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Koh Mak restaurants now offer everything from seafood to familiar western menus and from bakeries to cheap no frills Thai eateries.

Most places are concentrated in the strip behind Ao Kao Beach where you can stroll about and see what takes your fancy, but you’ll also find more options around the street down to Ao Kao Resort and Island Huts, the back road behind Makathanee Resort or along the road to Ao Nid Pier.

You can jump straight to each category:-

Koh Mak Restaurants have been hit hard by the pandemic, with business at a standstill. We have removed places that have obviously closed. Some others may yet give up but as of now, we reckon the majority of those listed will be open for the 21/22 season.

Thai – Koh Mak Restaurants

For Thai food, Tables Tales, run by the same people as Seatales Speedboat, is a chilled out open air choice behind Monkey Island, with full menu and beer on tap.

Next door, Kon Gin Sen is one of Koh Mak’s best diners, a very safe bet for spicy somtam, grilled chicken and sticky rice – look out too for the delicious catfish laab (salad). Alongside it, Food Garden is another long-standing island favourite, covering all the BBQ options in a pretty garden setting.

Continuing further along the main strip behind Ao Kao Beach, Clay Pot serves up classic Thai dishes, curries in particular, whilst Nuchzabmaks, just after the turning towards Ao Suan Yai, concentrates on Issan food but does also have a wide selection off its menu.

Heading up that connecting road to Ao Suan Yai, Pim Jai on the left is a cheap and cheerful Thai diner, very popular with the workers. Friendly and C’est Bien opposite and further along, Mam, next door to Good Time Resort, are all realiable alternatives for quick and easy one choice over rice dishes.

Back at the far northern end of the road behind Ao Kao Beach, the friendly Q Bar, which sits opposite Swiss Sawasdee is another popular BBQ choice, with a cheeky sideline in cocktails too.

Finally, the very basic looking Peaw and Om on the Ao Nid road serve tasty, cheap one dish style food and noodle soup to locals and tourists alike. 

Up in the north east of Koh Mak, there’s a very decent somtam shack at Laem Son looking out over Koh Kradat  – highly recommended for lunch by the sea.

Western – Koh Mak Restaurants

For western food, the European menu at Swiss Sawasdee, at the northern end of Ao Kao remains very popular, while a little further along at the top of the access road to Ao Kao Resort, Little Red Oven (Koh Mak Pizza) is known for baking the best thin crusts on the island.

Chic and Chill on the Ao Nid road offers a more upmarket French menu with presentation to match, whilst the tiny Koh Mak Coziest Bistro over at the back of Makathanee Resort serves pasta, fish and chips and other classics.

Seafood – Koh Mak Restaurants

For seafood, look no further than the aptly named Koh Mak Seafood built out over the water down near the pier in Ao Nid. They offer a full reasonably priced menu of all the usual standards – steamed whole fish, a delicious house special jungle curry (with or without coconut milk), squid, prawns, oysters and much more besides. When you’re sated, you can brush up on your island history at the Koh Mak Museum next door.

Coffee Shops – Koh Mak Restaurants

Now in its new home next door to Little Red Oven at the southern end of Ao Kao, Food Art Hut  is a very reliable cafe come diner offering everything from coffee to smoothies, sandwiches and Thai food.

Ball Cafe beside Joe’s Corner Hostel about 1/2 way along the strip in Ao Kao Beach, has been a fixture on Koh Mak for many years and also now has rooms. Meanwhile, Sweetcake By Moo serves breakfasts and the full range of coffees on its little terrace with views out over Ao Nid.

Pineapple Cafe, just back from the sand by the Koh Mak Resort pier is the choice on that coast – coffee, sandwiches and delicious desserts.

Resort Dining – Koh Mak Restaurants

Within the resorts, Relax Restaurant at Holiday Beach Resort is an old favourite, while the in house diner at By The Sea gets good reviews. It has a coffee shop out front too.

Over on Ao Soun Yai, you could also try Day Beds at Seavana and I Talay at Koh Mak Resort Pier, both locations a perfect backdrop for lunch.

On Ao Kao Beach, I Talay at Baan Koh Mak and Ao Kao Resort’s restaurant in its pretty location on a raised terrace by the sea, are another couple of stylish spots to wile away the hours.

If out and about, your could stop in for lunch at Green View on the back road in the north, nothing fancy but quick and cheap or Villa Allure offers good coffee and well presented food in its stylish restaurant.

The Mak and Little Moon Villa, side by side on that north coast, have quickly become very popular too, not least for their views out to sea. 

Our Recommendations – Koh Mak Restaurants

Pricing Code/Per person in Baht (B) excluding drinks:B= under 100; BB= under 500; BBB= over 500;

Listed in location order moving from Ao Nid Pier to Ao Kao and over to Ao Suan Yai. They are not in a ratings order!

exterior day koh mak restaurants

Sweetcake Bakery

Per Person: B – BB
High above the pier at Ao Nid, small cafe with outdoor covered terrace serving coffees, breakfasts, sandwiches and cakes. Good views, nice spot to stop if about and about exploring. B & B rooms too.

tables chair koh mak seafood

Koh Mak Seafood

Per Person: BB – BBB
Just after the temple at the end of the Ao Nid road, long established seafood restaurant with a lovely location by the sea. Usual Thai seafood menu choices. Oysters, crabs and selected fish in tanks and under the boards. Wine and a museum next door.

night restaurant koh mak

Chic and Chill

Per Person: BB – BBB
On the Ao Nid Road, French restaurant offering daily changing specials, steaks, fish with classic sauces as well as desserts, all very well presented. Thai food also available, wine list, cocktails. Free transfers from resorts.

front peaw restaurant koh mak

Peaw Restaurant

Per Person: B
Near the junction at the top of the Ao Nid Road, cheap, tasty local restaurant with a couple of tables inside and out serving up classic Thai dishes, pork, chicken or seafood fried with holy basil, with ginger, with curry pastes. Looks shabby but great for a quick lunch.

front food art hut restaurant koh mak

Food Art Hut

Per Person: B – BB
Now based in the old Cozy Cafe and next door to Little Red Oven, well established cafe and bakery serving breakfasts, fresh baguettes and other breads, sandwiches, cakes and juices as well as selected one dish Thai food. Good for that western food fix. Small tie dye clothes store also.

night koh mak restaurants

Little Red Oven

Per Person: BB – BBB
At the top of the road to Ao Kao Resort, large open air plaza style restaurant with open kitchen down one side, serving up thin crust specialities from its bespoke oven. A wide choice of toppings, wine, beer, fun bustling atmosphere when busy. Delivery too.

interior swiss sawasdee koh mak

Swiss Sawasdee

Per Person: BB – BBB
Small restaurant at the top of the road to Island Huts. European food, goulash, schnitzels, salads, home made desserts, Thai choices. Wine, chat, wifi, even a small gymnasium. Can get busy so book ahead.

day koh mak restaurants

Q Bar

Per Person: B – BB
Popular little restaurant in same areas as Swiss Sawasdee, serving all the usual Thai dishes, some western and fish and meat from the BBQ out the front. Also good spot for a drink with excellent cocktails. Relaxed and friendly service.

night koh mak restaurants

Table Tales

Per Person: B – BBB
Open air restaurant behind Ao Kao Beach near to Monkey Island. Offering Thai and western standards, draught beer, cocktails. Same owners as Seatales speedboats with ticket office next door.

exterior kon gin sen koh mak

Kon Gin Sen

Per Person: B – BBB
Just down from Table Tales, open kitchen serving up some terrific Issan food, with perfect whole fried fish, somtam, spicy laab and sticky rice. Full menu as well, western dishes and a wide variety of drinks. Despite a sometimes slow service, it ranks as one of best restaurants (also one of its longest running).

front food garden night restaurant koh mak

Food Garden

Per Person: B – BB
Next door to Kon Gin Sen, tables in the garden and on raised bamboo platforms, noted for its extensive BBQ, prok, seaqfood, chicken as well as full menu including kra ta sets (cook at your table).

front garden cafe koh mak

Ball Cafe

Per Person: B – BB
Middle of the strip behind Ao Kao Beach, long running Koh Mak cafe which has moved around locations but now settled in this nice garden setting, Coffee, cakes, snacks, breakfast, bikes for rent. Friendly spot, good island knowledge. Can stay too in its upstairs room.

front clay pot restaurant koh mak

Clay Pot

Per Person: B – BB
At the back of Makathanee Resort, friendly restaurant with excellent curries (pumpkin, Massaman and more) as well as marinated meats from the clay pot and a seafood BBQ out front. Full menu too, some Western dishes. Service a little erratic but popular spot.

day koh mak restaurants

Koh Mak Coziest Bistro

Per Person: BB – BBB
Tiny unassuming spot next door to Clay Pot, with just a handful of tables serving up western food only – pasta (pesto, tomato, mushroom), fish (smoked, fillet, with chips), beef specialities, sandwiches, desserts, homemade lemonade, beer and wine. Popular.

day koh mak restaurants


Per Person: B – BB
Far end of the Ao Kao strip just beyond Makathanee Resort, diner with Issan bbq at the front and full standard menu. Cheap, well cooked food, comfortable setting, used by the locals. Recommended.

front 12 bar restaurant koh mak

12 Bar Restaurant

Per Person: BB – BBB
On the back road from Good Time Resort to Seavana, nicely styled Japanese restaurant serving the full range of dishes from sashimi (individual or sets) to sushi rolls, soba noodles and more. Wine, beer, great for quick lunch or an evening treat.

exterior pineapple cafe koh mak

Pineapple Cafe

Per Person: B – BB
Behind Koh Mak Resort Pier, modern cafe, offering range of sandwiches, coffees and cakes as well as ice creams, smoothies and sorbets. Just a few steps form the sea.