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Koh Chang Shopping and Tattoo Guide

Koh Chang shopping meets all the your usual day to day holiday requirements, whether food, electronics, medical or gifts and souvenirs .

Gifts and Souvenirs | Electronics | Medical | Clothes | Foodstuffs | Tattoists.

Gifts and Souvenirs

Throughout the major beach areas, particularly White Sand Beach, Kai Bae and Bang Bao, you won’t have to look too hard to find the standard souvenirs of lacquered table accessories, jewellery, cheap clothing and such like.

The prices are higher than in Bangkok, but the stall holders are open to bartering, so you should be able to pick up some decent bargains.

A few places, nonetheless, do stand out from the crowd:-

  • Peace Moon, a Thai and Japanese couple turning out wonderful handmade jewellery and leathercraft, has two branches, one in Bang Bao on the pier and one in White Sand Beach.
  • You can also get well sourced hammocks in Bailan Beach at Hammock Hut, part of the Jumbo Hammock Project, with all items handmade from the dying to the weaving by northern Mlabri people.
  • On the main road by the bridge just before Salak Phet, the little shop sells a wealth of souvenirs made solely from coconut.

In the undeveloped land by Zhong Zi Pad Pad in Klong Prao Beach, there are frequent night markets – the goods on offer tend to be more practical than souvenir orientated, but it’s fun to browse and you can eat here too at the little stalls along the front.

Incidentally, one thing very hard to find are birthday cards – it’s not a Thai custom, so bring them with you!

Electronics – Koh Chang Shopping

For camera and computer shop accessories, try the Advice Shop in White Sand Beach opposite Koh Chang Lagoon Resort.

For laptop repair, head to JJ Com in Coconut Plaza, Chai Chet or the last unit on the right in front of Leelawadee Resort in Klong Prao – that’s by the road up to the school at the northern end. Both look very unappealing but they come with recommendations.

Big C in Pearl Beach also has a useful phone accessories franchise just inside by the door. For mobile repairs and advice, try either of the shops, TS-Mobile opposite Tesco’s (after the temple) in Klong Prao or OG-IT opposite Morgan in Kai Bae. OG-IT repairs laptops as well.


At the southern end of Klong Prao Beach opposite The Splash, Koh Chang Dental Clinic is open for cosmetic work as well as emergency and is considerably cheaper than back home.

You can find a couple of opticians in White Sand Beach. Others in Chai Chet, Klong Prao and Kai Bae tend to come and go – remember to check times for delivery before you go ahead and order.

Well stocked pharmacies are found all over too – they usally speak very good English too.

For full details on Hospitals and Clinics, please see this page.


The island has numerous outlets selling beachwear, shorts, t-shirts and so on – you’ll always be able to find what you need. There are a couple of boutiques here and there – opposite Janrassamee in Lonely Beach is one to look out for.

If you feel the need for a new suit or dress, the Nepalese tailors are on all the major beaches – as to who is the best, maybe ask in the Koh Chang Talk Facebook page.


You can get western foodstuffs all over, but Foodland underneath Top Resort in White Sand Beach and Anna Store, same beach, but a bit further up the hill at the southern end, are both very well stocked.

VJ’s in VJ Plaza Chai Chet and Sing Thong towards the southern end of Klong Prao are two other popular large stores to look out for.

As for superstores, Tesco and Big C are both based in Pearl Beach, with Makro Food in White Sand Beach, the southern end. There are also 7-11s all over and the express versions of Tesco (Klong Prao, Kai Bae) and Big C (Klong Son and White Sand Beach).

White Sand Beach has a street food market each evening just by Kacha Resort.

All of the major retailers run have extensive alcohol sections but they do not allow sales between 14.00 and 17.00. Anna Store, Sing Thong, Wine Gallery in either of its outlets (Kai Bae or Lonely Beach) are all very well stocked too.

Koh Chang Tattoo Artists

There are dozens of tattoo shops on the island, both machine and bamboo, with perhaps Lonely Beach the hub, particularly towards the end of Soi Tian Chai 1. Prices are considerably cheaper than in the west and there are some very good artists lurking in the shadows.

Names that consistently crop up, with excellent reputations for design, professionalism and hygiene are Oh at Colour Tattoo near Koh Chang Grand Lagoon, Jack at Tantawan Resort, King of KingTattoo opposite Plaloma Resort and Juh at Sun Gallery by Cookies Hotel, all in White Sand Beach.

wolf tattoo by boy bamboo tattoo koh chang

King Tattoo also have a branch in VJ Plaza, Chai Chet, whilst in Lonely Beach, Danny is in the shop houses at the top of the village and Long has his Easy Bamboo studio towards the end of Soi 1 in what is known locally as Tattoo Alley.

Finally, Gu’s Bay Tattoo (Boy) is now at Keeeree Ele Hotel in White Sand Beach or you can ask Sun at Gu’s Bay Bar at the start of Lonely Beach village.

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