Klong Son Restaurants – Our Guide

UPDATED for 2019-20 Season

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Klong Son restaurants are few and far between. It’s not an area to find tables set out on the beach or a street for meandering back and forth peering at the ice laden seafood boat, such as at White Sand Beach or Kai Bae Beach.

What Klong Son does do very well is Thai street food and around the central 7/11 crossroads, noodle and grilled chicken counters jostle for space among the vegetable stands. There’s a few choices but any will hit the mark if you want something quick, cheap and tasty. Try the tiny 3 table corner diner, which makes a mean crispy pork with chinese brocoli over rice (khana muu krawp).

From early morning onwards in the same area, small stalls also pop up selling bagged up goodies for takeaway at 30bt to 40bt upwards. This is the real thing, wild boar or southern vegetable curries, bitter gourd with pork ribs soup, loofah gourd with egg, crab and clams. You can find rice too, also by the bag, so why not be adventurous and give it whirl, as this is as authentic as it comes and once over your understandable trepidation at the unfamiliar, don’t be surprised at quite how delicious it is.

For the best restaurant in the area, predominately Thai but with some western choices, hunt out Blues Blues Art and Food along the inland road to Ban Kwan Chang and Jao Leuam Waterfall. Once you get inside behind the foliage, the shaded open air diner is an perfect oasis of calm and the cooking really is very good indeed – nice music and interesting artwork too.

Opposite the hardware stores, at the northern end, a few simple one dish over rice restaurants give you more Thai food choices – again nothing fancy, but fine for a good value meal and useful if walking up from Siam Royal View or waiting for the Airport bus to leave.

If you crave something western, The Beach Club or Shambala in the Siam Royal View villas development will do the trick and there are a couple of diners on the main street heading towards Aiyapura Resort which have western menus alongside their Thai choices. Feel@Chill, which is located near the temple, has a small pizza cafe at the front of its resort.

For a very good blend, try the Amazon coffee shop at the back of the PTT garage, a great pit-stop on your way out of town down the east coast. Pukdee also now has coffee shop at the front of its bungalows near the Chinese Temple.

Our Top Tips – Klong Son Restaurants

Pricing Code/Per person in Baht (B) excluding drinks:
B= under 100; BB= under 500; BBB= over 500;

Blues Blues Arts and Food

Per Person: BB

Terrific little Thai food cafe tucked away on the inland road to the waterfall. Extensive menu with one dish over rice choices cheap and excellent, anything fried with red curry paste a house speciality. Coconuts, shakes, beers, mellow music, paintings adorning every available space for sale.

The Beach Club

Per Person: BB-BBB

Within the Siam Royal View development at the northern end, Thai and international food in the smart club house overlooking the bay. Well prepared and presented dishes, with the added bonus of being able to use the pool and beach if you eat here. Quiet and away from the crowds, relaxed.

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