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Pearl Beach Koh Chang

At a Glance

  • Likely to meet: Couples, some families, travellers.
  • The Beach: No sand beach, small pebbles, rocky, rough red sand but good snorkeling.
  • Accommodation: Small boutique resorts, bungalow set-ups, villas and guesthouses.
    300bt fan rooms to 3,500bt for family bungalows and up to 20,000bt for the 12 person villa.
    • Resorts: Baan Ton Rak, Pennys, Privilege, Keereeta, Khai Mook
    • Villas: Villa Inspiration, Elegance Luxury, Pearl Pool, Tippawan, Supphatra House
    • Bungalows/Guesthouses: Saffron, TP Huts, Macura, Alisa, Rose Garden
    • Camping: Kai Mook Camping
  • Restaurants: Nice bistro, chic coffee house, Vegetarian, cheap Thai food court.
    • Saffron on the Sea, Le Jao Jom, Everflow
  • Nightlife: Limited…to say the least
    • Bar: Secret Pearl, Crazy Mojitos
  • Other: Superstores, Post Office, ATMs.
  • Highlights: Snorkeling, Shopping, Peace and quiet.
  • Lowlights: Beach, bit characterless.
  • Thai Name: Hat Khai Mook (hat is beach, khai mook is pearl).

Pearl Beach Koh Chang Map

At an Island Pace – Pearl Beach

Pearl Beach (Hat Kai Mook) is the first area you hit having left the last vestiges of White Sand Beach. It is very easy to pass through it without noticing its presence, yet Pearl Beach does have much to offer in a quiet understated way.

The beach is small rounded pebbles but what it lacks in sand, it makes up for in snorkeling, with some of the best spots along the whole of the west coast, just offshore. The resorts are generally small and there is a friendly, keen to please nature about them, with some great deals on offer.

Overall, with your own transport, it can make a very good base, laid back and away from it all, with no need to venture out, but close enough to White Sand Beach, should something a bit more touristy be desired.

Northern End | Southern End

The Northern End – Pearl Beach

Coming out from White Sand Beach, you first pass Le Jao Jom, the chicest and most Insta bistro and coffee house on the island.

Pearl Beach itself is held to start at the bend by the little inland street, leading up to Macura Resort, TP Huts and Alisa, three excellent value budget resorts, clustered together in quiet gardens. Ban Hea, a good little restaurant, is roadside as you turn in, with Mojitos now joining it as the latest tenants of the bar above.

Across from from them, the entrance to the backpacker bungalows Ban Na is on the sea side of the road, together with a couple of tiny diners including Sanae’s leading onto the Tesco Lotus superstore. Look out too for Had Kai Mook Camping, who have a terrific position in the huge undeveloped area by the water. They also play host to a bar, The Secret Pearl and a diner, Nid’s Cafe, both on the seafront.

pearl beach koh chang beaches
Looking back at the interior from Had Khai Mook Camping

Across the road, Baan Ton Rak, a small German owned boutique hotel of rooms, pool and family villa up above, lies hidden away behind its retaining wall, with Rose Garden Resort, another collection of bungalows and cheap rooms next door.

Up on the hillside above them, you’ll can stay at Elephant and Castle, whilst continuing on past the abandoned nightclub, The Studio has rooms as well as a bar on the corner of the 3 storey roadside block. Another 200 metres brings you to Big C Superstore, which dominates the far end of the village.

pearl beach koh chang beaches
Northern end

The Southern End – Pearl Beach

Back on the ocean side, past Lotus’s,other little streets take you down to the private Villa Inspiration, Koh Chang Resortel, uniquely boasting an Olympic sized swimming pool and to Koh Chang Privilege, a nice spacious Thai bungalows resort. Along the front of them, roadside, a sprawling food court provides the dining options with a wide choice from noodle soup, to chicken over rice and other cheap stir fried dishes cooked to order.

Soi 1 to Soi 2

You’ll find older boutique resort, Keereeta, on the corner of Kai Mook 1, a narrow speed-bumped street which runs past the motel of Koh Chang Budget Rooms, Supphatra House and the small complex of Villas Davide (Matteo, Marco and Tippawan) before reaching the excellent restaurant and bungalows of Saffron on the Sea.

seating at Saffron Koh Chang
At Saffron

There is no shortage of other choices along this small stretch of shoreline with Khai Mook Resort, a bigger operation next door, the tiny Paradise Palms and the well reviewed Pennys Resort. At the very end of the track, Iyara Resort have taken back the old Jane Chalet and Ju Ju Bar, with a villa development on the cards at some point in the future.

When the tide is out, you can walk back straight along the rocks and pebbles across the resorts’ fronts to re-emerge at Ban Na.

decking by sea ju ju bar
Looking north back down the coast from the southern end

A second small soi, Kai Mook 2 runs from the back of Khai Mook Resort back up to the main road, passing the set of pool villas for rent, Elegance and Pearl, a car wash complete with the vegan Everflow cafe on the corner and the TOT head office.

The Far End

It ends opposite Big C with the Honda motorbike shop on one side and the offices of Koh Chang Guide (currently closed) on the other – they are/were the company who produce the booklet and maps found in all the hotel receptions across the island.

Koh Chang’s main post office is also a few meters along in this stretch of buildings, which include a cheap restaurant and , on the other side, JJ Com, a useful computer and Apple repair shop. Lastly, as you head out of Pearl Beach, you’ll spot a handful of bungalows for long stay rent tiered up the slope at the far end.

UPDATED NOVEMBER 22 for 22/23 Season

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