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Islands near Koh Chang come in all shapes and sizes, sitting either just off the coast or further out to sea in the archipelago.

Best known of all these islands is Koh Rang, about an hour out from Bang Bao, with Koh Mak lying to its west. This is the centre of the Marine Park with three distinct sets of its own tiny isles off its shores, a snorkeling and diving paradise.

Koh Ngam and Koh Laoya, near to the south east corner of Koh Chang have very pretty beaches and a closed resort each. Both can be visited on boat trips.

Also located a little way out from Bang Bao, Koh Klum  features in various boat tour itineraries – the so- called 3 island trip. It now boasts a small resort now too.

Finally, off Koh Chang’s north west and west coast, as well as in Salak Phet bay in the south, there are other clusters of tiny uninhabited islands, great for visiting in a kayak.

As to how many islands make up the archipelago, 52 to 54 is the figure that the various surveys settle on, with other scattered rocks and pinnacles, such as the dive sites at Hin Rap and Hin Luk Bat, not included in that total.

43 of this figure are given Marine Park designation, principally all those around Koh Chang, Koh Wai and Koh Rang, with those off Koh Mak and Koh Kood not falling into that classification.

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Koh Rang – Islands near Koh Chang

Koh Rang, a long thin island surrounded by a dozen or so tiny offshore rocks and outcrops, is the centre of the Koh Chang Marine Park. It is located about 45 minutes to an hour out from Bang Bao by slow boat or 20 minutes by speedboat.

Koh Rang’s coral reefs offer the best snorkeling in the area as well as a great diving experience. If you leave from Koh Chang on a 4 or 5 island boat trip, therfore, this will be the principal stop of your day.

There is a Marine Park tax of 200bt per adult (40bt per child) to snorkel there or 400bt per adult (200bt per child) to dive. Locals pay 40bt and 20bt respectively for the snorkeling, 200bt for the diving. Remember to always add this to your day trip prices.

On the actual island itself, you’ll find a Rangers’ Station, a handful of bungalows and even a bit of camping.

Koh Ngam – Islands near Koh Chang

A tiny island off the south east corner of Koh Chang, Koh Ngam can be reached by either a half day speedboat trip or private charter. You can also kayak across the small bay from Tantawan Resort, which is located past Long Beach – just follow the road.

Koh Ngam’s one resort, Analay, is currently closed but the caretaker staff do run a small refreshment stall for anyone coming ashore. Incidentally, they also levy an island tax of 200bt per person for all visitors.

Koh Laoya

Off the south east of Koh Chang, Koh Laoya is a cluster of 3 islands comprising the main one, with its stunning beach and 2 satellite islands alongside.

There is or was a solitary resort, Laoya Coco Resort, but this has never reopened since the pandemic – a shame as it had just been renovated.

You can visit the main island on a private boat trip but do need to pay an island fee of 200bt/400bt per boat. The smaller 2 islands are visited by many boat trips as part of their 3 island snorkeling tours.

islands near koh chang map

Islands near Koh Chang – South

Koh Klum, Koh Man Nai and Others – Islands near Koh Chang

In this section, we take you round the the tiny islands and rocks offshore from Koh Chang.

Starting out from Bang Bao, we drop in at Koh Klum, which you normally visit as part of the 3 island day trip. You can now also stay there at its unique resort, Koom NangPhaya.

We then move onto Koh Man Nai and its neighbours, so wonderfully dominant from the Kai Bae Beach viewpoint. All are within easy kayaking distance but you can take a 1/2 day speedboat trip too.

Next up, we cover the islands in Salak Phet bay,  again just a short paddle in a kayaka or you can charter a small launch from a local resort. 

We finish up at the north west islands near Klong Son – spots which are part of the catamaran boat trip’s itinerary.

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