Firstly, we would like to extend our sincere condolences to any of our customers (past, present and future) who have lost a loved one through Covid-19.

Similarly, for all those who have contracted this awful virus and are now struggling with its long term effects, we wish you well.

As a business, like so many others, we have been severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. International tourism in thse islands has been non existent for well over a year and does not look like opening up again till January 2022. It’s been very hard for everyone to survive and regrettably many haven’t or will yet go under.

On the positive side, having literally no customers and clients has given us the time to radically change the site. Most importantly, we remain safe and healthy too.

Let’s hope that you can return this way in the not too distant future.

The company was set up in late 2013 with the website launched in October 2014.

Strategy and Focus – The Company

The company’s strategy is to build the definitive online guide book to this region through the domain, The company is maintained as a small operation, so that information remains firsthand and fresh.

We carry out all research, web development, photography and content creation ourselves. Through this hands-on approach, we can keep the core values of the company honest. Those core values are to offer the online user a focused, topical, accurate guidebook, where opinions given are ours alone.


As a result of our research, we have identified a reliable and trustworthy supplier base, with whom we are happy to work, confident that they too carry our same objectives. Through them, we can provide the online visitor the opportunity to plan and book all their holiday requirements, whether it be activities, transport or hotels, either on the move or from the comfort of their home or hotel.

The company is affiliated with international hotel booking sites, Agoda and, in order that we can provide that service to our users.


The website is optimised for mobile, desktop, laptop, notebook, with browser compatibility across the board, though we no longer support older versions of Internet Explorer.

Partnerships – The Company

We are always keen to talk to other businesses and individuals about partnerships and how the site can develop, so do please get in touch via Contact Us.