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For such a laid back and peaceful island, Koh Mak still has plenty of things to do.

At sea, activities range from lazy snorkeling trips and fun dives over at Koh Rang to some more serious exploration further afield at the wrecks near Koh Chang. You can also kayak out to the offshore islands or visit them all in one day on a more leisurely private speedboat tour.

Back on land, renting a bicycle or indeed a motorbike is a fun way to explore the island – there’s a maze of tracks, trails and even a couple of deserted beaches.

Meanwhile, down near the main pier, you can potter round an interesting local museum or try your hand at Thai dishes in the cooking school next door.

For fitness and health, a very reputable Muay Thai gym runs twice daily sessions, allcomers welcome or you could join a Yoga class, play tennis and work out in the gym.

All in all, if lazing by the pool or on the beach becomes just too much, then you won’t be short of alternatives.

You can jump straight to each section for snippet info and then head to the page for more details:-

Diving, Snorkeling, Kayak, SUP, Boat Trips – Things to Do in Koh Mak

The small, friendly scuba diving scene currently has only one company, Koh Mak Divers who offer days over at the Marine Park at Koh Rang. 

2 fun dives are priced from 3,100bt, with deals available for multiple days.  The boats also head further afield to the HTMS Chang wreck, the largest one in Thailand – 3,900bt for 2 dives here (3 divers minimum).

DSD (Discover Scuba Diving) is 3,900bt for 2 ocean dives with the training or Bubblemaker, for 8 to 10 year olds, is 1,800bt.  You could also make Koh Mak your base to take a full PADI course, with Open Water, Advanced and Technical just some of the options available.


For snorkeling, you can head over to Koh Rang on the dive boat or use one of local companies – prices are around 800bt to 1,000bt per person. Much closer to home, the tiny islet of Koh Pii off Ao Lom boasts an excellent reef. Ask at your resort about trips there or enquire with Cococape Resort – expect prices for a half day of 1,000bt per person.

Divers at Koh Rang must pay the Marine Park tax at 400bt per adult/200bt per child. Snorkelers ar 200bt/100bt respectively. Thais are 40bt/20bt.

Kayaks and SUP

Kayaking is another great way to get out on the water, giving you the chance to visit those islands offshore like Koh Kham and Koh Rayang Nok – the ones with the incredible white sand beaches. Rentals are 500bt for a day, 150bt an hour.

Look out too for SUP (Stand-Up Paddling) too. Ask at resorts such as Prompakdee, Koh Mak Resort, Ao Kao Resort and Baan Koh Mak for more details – prices as above.

Boat Trips around the Islands

Private speedboats can be chartered to make a full day tour of the small islands – Koh Kradat, Koh Rayang Nok and Nai, Koh Kham and Koh Pii – which sit offshore from Koh Mak. Prices are between 8,000bt and 9,000bt excluding the island entrance fees. Do contact us for details.

Trails and Hidden Beaches – Things to Do in Koh Mak

Although the island’s system of marked trails and accompanying booklet has now been largely abandoned, it’s still possible to to hunt out Koh Mak’s deserted and lesser known beaches ase well as explore its forests and coastlines.

In the Ao Suan Yai Beach area, you can pop in on what is left of the eye-wateringly graphic, erotic art at The Kingdom of Somchai . Or take in the oldest house on the island before trekking to the wonderful, undeveloped Turtle Beach on the far northern tip of the island.

North and North East

On the north coast, the the original fishing community at Ao Ta Long still has a few inhabitants and further along, you can explore the coast of Ao Taan by popping in at any of the remote resorts – The Mak, Green View or Cinnamon Art.

Laem Son in the far north east is another lovely spot with the ultra flat island of Koh Kradat shimmering on the horizon. On the way, you can hunt down the wonderfully bizarre cat temple (shrine) on the Ao Pai coast.

South West

Or in the completely opposite direction, down in the south west, you can seek out the small bay of Ao Lom with Koh Pii offshore and then continue onto the charming bay at Laem Tookata.The islands of Koh Rayang Nok and Nai are the backdrop this time, both within easy kayak distance. Pebble Beach sits on the cove behind.

Getting About

Koh Mak’s terrain being so flat, you can explore by bicycle, with rentals available all over from 150bt to 250bt a day. As it will be hot and distances, indeed hills can be longer and steeper than expected, our advice is to pay the premium and get the best mountain bike available.

Motorbikes, a far easier option, are 250bt, deals to be had if you take one for a few days.

More Activities – Cooking School, Tennis, Muay Thai, Disc Golf, Yoga

Off the water, Koh Mak has plenty of other activities.

Down by the sea at Ao Nid next door to Koh Mak Seafood, you’ll find a terrific little cooking school, Smile,  where Leng runs twice daily classes (morning or evening) from 1,500bt per person for 4 dishes.

Over on Ao Kao Beach, Phoenix Muay Thai training gym sits under the trees up by the main road, sessions from 500bt for group or 1,000bt for private. Or head down to Ao Kao White Sand Beach Resort itself for a game of tennis or badminton.

Opposite Hanoi House on the back road from Ao Kao Beach up to Good Time Sports Resort, you could play the unique sport of disc golf course over 9 ‘holes’. If no one is there, ask at Dara Villa which is near the Island Shop and Q Bar for details.

For mind, body and spirit, Koh Mak does sometime host annual yoga retreats at resorts like Good Time Resort and Koh Mak Resort, as well as daily lessons from resident teachers.

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