STV- Special Tourist Visa – Covid 19

The STV (Special Tourist Visa) has been introduced by Thai Immigration to encourage managed tourism during the global Covid 19 pandemic.

We detail the requirements for the STV below but please note that you must satisfy the general conditions for entry into Thailand as well. We list them immediately below.

If you do want to visit, your best course of action is to contact your local Embassy. They will have the most up-to date information and each country may vary.

General Conditions for Entry into Thailand – 2021

The prinicipal criteria for entry into Thailand are here:-.

  • Valid visa such as the new STV. Thailand is still accepting the Single Entry Visa, the Visa Exemption, O Visas and re-entry permit – see below
  • Certificate of Entry – this is issued at the discretion of the Embassy once all the criteria listed below have been met
  • Fit to Fly health certificate, issued within 72 hours before departure – this is a doctor’s statement stating you are free from symptoms and fit to fly. It is separate to the required Covid test.
  • Negative Covid-19 test (RT-PCR method) issued within 72 hours before departure. Some airlines do not accept home kit tests, so please check specific requirements with your airline.
  • Health insurance policy for Thailand (out-patient from 40,000 THB upwards, in-patient 400,000 THB upwards) and covering Covid-19 related medical expenses from 100,000 USD upwards. This must be valid for the whole period of your stay in Thailand.
  • Confirmed ASQ (Alternative State Quarantine) hotel booking for 15 days. A useful list of qualifying ASQ hotels can be found here.
  • T-8 form, Signed Declaration Form – see you Embassy websites

Special Tourist Visa (STV) – What you Get, What you Need

For obtaining the new STV, these are the current details:-

  • You can stay for stay up to 90 days, with 2 possible 90 days extensions on top of that at 1,900bt each – obtained through a local Immigration Office.
  • Passport with validity of at least 12 months (and at least 3 blank pages)
  • Travel booking confirmation
  • Proof of accommodation in Thailand
    • ASQ hotel booking for 15-day quarantine with proof of payment
    • Confirmed hotel booking/accommodation rental for the remaining period of your stay in Thailand, with proof of payment;
    • Proof of condominium ownership or purchase agreement of condominium with proof of payment
  • Bank statements with sufficient funds to cover your trip to Thailand – check your embassy for their requirement

Other Visas, Exemption from Visa

Thai Immigration is still accepting the following:-

  • Single Entry Tourist (SETV) – Issued by your local Embassy with conditions identical to the STV, this visa gives you 60 days. You can extend in-country once only for a further 30 days at a cost of 1,900bt.
  • Visa Exemption – The traditonal visa exemption is still available but has been extended from the usual 30 day Airport stamp to 45 days. The additional 15 days allow for your quarantine in Thailand. Of course, no land borders are open so you would not be able to leave the country to get another one. If you did fly back in, remember you would need to quarantine again.
  • You can still obtain long term ‘O’ visas , such as Retirement, Spouse and Business from your Embassy. Check with them for their individual requirements. If your existing long term visa has expired whilst you are out of Thailand, you will need to re-apply with the Embassy.
  • Valid Re-Entry Permits for existing visas are allowed.

The METV (Mutiple Entry Visa) is currently suspended.

We stress again that the issue conditions for any of these visas is in addition to the general criteria at the top of the article.

These rules currently apply until the end of September 2021 but they are very likely to be extended again.

You can also visit our main Visa Page here.

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