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Kai Bae Beach Restaurants

Kai Bae Beach restaurants offer the full range of global cuisines, with everything from Thai to Italian, Mexican, Spanish and Indian, served up in a whole host of different diners spread out along its narrow bustling main street.

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Thai Food – Kai Bae Beach Restaurants

Choices for Thai food range from simple one plate over rice dishes to DIY bbqs, seafood to Issan style somtam with sticky rice and of course, good old noodle soup.


For seafood, Kai Bae follows the island style of the small boat out front, fish, prawns, squid, cockles and mussels piled up on the ice, all cooked any which way you like. Each is proficient at what they do, nothing fancy and certainly not high cuisine but more than acceptable for a meal out.

Our favourites are Friend Seafood at the northern end and Baan Kai Bae Seafood near the bridge towards the southern end. You can order off the menu too if seafood is not your thing.

Cheap and Cheerful

In the area around and about the police box at the northern end, you’ll find some good cheap and cheerful Thai diners roadside, nothing fancy but good to fallback on – look out for Chrisu (Dragon Place) and Pepper in particular. On the corner of the bypass road turning, Nai Hua Baoi Gaeng Tai serves excellent southern Thai curries over rice or noodle soup.

Continuing up that back road, next door to Tofu Kitchen (see below), Dream and First Sight (both currently closed) give you another couple of options. At the top, just around the bend, the long running Nid’s Kitchen mixes the usual Thai fare with some western dishes.

At Krung Ka Ta (currently closed) in the central area, the DIY bbq is 239bt per head, pile your plate up with everything from seafood to noodles and a couple of raw eggs and cook around the conical pot at your table – great fun and usually busy with tourists and locals alike.

Running down behind Morgan, there is a standard Thai food court, with each stall side by side specialising in different Thai dishes. You can choose from just one place or mix and match from each.

On the street down to Kai Bae Huts, home to the inter-island speedboat, the broth at the no frills noodle shop with the high roof is deservedly rated among the island’s best.

High Dining

Those seeking out a romantic, more upmarket spot should try the in-house restaurants at The Chill (excellent, comfortable, Bangkok style), Awa Resort and Gaja Chaan at Gajapuri Resort. Prices with drinks will probably come out at 1,000bt a head once tax and service have been added.

Meanwhile, Yaa, the owner of now shut Blue Lagoon Cooking School, has brought her signature style of delicately prepared and artistically presented Thai dishes to Kai Bae in the form of Khao Kham. Dishes at this centrally located bistro include Mantis shrimps with garlic and pepper and Blue Spotted Grouper on Cantaloupe.


At the northern end, tucked away up the slope near the start of Walking Street, Tofu Kitchen is one of the island’s premier vegetarian restaurants. A tiny kitchen turns out variations on all the classic Thai dishes at very reasonable prices, with a nifty sideline in cocktails.

Next door to the northern 7-11, Poke Bowl, run by a French/Cambodian couple, opened its doors in 2022 on the site of the old White Corner. It offers mostly vegan food from midday onwards, well worth a try.

Western Food – Kai Bae Beach Restaurants

You can eat around the continents in Kai Bae.

Northern End

At the start of the village, in the police box area, Papa’s, the Greek diner, has moved into a new smaller venue, with him still cooking up all the classics. Nearby, Indie Raw, from the team at Indie Beach Bungalows in Hat Sai Noi, brings an all round summery vibe with their offer of sashmi, sushi, maki and even sake.

Opposite Indie, Burger Station has been a fixture for many a year offering beef, chicken and vegetarian options – reliable, tasty and well priced.

Continue on to the main high street, Mordi and Fuggi is also well worth a visit It has two branches almost side by side by, one for the classics, one for Italian brunch and gelato. Opposite them, the deservedly popular Wine Gallery offers elaborate and very tasty Mediteanean tapas to complement its wine and spirit selection. It’s all excellent, well presented and yet another great spot to hang out.

Central Section

From the former owner of Filou, Bananas is a European fast food hybrid offering kebabs, curry sausage, ghoulash soup, meatloaf and burgers alongside cocktails.

Heading down to the sea, Cabana Ocean Bistro within Coral Resort is another very relaxed Mediterranean style affair of paninis, home made burgers, hand cut fries, music and sunsets.

Roadside by the bridge, Morgan, the sports bar, remains an ever reliable choice for either western or Thai food when watching the game or having a drink.

Southern End

Fully warranting its Tripadvisor recommendations, El Barrio is a Koh Chang favourite, a friendly relaxed spot turning out authentic Mexican dishes to a great soundtrack. Across the road, the tiny India Chef is regularly held as one of the island’s best Indian offerings, with its dahls, in particular, delicious.

Filou changed hands in 2021 and with its new name Fin is now run by the ex Buddha View crew. It continues much as before but has added specialities like tuna steak salsa verde and Belgian beef stew to its pub style menu. Ta Tum next door specialises in steaks as well as other western and Thai food,

Opposite Fin, from the same owners as Toscana in Klong Prao, Little Italy gives you another pasta and pizza option.

Coffee Shops

On the little back road leading past Awa’s hillside rooms, Fig Cafe at Koh Chang Residence is a very sweet spot – great coffee, a few vegetarian dishes on offer too.

Also inland at the far southern end – head up by the elephant camp and then follow the signs – The Mount sits on top of the hill, with amazing 360° views of the village and out to sea. It serves the usual array of coffee and smoothies as well as some one dish snacks. The last section of the track up is steep and tricky so maybe park your motorbike lower down and walk that bit.

Finally, the ever so aptly name View Cafe is perfectly situated to take in the magnificent vista of the offshore islands at Kai Bae Viewpoint – on the hill as you leave town.

Pricing Code/Per person in Baht (B) excluding drinks: B = under 100; BB = under 500; BBB = over 500.

North to South

interior night tofu kitchen kai bae beach restaurants koh chang

Tofu Kitchen

Per Person: BB

Northern end at the start of the bypass road, vegetarian and vegan restaurant serving breakfasts, lunch and dinner – mushroom avocado toast, cashew pesto penne, gyoza, tempeh skewers, Thai soups, stir fries and curries, sandwiches. Lots of shakes and cocktails too. Tiny place with only one cook so be prepared to take your time.

exterior indie raw kai bae beach koh chang

Indie Raw

Per Person: B – BBB

Also at the nothern end just before the Walking Street turning, summery vibe spot in pastels and pinks from the same crew as Indie Beach. Sashimi (salmon, tuna, scallop), sushi, maki rolls, unagi bowls, scallop rolls, vegetarian options alonsgide shakes, smoothies and sake. Closed Wednesdays.

exterior night friend seafood kai bae beach restaurants koh chang

Friend Seafood

Per Person: BB

By the road, long established seafood restaurant with the daily choice displayed out front. King prawns, scallops, cockles and snapper, cooked to order or on the bbq, served with full flavoured Thai dressings and spicy dips.

exterior day wine gallery kai bae beach restaurants koh chang

Wine Gallery

Per Person: BB – BBB

Spanish tapas including datiles con bacon, montaditos, championes rellenos, albondigas, croquetas as well as paninis, cheese and meat platters. Vast wine selection, coffee, good ambience. A deservedly popular hang out and one of the best Kai Bae Beach restaurants for western food.

exterior day khao kham kai bae beach restaurants koh chang

Khao Kham

Per Person: BB – BBB

A modern exterior houses a charming wooden interior at this bistro courtesy of Blue Lagoon Cooking School. Thai classics deconstructed and reassembled to give delicate, original and beautifully presented dishes. Small menu but with daily specials such as Koi (spicy raw salad with rice powder and grounded sesame ), crunchy fish salad with Thai herbs or Blue Spotted Grouper ceviche. Recommended.

garden fig cafe kai bae beach restaurants koh chang

Fig Cafe

Per Person: B – BB

At the end of the side street opposite Awa, great little corner cafe in Koh Chang Residence. On a par with the best Bangkok coffee houses, weighed beans for the normal menu but specialising in Momo drip (hot and cold) and teas such as Matcha. Egg tarts, croissants and other home baked items plus some vegetarian dishes including mushroom pie. Seating inside and out in the bamboo fenced garden.

interior cabana ocean bistro kai bae beach koh chang

Cabana Ocean Bistro

Per Person: BB

Down by the sea in Coral Resort, hipster restaurant and bar serving Mediterranean and Thai food, including chicken salad, panini, larb moo tawt, homemade cheeseburger and hand-cut fries. Great cocktails, beers, wines and shakes too with loungers, shaded decking and seating, use of the swimming pool. Look out for the community markets and the sunset beats.

exterior night morgan kai bae beach koh chang


Per Person: BB

By the bridge at the top of the food court, English run two storey diner with full western and Thai menu, breakfasts, all the classics. Bar, cocktails, pool table upstairs, all the sports on the screens including Premier League.

exterior night baan kaibae restaurant koh chang

Baan Kaibae Seafood

Per Person: BB – BBB

Thai restaurant with the seafood choices laid out on display in the front in the boat. Full menu available as well, lots of western choices. A safe choice for this touristy style, with Mama making sure everything runs smoothly.

front el barrio kai bae beach restaurants koh chang

El Barrio

Per Person: BB – BBB

This Mexican restaurant continues to pack them in, serving all the normal favourites from Burritos to enchilladas to taquitos, with lots of tasty and spicy sauces, such as salsa ranchera and mola. Cocktails, friendly couple, good vibe, popular.

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