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Lonely Beach Nightlife

Lonely Beach nightlife brims with bars, parties and general decadence. If you want to dance or drink, then this is the place on Koh Chang to hit.

From humble beginnings, with its backpacker reputation and cheap accommodation, it has developed into the centre of all things wild and wonderful once or the sun goes down.

Not much of an excuse is needed for a party, an anniversary of when you opened seems a good start, but half moon, full moon, Christmas Eve, Valentines Day, New Year’s Eve, Thai New Year will see some pretty big bashes, where even the most churlish might find their feet tapping – the music has improved over the years from when the same tape seemed to do the rounds at each place.

Useful provisos for Lonely Beach nightlife are the buckets are strong, swimming when drunk is a worse mix than vodka and red bull and some things are still illegal even if you are only wearing flip flops. Have fun!

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Due to the pandemic, nightlife in Koh Chang has been severely hit with frequent lockdowns, alcohol bans and curfews. It’s too early to say yet whether how exactly it will bounce back in the future but most of the bars are actually still in business, ready to party.

In the Village

The main focus of Lonely Beach nightlife is up in the village at Soi 1, where the bars and party venues, Himmel and Ting Tong, face each other about half day down. Other much smaller bars such as Tattoo, Shanti Shanti and X Bar are either squeezed in amongst them.

Open every night except specific government holidays and elections, the bars put on happy hours, fireshows and more besides to get you through the door, where bucket in hand, you can then dance the night away to a house soundtrack – assume at least one party per week at Himmel and Ting Tong respectively.

Over on the parallel street, Soi 2, Stone Free forgoes that pumping bass in favour of live blues music at its ramshackle bar, with its neighbour, Oom Bar, also a much calmer spot to sup a beer.

Continue back to the main street and head to the far southern end for another different atmosphere again at Margaritaville, where in-house DJs serve up a proper good time vibe to an older crowd.

Just a little before Margaritaville, Beach Jungle usually has the sports on its big screen behind the bar or Carpe Diem down Soi 2 also specialises in all the Aussie games.

Look out too for Gu’s Bay Bar near the bridge, run by a Lonely Beach nightlife veteran, San.

On The Beach

Not the on the actual beach but in the LB Complex development area next door, Cancun is the third major Lonely Beach nightlife venue alongside Himmel and Ting Tong above. Like their competitors, they throw a party at least once week, with fireshows, happy hours and Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotions all part of the package. The tiny Beautiful Bar by the boat ramp makes a nice contrast.

Lonely Beach is not really a beer bar (with girls for ‘company’) kind of place but a few have started to pop up along the street – To The Beach Road as it is called – down to Cancun.

Meanwhile on the sand itself, the northern end is home to the daytime and sunset spot, Lonely Beach Bar. With Djs playing relaxed house, a weekly reggae spot, bean bags and makeshift salas for chilling, it’s deservedly popular with the locals and tourists alike. Next door, Himmel has its own thatch beach bar.

Finally, in the centre of the beach, the resort and restaurant, Nature, has a full bar too which gets going at sunset and carries on into the evening. Further to that, at various times of year, it will throw a decent enough party, with its New Year’s Eve bash in particular now a Lonely Beach institution.

Bands and Festivals

Bands do come down from Bangkok, just keep your ear to the ground for all live music and guest DJ’s pop in and out throughout the season.

Look out too for Koh Chang’s answer to the mega Koh Phangan parties, The Winter Sensation festival which usually takes place over a couple of days. It will be an all nighter with different stages, DJs coming in especially to play alongside the local ones and all in all, a terrific full-on event for the party crowd.

North to South

day bar exterior lonely beach koh chang

Himmel on the Beach

On the Beach

Towards the northern end by Siam Beach Resort, offshoot bar of the main venue in Soi 1 – see below. Fireshows, cocktails, full bar, cold beers. Parties during the season.

bar dayt customers lonely beach bar nightlife koh chang

Lonely Beach Bar

On the Beach

Tiny bar next door to Himmel playing cool sunset tunes to LB’s hip local crowd and tourists. Cocktails and cold beers, seating on the sand. Revolving roster of DJs, odd party and birthday celebrations. Great for sunsets, nice vibe. 12.00 to 20.30

party goers nature beach party lonely beach koh chang

Nature Beach

On the Beach

Bang in the middle of Lonely Beach, resort, restaurant and bar by the sea, which throws large parties throughout the season. Normally the biggest draw on NYE with its huge stacks of speakers and dancing on the sand. Good sundowner spot too.

bar night customers cancun bar lonely beach nightlife koh chang

Cancun Bar

On the Beach

Located at the bottom of To The Beach Road, the ongoing development between the beach proper and the village – seafront complex combining beach bar, pool table, fire shows with at least one big party per week. Rooms and food too.

customers exterior himmel bar lonely beach nightlife koh chang

Himmel Bar

Soi 1, in the Village

Down the first soi in the village, ever expanding buzzing venue occupying both sides of the street, with all the huge variety of drinks, buckets, fire shows and blazing tricks from the bar boys. Numerous party nights throughout the season.

dj dancing ting tong bar lonely beach nightlife koh chang

Ting Tong Bar

Soi 1, in the Village

On the opposite side to Himmel a little further down the soi, very popular bar and party spot with resident and guest djs. Live music too with frequent visits from Bangkok bands. Goes late as standard and usually all night on the big occasions.

customers exterior himmel bar lonely beach nightlife koh chang

Stone Free

Soi 2, in the Village

Down the second soi, ramshackle venue with lots of wooden tables and a hippy bluesy vibe. Live music from the Sticky Blues Band, full bar, older crowd, cats and dogs. Linked to Thale Guesthouse, all together a friendly hang-out.

exterior margaritaville lonely beach nightlife koh chang


Far Southern End, Main Street

Next door to BB Lonely Beach at the far end of the village, deservedly popular small bar, with good selection of cocktails and excellent food. Friendly atmosphere, fun vibe with great music mixed nightly. Parties during the season. Open from 17.00. Rooms out back too.

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