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Koh Kood (Kut), lies on the maritime border with Cambodia and is the second largest of the Koh Chang Islands – 25 kilometres long by 12 kilometres wide, with 2,500 or so inhabitants.

Largely untouched rainforest fills the centre, mangroves line the rivers and 3 very pretty waterfalls are hidden away deep in the forest.

Though very popular with Thai tourists and weekenders, Koh Kood’s development remains relatively low-key and carefully managed. The abscence of car ferries helps immeasurably in maintaining its unique sense of isolation and as a result, it truly is a wonderful Thai island to visit.

At A Glance

  • Koh Kood accommodation ranges from ultra luxurious 5 star through boutique resorts to family bungalow operations and traveller options. Room prices tend to be more expensive than its neighbours, Koh Mak and Koh Chang.
  • 4 boat companies operate out of Laem Sok Pier, the mainland departure point for the island. To get there, you can use use private transfers, fly into Trat Airport or there are direct bus and boat combinations.
  • Koh Kood’s wonderful beaches, with their powder white sand, clear waters and picturesque bays, are all on the west coast – look out for Klong Chao, Bang Bao, Ao Tapao and Ao Phrao. There’s two authentically local fishing villages over on the eastern side.
  • Once on the island, you’ll find plenty of decent Thai and western restaurants but don’t expect much nightlife – no strips of bars or nightclubs, that’s really not Koh Kood’s vibe.
  • To keep you busy there’s good local snorkeling and diving or you can head over to the reefs at Koh Rang. The waterfalls too are well worth a visit as are a couple of ancient trees deep in the forest.
  • Concerning those holiday essentials, Koh Kood has a hospital, ATMs, 4G/5G mobile coverage. You won’t find any 7-11s or superstores.


How to Get to Koh Kood

Getting to Koh Kood has become steadily easier over the last few years as new travel services are added to meet demand.

Private transfers from Bangkok hotels and all the airports are the easiest way to make the catamaran, speedboat and express boat connections at Laem Sok Pier.

Flying from Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) to Trat (TDX), Bangkok AirwaysPG305 lunchtime flight lands at 13.40.  This is tricky to connect to the 14.400 boat to the island, 600bt per person so it’s better and less stressful to opt for the 16.00, same price. The afternoon PG307 will not make any boat connections.

You can also take a daily 07.30 direct bus/boat connection from Khao San area direct to the pier. Public buses and microbuses from Ekamai and Morchit Bus Stations to Trat Bus Station complete the options.

Private Transfers

Head here for full details and information on private transfers to Koh Kood, by SUV car or by minibus, from your door to Laem Sok Pier, arriving on the island in one day.

Transfers are available from all the Bangkok hotels and all the main airports including Suvarnabhumi, Don Mueang, U Tapao (Pattaya) and Trat. If coming from Koh Samet, we can meet you off the boat at Ban Phe Pier. Any other locations, please just ask, we are sure we can cover it.

Prices for a Bangkok to Koh Kood transfer start at 3,900bt for an SUV car, excluding boat tickets. We can supply child seats and then book those boat tickets too.

All transfers are, of course, available in both directions.


We also provide international transfers from Siem Reap, Sihanoukville, Phnom Penh and Battambang in Cambodia as well as the borders at Aranya Prathet, Had Lek and Ban Pakkad.

Travel in Style with Us

Flying to Trat Airport

Bangkok Airways flies twice daily between Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) and Trat Airport (TDX).

The PG305 lands at 12.40 (31/3/24 to 26/10/24, summer timetable), so you can make Seudamgo’s 14.20 mini catamaran or Boonsiri’s 14.40 catamaran – both are 600bt per person with a duration of 60 minutes.

When on the winter timetable (27/10/24 to around 30/3/25), you link to the 16.00 boat run by Seudamgo (600bt, 60 minutes).

Arriving on the afternoon flight PG307 at 17.15 will mean spending a night in either Trat or near the pier – guesthouse options here.

Flying from Trat Airport

The  PG306 back to BKK departs at 13.10 (31/3/24 to 26/10/24, summer timetable) from Trat, so you can use the 09.00 Boonsiri (600bt per person, 60 minutes), the 09.30 Koh Kut Express (600bt, 80 minutes – not running June to September) or at a push, the 10.00 Seudamgo (600bt, 60 minutes). 

When on the winter timetable, the PG306 departs at 14.10 so the 10.00  boat above is the best one to get.

If leaving on the PG308 afternoon flight at 17.45, you take one of the final daily boats off Koh Kood – the 13.00 Koh Kut Express speedboat (600bt, arriving at 14.00 – not running mid May to early November) or Seudamgo’s 13.50 (600bt, 15.20 via Koh Mak).

Please contact us for a  private transfer from between the Airport and Laem Sok Pier and the boat booking as we can organise it all for you (either direction).

Bangkok Airways’ telephone number is 02 270 6699 or 039 551 654-5, www.bangkokair.com

Book Your Private Transfer to Laem Sok Pier Now

Express, Speedboats, Catamaran, Island Hopping

4 companies lay on 8 boats daily between Laem Sok Pier and Koh Kood in both directions. 

  • Boonsiri  – catamaran,  60 minutes, 600bt – 10.45 and 14.20 (1/6/24 to 30/9/24, moving to 14.40 for high season).  Returns are at at 09.00 and 12.00.
  • Koh Kut Express,  large express  boat 90 minutes, 500bt – 13.30 (11.30  back).
  • Koh Kood Princess, large express boat, 110 minutes, 350bt –  12.30 (10.00 back) .
  • Koh Kut Express, mini catamaran via Koh Mak (500bt to there), 75 minutes, 600bt – 11.30 (09.30 back).
  • Seudamgo, mini catamaran, 60 minutes, 600bt – 12.00 (via Koh Mak, 550bt to there), 14.20 and 16.00 (10.00, 12.30 and 13.50 via Koh Mak back). 
  • Koh Kut Express, speedboat, 60 minutes, 600bt – 10.00 (13.00).

Note: Koh Kut Express’s mini catamaran and speedboat do not run from end of May to end of September/mid October. 

Private speedboats are available too – please contact us for more details.

We give you all the timetables and details as well as our definitive island hopping guide – speedboat, wooden boat or catamaran – to Koh Chang and Koh Mak. These island hopping boats are not available in rainy season (June to September inclusive), see here for your options during that period.

Public Bus, Minibus

In this section, we bring you full details on bus and share minibus options to Laem Sok Pier or Trat.

From 1/6/24 to 30/9/24, the Boonsiri bus and boat combo direct to the pier leaves at 06.00 (for 13.00 boat via Koh Mak) and 08.00 (for 14.20 boat direct) from Bangkok (Khao San) with a return at 09.00 or 12.00. It’s 1,100bt per person, kids 5 and over are full price, 4 and under at 500bt.

Seudamgo runs its bus/boat service with a 05.00 bus (Khao San, Rama 9, BKK) for the 12.00 boat via Koh Mak. The return service is with the 13.50 boat via Koh Mak for the bus at 15.20 (BKK, Ekamai, Morchit, Khao San). Price is 1,100bt per person, kids 4 and under free.

Koh Kut Express too has a 07.00 bus (Khao San, BKK) for its slower 13.30 boat, 1,000bt per person, kids 4 and over full price. The return is with the 11.30 boat, bus at 13.00, same price.

We can book any of the above for you.

Public services (buses and microbuses) are also available to Trat Bus Station from Ekamai and Morchit Bus Stations – take the night bus (23.30) or the earliest daily departures at 05.00 and 07.00 yes, you can make the boat connections to the island.  You use a songthaew taxi (50bt to 60bt or minimum charge) from the Bus Station to Laem Sok Pier.

Resorts and Bungalows

Koh Kood resorts and bungalows now number around 130  so every visitor should find something to suit their budget.

At the top end,  Soneva Kiri by Six Senses offers privacy and luxury in equal measure on the far north west coast, with prices from 45,000bt a night upwards in peak season. High Season in Klong Chao Beach also has a wide range of pool villas, prices there ranging from 15,000bt to 30,000bt in that Xmas to New Year period.

For 3/4 star resorts, choices include Tinkerbell, Tolani and Peter Pan on Klong Chao Beach, Natural Beach Resort, Koh Kood Resort and To The Sea (all on Bang Bao Beach), Cham’s House,  the solitary resort on Ao Takian Beach and the romantic’s favourite Shantaa on the hill above Ao Tapao Beach. Or you stay at the wonderfully peaceful Captain Hook on the cape in Klong Yai Kee, accessed only by water. Prices range from 4,500bt to 20,000bt in peak, some with minimum 2 or 3 night’s stay.

You’ll find some excellent boutique spots too – Wendy the Pool (8,000bt) in Klong Chao, Rest Sea (5,200bt to 7,500bt) in Ao Phrao, Hideout (4,500bt to 6,000bt) on its own private cove,and the esoteric Bann Makok (3,700bt to 4,300bt), hidden away in the mangroves near Klong Yai Kee Waterfall. 

Alongside the above, there’s plenty of excellent 2/3 star resorts where starting prices are from 2,500bt – Meedee Resort, Seafar, Koh Kood Paradise Resort, Siam Beach and Koh Kood Beach Resort to name just a few.

Bungalows and Budget

For bungalow resorts or homestays in the 1,800bt to 3,500bt+ bracket, try places like Mangrove Bungalows, Dusita, I Lay House, Neverland, Rim Lay, Kama Siri, Klongmad Hostel, Baan Bua Cottage and Sunshine Resort.

If you are on a much stricter budget, don’t worry as Koh Kood has not forgotten about backpackers and travellers. Cheap rooms are available from 600bt to 2,000bt (family) at places like Ngamkho Bungalows, BB Divers, Mermaid House (formerly Garden View), Cozy HouseSand and Sea, PD Guesthouse and Eve House among others.

In the main page of our resorts section, we provide recommendations in all the different budget categories – from luxury to traveller. In addition,  we bring you our detailed snippet accommodation guides for each area.

You can then explore further by going to that individual area page for the full run-down. Choices made, all that remains is for you to head over to our affiliates at Agoda.com and Booking.com to make the reservation.

Beaches – Koh Kood Island Guide

With them all found on the west coast and often at the end of long lanes leading from the island’s only road, Koh Kood’s beaches are the epitome of picture postcard affairs – totally in keeping with the escapist feel of the island itself.

Each beach, such as Bang Bao, Ao Phrao, Ao Jak and Ao Takian has no more than a handful of places to stay, with very little other development. For restaurants and minimarts, you head back to the main road or wander along the sand to the next resort along.

Behind Klong Chao Beach, you’ll find a couple of restaurants and bars, even a night market on the river bank. As well its wonderful beach, Ao Tapao is the main administrative area, with the hospital, police, school and town hall. Klong Mad, meanwhile, is built around a sea inlet, home to speedboats and other small fishing vessels.

Head to the east coast of Koh Kood for the real local fishing villages, Ao Salad and Ao Yai.

Things to Do in Koh Kood

Though a very relaxed island, there’s still plenty to do and see on Koh Kood.

There are 3 long established and reputable diving companies, which teach all the courses including DSD (Discover Scuba Diving). They also head out daily for fun dives locally, over at Koh Rang (Marine Park) or even at the HTMS Chang wreck.

You can snorkel with the dive boats too but there are plenty of other 1/2 day trips available with local speedboats, both to Koh Rang and to sites nearer to Koh Kood, including the offshore island of Koh Raet. We can set you up with private options for both of those options. And you can wile away a few hours fishing too, mainly for squid, eating what you catch on board.

Kayaks are another great way to explore, with most resorts having a few on hand, 200bt to 300bt for a 1/2 day.

Waterfalls, Ancient Trees

Koh Kood boasts three waterfalls, Klong Chao, Klong Yai Kee and Huang Nam Keaw. If you head for Huang Nam Keaw, you will also find two vast ancient Makka trees of between 300 and 500 years old, well worth a visit.

There is a gentle hike inland from the Khao Ruerab (Battleship Mountain), easily accessible the inland road in Ao Ngamkho.

Koh Kood Weather

For the full guide to the climate and seasons on Koh Chang Islands, please head here.


Our restaurant guide goes around all the areas of Koh Kood, picking out what we consider the best spots – from seafood to cheap Thai food, western to coffee shops, west coast and east coast.

Restaurants to look out for include the nightly BBQ at Fisherman’s Hut, Isan at Esan Kitchen and cook at your table at Little Bird, all in the central area of Hin Dam. Or you can get Thai classics at Relax (book ahead) in Ao Phrao, cheap and tasty at Chillout Cafe and Chaiyo (both on the way to Ngamkho Beach) or Bang Bao Home.

For western dishes, try the homemade thin crusts and pasta at Pizza and Pasta on the main road leading towards the island’s Police Station and Hospital. Or equally tasty, you can dine with the Italian chef at Heaven Sense just past Bang Bao. There’s even Sunday roasts at Kuba Lounge, roadside after the Ao Takian turning).

If seafood is your favourite, head over to Ao Yai on the east coast, where you’ll find Chonthicha Seafood and Noochy Seafood at either ends of the village walkway. Nuch Leuang, on the hill at the southern end of Klong Chao Beach, is also deservedly popular.

Finally, there are plenty of cafes too from Black Bananas and Kood Vibes Bakery in Ngamkho to Good View and Viewpoint in Klong Chao. Each of them has an extensive menu to go alongside their coffees, smoothies and other delights.


You don’t come to Koh Kood to party, but there are a few bars dotted around the island where you can let your hair down.

In Klong Chao, on the back road leading way from the central bridge towards Tolani Resort, you’ll find live music and a laidback Thai hippie scene at Tawan. Opposite on the water itself, Sunset, has a full bar, the odd party and some excellent tunes to go with the terrific seaview from its deck. Meanwhile, inland on the way to Klong Chao Waterfall, Bartist draws the island’s hip crowd to its two storey venue.

For more live music, head over to the restaurant and bar at Fisherman Hut, which is on the shortcut road by the electricity station in the centre of the island.

Within the resorts, Sea Bar at Peter Pan on Klong Chao Beach and Hidden Gem @Monkey Bar at Siam Beach Resort on Bang Bao Beach are also worth a look.