from the Royal project, unpolished rices, wholewheat breads, no msg and sugar free juices.

Salak Khok Seafood

Per Person: BB-BBB

Amongst the mangroves in Salak Khok village, wooden floored seafood restaurant with a nice local feel. Fresh well cooked dishes, well spiced dips, friendly owners, can get the odd tour party, but normally never too crowded. Gondolas and kayaks available to explore the bay.

62 Cafe

Per Person: B-BBB

Down in Chek Bae in the south east corner of the island, new cafe restaurant offering extensive Thai menu from whole fish to curries to noodles. Coffee Machine, drinks. Covered area and a/c room also.


Per Person: B-BB

Further along in Chek Bae, simple thatch style diner which has relocated from Klong Prao Beach where it had a loyal following. Standard thai dishes, shakes, beers, coffee, ice cream.

Rommai Chailay Seafood

Per Person: BB

Towards the end of Chek Bae, large Thai style restaurant with tables on the terrace or in the shade. Seafood and other, spicy salads, fresh baby squid with garlic and pepper (tawt kratiam prik thai) or seafood mix fried with krachai, a variety of ginger, (pad cha). Fabulous views of Salak Phet bay.

Baan Yemaya

Per Person: BB

Further into Salak Phet fishing village down a walkway after the bridge, terrace or tasteful interior dining area at this tiny guesthouse, full menu, curries, fish dishes, shakes, cocktails,beers, decent tunes in the background. Nice touches like blue jasmine rice.

Fishermen’s Hut

Per Person: BB

In Salak Phet fishing village after Mangrove Hideaway, shaded terrace at the end of the mini-pier looking directly up the whole bay. Thai and Swedish cuisine, with Falukorv sausages and other Scandinavian dishes house specialities. Private trawling fishing trips.

Salak Phet Seafood

Per Person: BB

Long established and busy seafood restaurant in prime location at the end of the bay at Salak Phet with the fish kept in netted areas off wooden jetties. Long menu with all the usual choices, well spiced, cooked and presented. Known throughout Trad Province so popular with Thai visitors and packages.

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