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Ao Kao Beach Resorts and Bungalows – Koh Mak

Accommodation on Ao Kao Beach comprises boutique resorts, bungalow operations, guesthouses and a small hotel spread out right along its 3km length.

You can find something to suit all tastes, for couples, for families, for backpackers, with prices across the board from 350bt for fan rooms to 8,500bt for poolside villas.

Prices given are for the peak Xmas period via booking sites, not the hotel websites. They are intended as guides only.

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Ao Kao Beach Resorts

At the far eastern end, you’ll find 3 excellent resorts in a row on the sand. Lazy Day The Resort makes a nice spot for couples, with large bungalows from 3,400bt if booked via its site. Next door, Ao Kao Resort, the premier resort on Ao Kao Beach, goes from 4,500bt upwards for one of its villas in high season. Continuing along, Palm Beach Resort is pitched at families, 3,500bt for a 4 person bungalow.

In the central area, about another 1000 metres down the beach, the hip choice, By The Sea, starts at 2,000bt for garden view to 3,000bt for its king size rooms by the pool. Baan Koh Mak, another long running boutique style resort, offers standard a/c bungalows, prices again from around 2,000bt to 2,700bt in peak season.

Beyond them, the small hotel, Makathanee Resort ranges from 3,000bt to 5,500bt for its beachside and poolside villas and rooms.

Pricing Code/Per night in Baht (B):
B= under 500; BB= 500 to 1,500; BBB= 1,500 to 3,000; BBBB= over 3,000;

Resorts are listed by location from Ao Nid end of Ao Kao Beach (east) to the Makathanee end (west).

Simply follow the rectangular buttons below to find more detailed listings at our affiliates. If you choose to make a booking with the affiliate, which ultimately results in a paid and checked-out stay, we will then garner a small commission from the affiliate at no cost to you.

bungalows lazy days resort koh mak

Lazy Day The Resort

Per Night: BBB – BBBB


At the far eastern end of the beach, spacious differently styled a/c ensuite bungalows on mini stilts, each with an outdoor terrace , either with direct sea view or in the rown behind. Beach bar, massage salas, in-house restaurant, nice jazz music, very laid back location. Accessed either off the Ao Nid road or by walking to the end of the beach, motorbike would be useful but not essential. Popular and well run resort, well worth a look.

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pool ao kao beach resort

Ao Kao Beach Resort

Per Night: BBB – BBBB


On the beach next door to Lazy Day, family friendly resort with large selection of brushed concrete, stylishly designed a/c villas, each with large roof terraces, either in the garden (with a small central swimming pool) or oceanfront. Restaurant by the sea, garden chess, kayaks, mountain bikes, tennis (indoor and outdoor) club. WiFi. Children under 6 stay for free.

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room palm beach resort koh mak

Palm Beach

Per Night: BBB – BBBB


Alongside Ao Kao Resort, small German owned resort with 8 rooms in brightly painted single or double storey buildings – 6 doubles, 2 quads, 1 with a roof terrace. All ensuite rooms are a/c and come equipped with TV, DVD, kids’ beds for free. Small swimming pool and restaurant. A well run operation that could suit families with a lovely stretch of beach on its doorstep.

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bungalow baan koh mak

Baan Koh Mak

Per Night: BBB


In the center on the beach on the main strip , 18 stylish a/c ensuite bungalows including 2 family set-ups, all spaced around a grassy area with a popular restaurant and separate beach bar (Talay) looking out over the sea. Kayaks, motorbikes, mountain bikes all available.

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pool rooms by the sea koh mak

By The Sea

Per Night: BBB – BBBB


Centrally located on the ocean, boutique style guesthouse with selection of ensuite a/c rooms (pool view, sea view and garden view) in a three storey block overlooking the swiming pool. Small spa, fusion restaurant, lots of chill out areas on the sand. Cafe at the entrance by the road. Koh Mak’s hip spot.

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rooms makathanee ao kao resorts koh mak

Makathanee Resort

Per Night: BBB – BBBB


At the western end of the main strip, small hotel style resort, with beach-side bungalows or behind, either pool-side family rooms, honeymoon and deluxe suites or hotel rooms in the compact 3 storey block. Restaurant and coffee shop, Head in the Clouds sunset bar, swimming pool, own pier, information centre.

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Ao Kao Beach Bungalows

By Palm Beach at the eastern end, Island Huts offers fan huts off the beach for 350bt, with more comfortable a/c bungalows on the sand at 1,200bt per night.

More centrally, Monkey Island also has fan cabins from 500bt right by the sea. Next door, Rayang Nature comprises more deluxe wooden bungalows (once part of Monkey) from 1,500bt upwards, all of them dotted around the garden by the sea.

Meanwhile, Joe’s Corner Hostel, up by the road in the centre of Ao Kao, has garden rooms from 1,300bt a night. Nearby, Ball Cafe, too has a double room upstairs from its little diner and two additional adjoining rooms down the side, all ensuite, 1,400bt with breakfast. On the lagoon behind, Riverside also offers accommodation at similar prices.

Behind Makathanee neart the start of the road leading to Ao Suan Yai Beach, Hanoi House has stylish modern bungalows or rooms in the main building from 1,400bt (cheaper deals possible). Next door, AP Guesthouse has motel style rooms n an L-shaped single storey block, slightly cheaper.

For another traveller option, try Big Easy at the far western end of the beach, where their large wooden bungalows (with great terraces) make for very peaceful getaway, 1,500bt a night for the cheapest option.

Recommended Bungalows on Ao Kao Beach

Bungalows are listed by location from Ao Nid end of Ao Kao Beach (east) to the Makathanee end (west).

Pricing Code/Per night in Baht (B):
B= under 500; BB= 500 to 1,500; BBB= 1,500 to 3,000; BBBB= over 3,000;

beach hut koh mak

Island Huts

Per Night: B – BB


At the far eastern end of the beach, very basic little fan beach huts with bathrooms (cold water) attached and a 4 a/c choices on the sand. Clean and well-maintained, friendly. Restaurant by the sea, deckchairs with the bungalows. A deservedly popular backpacker choice that also has WiFi, bicycle, motorbike hire and ever flowering lovely orchids.

bungalows monkey island koh mak

Rayang Nature

Per Night: BB – BBB


Very centrally located, sister resort to Rayang Phurin on Rayang Nok, the offshore island with the white sandy beach you can see from Ao Kao Beach. Here, they have assumed the best 20 or so wooden large and small cabins from Monkey Island next door. All are a/c, ensuite in well spaced out rows by the beach. No restaurant, WiFi. Boats 4 times daily to Koh Rayang Nok, as well as a day trip 10.00 to 16.00, 350bt per person.

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main building joes corner koh mak

Joe’s Corner

Per Night: BB – BBB

On the Strip

Modern boutique hostel by the road in the centre of Ao Kao, same group as Hidden Beach. Built on two floors, with a/c double rooms, bathrooms ensuite, red brick, natural materials, wood style, terrace upstairs. More renovated rooms by the creek. Wi-Fi, no restaurant but breakfast available. Shop. Orchid garden, bicycle, motorbike hire. Friendly spot.

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hanoi house koh mak

Hanoi House

Per Night: BB


Behind Makathanee at the start of the road which links across to the north west coast, 5 modern brushed-concrete style bungalows in the garden and appartment rooms (with balconies) in the 2 storey hotel block. A/c, ensuite (hot water), double beds as standard. Breakfast, motorbikes for rent. Good deals on packages. Recommended.

bungalows big easy ao resorts koh mak

Big Easy

Per Night: BBB


At the far western end on the beach, accessed down the tracks after Holiday Beach at the very end of Ao Kao/Ao Kra Tueng road. A very quiet and private resort comprises just 7 wooden styled a/c bungalows, boasting huge verandahs. Good restaurant. WiFi.

Bungalows at Far End – Laem Tookata

In the far south west corner at an area known as Laem Tookata, you’ll find two remote backpacker operations, looking out towards the tiny islands of Koh Rayang Nai and Koh Rayang Nok – perfect for a few days complete escape. After being sold in 2021, Baan Ing Khao has been abandoned as it awaits its new development.

To get to these bungalows, you follow the road behind Makathanee Resort which leads to the north west coast and at the top of the steep hill by Good Time Resort. Turn left towards Cococape Resort and then keep on this road right to the very end (about 10 minutes) – it becomes a trickier track for the last kilometre or so.

Along the way, you’ll also pass the backs of Koh Mak Residence, Mira Montra and the track down to Hidden Beach Resort. Note too shortly before you hit the last track section, there is a road that branches to the right. If you nip up here, it will bring you out at the top of a steep slope down to Baan Ing Khao or at its very end, a private house. Leave via the path behind the bungalows and you join the track section going back the other way.

If you stay down here, you will definitely need your own transport, as it is very tricky to walk along the shoreline to join with Ao Kao Beach or its restaurant strip behind.

bungalows hidden beach resort koh mak

Hidden Beach Resort

Per Night: BBB


As you would expect, hidden away down the track which leads to Laem Tookata, a quiet and private bungalow resort by the same owners as Joe’s Corner. Ten wooden style a/c ensuite cabanas with small balconies and great views raised up on stilts just back from the sea. Breakfast available, shared kitchen, chill out area and beach bar on the small beach. WiFi.

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Villas and Houses to Rent

At the eastern end of Ao Kao near to the entrance to Island Hut and roadside businesses such as Q Bar and the Island Shop, you can rent a huge Lanna style villa with 5 bedrooms – Koh Mak Garden Villa – contact us for more details. It sits in a secluded garden, with the rooms split either side of a central terrace area.

Right at the other western end, you’ll also find a few houses to rent on the corner just past the entrances to Baan Chailay and Sabai Beach (see their location below). They are easily walkable to the central restaurant strip and if you walk straight through those resorts, there’s a decent stretch of beach too.

Follow the road round and opposite the entrance to the now defunct Holiday Beach, Koh Mak Residence sits at the top of the private road. (This appears to have been delisted, but may re-appear for the 22/23 season).

Other Bungalows and Guesthouses in Ao Kao Beach and Laem Tookata

Other Bungalows and Guesthousess are listed by location from Ao Nid end of Ao Kao Beach (east) to the Makathanee end (west).

dara villa garden

Dara Villa

Per Night: BBB

Roadside at the eastern end by the turning to Island Huts, new home of Holiday Beach‘s Dara in what was Swiss Sawasdee. Rooms in the rear, famly and double. Restaurant may open again the high season 22/23.

bungalows monkey island koh mak

Monkey Island

Per Night: B-BB

Towards the central beach area, selection of small bungalows only, fan or a/c, with and without bathroom, all within metres of the sea. Beach bar opens and closes depending on demand. Out the back for shops and other places to eat on the strip. As of June 22, the resort is in a very run down state.

front sawasdee guesthouse

Love House

Per Night: B-BB

On the road opposite Makathanee, 7 ensuite a/c rooms along a small corridor with a garden view. Breakfast available, sister accommodation to Dara Villa at the other end of Ao Kao Beach, which also has appartments.

front bungalows 2 Cans Ao Kao Koh Mak

2 Cans Bungalows

Per Night: BB

On the road behind Makathanee and TK Huts, standard bungalows in a small garden area. No restaurant yet but motorbieks available and WiFi. Could suit long stay, no frills.

bungalows TK Huts koh mak

TK Huts

Per Night: B-BB

At the northern end of the beach, handful of well spaced out a/c bungalows stylishly decorated inside with seaview, family room, WiFi. Peaceful spot, no restaurant. Easy walk to the strip, just steps from the sea.

bungalows miss you resort koh mak

Miss You Resort

Per Night: BB

Effectively the other half of TK Huts from when that resort split in two. More basic than its neighbour with standard bungalows and a large family room, but of course same garden area by the sea. Sometimes open restaurant. WiFi.

bungalows sabai beach koh mak

Sabai Beach Resort

Per Night: BB

Formerly Sky Beach, towards the northern end of the beach, 8 rooms in total, a/c bungalows on the beach, with restaurant and cafe/bar. Peace and quiet. As of June 22, the resort is in a very run down state.

front bungalows Baan Chailay Ao Kao Koh Mak

Baan Chailay

Per Night: BBB

Towards the northern end of the beach, handful of a/c and fan bungalows at this small German bungalow set-up with its own restaurant, Krua Ton Hom.

bungalow holiday beach koh mak

Holiday Beach – CLOSED

Per Night: n/a

With the lease expiring and business at such a downturn due to the pandemic, Holiday Beach has been abandoned – nothing yet coming in to replace it (June 22).

bungalows baan ing kao koh mak

Ban Ing Kao – CLOSED

Per Night: n/a

Land was sold in June 2021 and as of June 22, the resort lays abandoned, awaiting development – no news yet what will replace it.

bungalows Laem Tookata

Baan Laem Tookata

Per Night: B

5 wooden style backpacker bungalows, bathroom inside with cold water and fan. Right on the seafront at this quiet and remote beach down in the south west corner of the island. No restaurant but can use Baan Ing Kao or Maruay next door. Used as accommodation by local fisherman at the moment (June 22).

bungalow maruay Koh Mak

Maruay Bungalows

Per Night: B

First set of 5 bungalows as you arrive down in this far corner of the island. Simple wooden fan bungalows with porches, small restaurant. Friendly. Used as accommodation by local fisherman at the moment (June 22).

The Beach – Ao Kao Beach Resorts and Bungalows

It would take about 15 minutes to walk from one end of Ao Kao Beach to the other. Bear in mind that it does get quite tidal, so that stroll along the sand gets trickier when the tide is up. At night, you would definitely need a torch.

Just behind the beach in the area that stretches from behind Monkey Island, past Baan Koh Mak up to Makathanee Resort and Two Cans, there is a small strip of restaurants and shops, all low key like Koh Mak itself.

If you stay at the eastern end, Ao Kao Resort and its neighbours, it is a good 10 minutes walk along the road to this strip, though they do have a few of their own eating options and minimarts at that end. From the other end at Big Easy, it’s a bit nearer.

UPDATED JULY 22 for 22/23 Season

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