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Koh Chang nightlife comprises serious partying, Thai ladies, cool bars and old school live music.

It’s concentrated around Lonely Beach, White Sand Beach and Kai Bae Beach but other areas also have pockets of action worth exploring.

At A Glance

  • If you want to dance on the sand or lose yourself in a bass speaker, head to Lonely Beach.
  • For Thai female company, your main port of call is the southern end of White Sand Beach but Chai Chet has its own clusters of beer bars too.
  • Kai Bae Beach is best known for its very decent selection of lounge bars but it too has a Walking Street.
  • You can find live music all over the island – Filipino bands, the ex-pat music scene, Thai musicians and open mic .
  • For the Thai hippie vibe, head all the way south to Hat Sai Noi and Bang Bao Beach.  
  • Assume full scale (huge speakers, fireworks) competing parties in multiple venues on New Year’s Eve. You do get Full Moon parties too but on nothing like the scale of those in Koh Phangnan.
  • Don’t expect any large/mega EDM nightclubs such as Kolour in Phuket – not Koh Chang’s thing.
  • During the season, look out for the various one-off festivals – clubbing and DJs (Winter Sensation), big name Thai singers and bands.

We take you round each area in our snippets below but you can then also dig deeper by following the links to the specific pages for Lonely Beach, White Sand Beach and Kai Bae Beach. 

Lonely Beach – Koh Chang Nightlife

From its humble smoke hazed origins, Lonely Beach has now become the thumping-bass and bone-shaking core for Koh Chang’s good times.

Dj’s from different far flung places throw down familiar tunes each and every night of the week, at a whole host of different venues located either on the beach or up in the village.

There are parties to celebrate pretty much anything, openings, closings, National holidays, phases of the moon that even the moon didn’t know it had, whatever.

The bars meanwhile open up till the wee small hours to draw in any other lost souls wandering the streets.

Love it or loath it, you certainly can’t deny it and all in all, it’s great, good-natured, unwholesome fun.


  • Party: Ting Tong, Himmel, Nature (big events, dates in the calendar)
  • Bar: Margaritaville, Om, Gu’s Bay, X Bar, Shanti (currently closed)
  • Beach Bar: Nature, Lonely Beach Bar, Himmel on The Beach
  • Live: Stone Free
  • Sports: Beach Jungle

White Sand Beach – Koh Chang Nightlife

White Sand Beach has a different feel to Lonely Beach in keeping with its more touristy development.

A loud and very proud mini-Pattaya sits up at the southern end. It’s not a walking street as such but a few rows of tightly packed bars, a handful of girls in each. Lady drinks are 100bt to 150bt, bar fines at  around 500bt. There’s also a small nightclub now as well, Babylon. Further up the hill too, you’ll find other establishments in a similar vein.

For live music, Oodies is by far the most popular attracting a more senior crowd to its nightly jams, with steaks the house speciality. You’ll also find house bands at Sabay Bar (and a fireshow) and if open, Rock Bar (loud!). Some Mao, next door to Oodies, gives you another option at the northern end.

Beach Bars

As for beach bars, the long established 15 Palms occupies a prime location on the sand at the northern end but that has now been joined by two other venues. Mac Bar at Mac Resort is proving to be a big draw with good music and comfy seating, whilst the Lonely Beach crew from Himmel have also set up their 3rd island venue at White Sand Princess. Expect fireshows, cocktails and decent enough music.

For something much smaller, our favourite is the tiny Tapas Bar, which you’ll find a couple of hundred metres further along from the main three above. Lion Bar is its near neighbour.

Pubs and Sports

White Elephant, at the other end of town, is the sole pub in White Sand Beach now that Paddy’s Palms has downsized to 15 Palms


  • Party/Club:  Sabay Bar, Babylon
  • Live:  Oodies , Rock Bar (currently closed), Sabay Bar
  • Beach Bars: 15 Palms, Himmel, Mac Bar
  • Bars: Tapas Bar, Some Mao, Lion Bar
  • Beer Bars:  Mini Pattaya (coming back to life slowy after the pandemic)
  • Pubs and Sports: White Elephant, 15 Palms

Kai Bae Beach – Koh Chang Nightlife

Nightlife in Kai Bae Beach combines some of Koh Chang’s best places to have a drink with a small concentration of beer bars.

Starting with those beers bars, if that’s your thing, then Walking Street at the northern end is the place to head. It’s relatively low key in comparison to White Sand Beach’s mini-Pattaya but the handful of establishments still lay on all the usual  – beer, pool, games, loud music and girls – for your entertainment. Ones to try include Maipai, @ Marks and Yak Yak. Lighthouse, a Thai style club with live music, is at the far end.

The main street, on the other hand, gives you a different scene completely. Wine Gallery serves up terrific wine, imported beers and food in the centre of town, with the relaxed lounge bar, Jellyfish, a near neighbour.  Green Bar has also opened for 2022 in the same section.

Further along by the bridge, you can catch all the sports on the big screen at the pub style Morgan. Or head to on down to Fin (changed hands from Filou), a cocktail bar and bistro, with happy hours, theme nights and live music too. Squid Story, a beer at your table style bar, has opened a few metres down on the other side of the street.

Beach Bars

For sunsets or lazy afternoons, hit the hip bistro bar down by the sea, Cabana or back at the northern end, See the Sea is great beach bar at the front of Chang Park. The restaurant at the long established Porn Bungalows makes for another excellent alternative .

Live Music

Finally, the in-house band at Sea Breeze belts out the standards most nights of the week – it’s roadside down at the southern end. Fin also often has band.


  • Bar: Jellyfish, Wine Gallery, Fin, Cabana, See the Sea
  • Sports: Morgan
  • Live: Sea Breeze, Fin, Lighthouse
  • Beer Bars: Maipai, Yak Yak, @ Marks

Other Beaches – Koh Chang Nightlife

Beyond the three beaches above , Koh Chang nightlife is much more low-key, but we summarise what’s on offer below.

Wherever you stay, you’ll still be able to get a drink, and maybe listen to some music without having to search too hard.

Cheers or as the Thais would say, Chok Dee!

North to South

Pearl Beach

Between White Sand Beach and Chai Chet, the area of Pearl Beach is certainly not somewhere you go for nightlife but there are a couple of spots to hang out.

Down by the sea within Hat Kai Mook Camping (next door to Lotus’s), The Secret Pearl is a great little beach bar  made from reclaimed wood – on the ocean, full range of drinks, sunsets and very laid back.

The beer bar, Crazy Mojitos, meawhile, has reappeared in its latest incarnation  up on the hill above Ban Hea at the northern end.  Expect more of the same, beer, cocktails, girls and some pool.

Ju Ju, the live music venue, has closed down.

Chai Chet

Nightlife in Chai Chet is either a couple of good bars or Thai female company – that’s your lot.

  • For a regular, friendly bar, the reggae themed Malibu in Coconut Plaza has been the go-to choice for many years. At the start of the village up on the slope, Summer Breeze too has a relaxed atmosphere – pool table and vintage clothing too.
  • Down by the sea at the southern end , the resort Flora I Talay offers a beachside bar with plenty of chilled out seating areas and decent music. Great for sunsets, it also throws DJ parties on the big occasions.
  • For the Thai female company, you need to head to the northern end and its long row of beer bars offering you know what. Opening from lunchtime onwards, choices include Nanas, Trust Me, Apollo, Honey Bunnies, Cat and Get Lucky, though they come and go with a fair frequency. As to which is the best for entertainment and female company, that’s outside our scope, so maybe just head on down there, suck it and see…

Klong Prao Beach

Perhaps because of its spread-out nature, the large Klong Prao Beach area actually has very little nightlife.

  • At the northern end, Sapparot Bar and its neighbour, Moley’ Guesthouse are two decent spots on the canal, very relaxed and definitely worth a look.
  • In the central area,  the Japanese bar restaurant, Izakaya (opposite the turnings to the old Blue Lagoon and Centara) serves Sake, Asahi beer and whisky with the simple BBQ snack dishes – it’s a cool under-the-radar spot.
  • Further south, Alchemy was the hip bar of Klong Prao Beach, with mixology their speciality. Still awaiting news if it re-open for 22/23 season?
  • For female  company, there’s a few bars in the same area as Alchemy or some welcoming Thai smiles in the cluster of beer bars such You and Me, Lion Bar across the road from Choc Dee and Magic Resort – the far southern end.
  • For sunset, you could also dip into the beach-side bars at one of the big resorts such as Dewa, Vayna Boutique or The Splash.


Bailan Beach – Koh Chang Nightlife

Even though the near neighbour to Lonely Beach, nightlife in Bailan Beach is almost negligible.

  • Bailan Bar is the only real bar in the area but that is, for now, closed, with no word as to whether it will restart in 22/23/ season or not?  Zest, nearby is a good and open alternative, which also does food and coffees.
  • Down on the sand at the southern end, Lisca Beach (closed in rainy season) is a lovely location for a sundowner.
  • For sports, the English owned 3 Trees Guesthouse shows all of the Premiership games.

Bang Bao

Like Bailan, you don’t head to Bang Bao to party but there are still a couple of spots worth exploring.

  • For sundowners, Cliff Cottage has a great terrace looking over the bay at the rear.
  • Rasta View, just past Tranquillity Bay at the far southern end, occupies a prime location with views down onto Bang Bao bay – cold beers, shakes, mellow music and all round louche vibe.
  • Perched on the hillside on the way to Bang Bao, Hippy Hill is a slowly growing bar from one of Lonely Beach’s Thai veterans – live music on offer from time to time.

Bang Bao Beach

Hat Sai Noi, the little beach before Bang Bao Beach and Bang Bao Beach itself do offer a couple of bars to kick back in – Thai hippie being the main theme. 

  • On Hat Sai Noi, Djembe House is somewhat of an institution – a ramshackle, smoky kind of joint which also throws occasional parties and enjoys many a drum-a-thon.
  • Next door, Indie Beach hosts acoustic nights most weeks.
  • On Bang Bao Beach, head to either Green Garden Restaurant down on the sand or behind the beach on the creek, Ginger Home (Chan Siam) has live music, full bar and a great atmosphere.

UPDATED JUNE 22 for 22/23 Season

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