Koh Kood Diving – Companies, Sites and Prices

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For both seasoned professionals and rank amateurs, diving off Koh Kood offers visitors plenty of options either locally around the island, over in the Marine Park at Koh Rang or on the wreck near Koh Chang.

Dive Sites – Koh Kood Diving

Koh Kood has a great selection of different dive sites on both the west and east coasts.

Additonally, off the main beaches such as Bang Bao Beach, the waters are nice and shallow with only weak currents, so making it an ideal place to learn.

The east coast is also nicely sheltered which allows for diving all year round.

Off Ngamkho Beach, Hin Yedhi (14m) offers dives from 4m to 14m, while connected to it, Ao Tum is a drop dive onto a large coral garden. Heading south down to the Ao Takian area, the rock pinnacle, Hin Loy, has dives to 16 metres, caves and swim-throughs. Around the corner into the next bay, Klong Hin Reef or Anemone Bay is 2 dive sites, depths of 12 metres.

In the north west, offshore from Klong Yai Kee, the tiny uninhabited island of Koh Raet has two sites, one at either end. With depths of 4 to 8 metres, the northern end is perfect for beginners, whilst the southern end allows dives down to 14 metres – look out for the harlequin sweetlips and humphead parrotfish.

Further north, the so called Soneva Reef is one side of the larger island Koh Maisi Lek, with a deeper dive site on the other.

On the east coast, the fishing villages are home to a couple of good Koh Kood diving sites. Hin Ao Salad is the rock pinnacle in that bay, with dives to 14m, while in the south east, Ao Yai has both both a pinnacle, Hin Ao Yai and a shore dive.

Koh Rang and HTMS Chang

The dive boats also head over to Koh Rang, about an hour west of Koh Kood, perhaps the premier dive spot in the Koh Chang archipelago. Here, there are handful of reefs offshore from the main island, all excellent and easy to navigate. Do note, though, it does get busy with other boats from Koh Chang and Koh Mak.

South east from Koh Chang and a good 100 minutes from Koh Kood, advanced PADI divers can explore the largest wreck in Thailand, HTMS Chang, which was holed and sunk in 2012 for the local diving community. With lower deck swim-throughs and towers, the wreck has become an immensely successful project, which is home to a wide array of marine life.

Guide to Dive Prices – Koh Kood Diving

Prices are consistent across the companies with little aggressive undercutting but companies do offer deals on courses, multiple days of diving, groups and accommodation and prices might go down a little at the end of the main tourist season or during the rainy season.

Prices also vary slightly on location, with dives more expensive over at the wreck, simply because it is further. Beach dives are used as needed during the courses.

CourseGuide Rates per person (in Thai Baht)
DSD – 2 boat dives
(Discover Scuba Diving)

DSD - 1 beach dive

Bubblemaker (8 to 10 years) - 1 beach dive
4,000bt to 4,500bt


Scuba Diver – 2 days, 2 boat dives
Accredited to 12m only, not PADI

Open Water – 3 to 4 days, 4 boat dives
PADI qualified, 18m
Add 1,000bt for Android Touch
Advanced Open Water – 3 days, 5 dives13,500bt
Fun Dives (2 dives)
(PADI qualified)
Dive Packages (6 dives)

Night Dive

Extra Dive



PADI Tune-Up
1,000bt (start of day)
Freediving Introduction Basic (1 day)

Freediving (2 days)

Advanced (2 days)


Snorkeling off Koh Kood

Snorkeling off Koh Rang

Snorkeling off Koh Changdive site



Marine Park Tax at Koh Rang
Divers: 400bt/200bt
Snorkelers: 200bt/100bt

Dive Schools- Koh Kood Diving

Koh Kood diving is well served by three professional companies, BB Divers, Koh Kood Divers and Paradise Divers. Academy of Scuba has also opened its own tiny operation in Klong Mad.

BB Divers

Klong Chao Beach

Long established Belgian outfit, with their head office in Koh Chang, operating out of Koh Kood since October 2011. Own large wooden boat, professional friendly staff, well maintained equipment, 5 Star Padi IDC.

Koh Kood Divers

Shops in Klong Chao, Ngamkho, Bang Bao

Dutch father and son operation with long experience of diving in Thailand and in Koh Kood. Own mini reef on their doorstep in Bang Bao and running a coral preservation project. Relaxed set-up with times and schedules to suit. Large wooden boat.

Paradise Divers

Shops in Klong Chao, Ngamkho, Bang Bao

PADI Based on the island since 2004, a German owned company offering all courses, with lots of local knowledge of dive sites. Main base at Happy Days Guesthouse in Ngamkho Beach, but they also work out of Koh Kood Beach Resort in Klong Mad. Large wooden boat.

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