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Koh Kood Snorkeling, Fishing and Kayaks

Snorkeling trips from Koh Kood head out to the local reefs and islands off the west coast or across to Koh Rang, the main island in the Marine Park.

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Local Trips

For the local trips, the speedboats usually visit the small island off the north west coast of Koh Kood – Koh Raet (Rhino Island), which is great for snorkeling. This is combined with the beach opposite, Klong Rahan and the lovely beach near Captain Hook, Palm Beach (Kiki).

Alternatively, selected trips may also head up to Koh Maisi Lek and the beach area at Klong Lak Uan (Six Senses) or even over the top of the island to Ao Yai Kerd and Ao Kluay on the east coast (Ao Salad).

koh raet rhino island
Koh Raet – the popular local snorkeling area off Koh Kood

Hours are normally 09.30 to 13.30 or 13.00 till 17.30 with a light lunch, fruit, water and transfers. Prices and itineraries are standardized amongst the companies, so the resorts will book you on their favourite one. As a guide, for local trips, a join trip for 6 person is around 4,500bt including transfers and a light lunch (seafood fried rice, fruit, water).

palm beach koh kood captain hook resort
Palm Beach opposite Captain Hook Resort in Klong Yai Kee

Koh Rang

With the trip to Koh Rang, you moor up at a couple of the small islands, Koh Yak Yai and Koh Yak Lek, which lie just offshore from Koh Rang itself. The reefs here are excellent and usually have great visibility due to the sheltered nature of the area.

koh rang
The southern end of Koh Rang (pic thanks to Sirinity)

Once again it’s a 1/2 day and for join trips, you should budget around 900bt to 1,100bt per person. However, there will be a minimum number of people (6) required to make the trip. It leaves at 09.30 to 10.00, back at 13.30 to 14.00, transfers included. In Koh Rang, you also pay 200bt per person, 100bt for kids, (Thais 40bt, 20bt) for the Marine Park tax.

koh rang
Coral at Koh Rang (pic thanks to Sirinity)

Private Snorkeling Trips

koh kood snorkeling private speedboat
Deluxe Private Speedboat Trips off Koh Kood

We can organise private speedboats to visit the areas above – either Koh Raet, Koh Maisi and the beach on the north west coast or over to Koh Rang.

Our deluxe trip uses a cat style speedboat, which has a bathroom (toilet and sink), eating area, cushions, sunbathing deck and audio system on board. Food, transfers, snorkeling and fishing equipment and insurance are all included. For 2 to 10 persons, a 1/2 day is 14,000bt for a local trip. It’s 18,000bt 20,000bt for Koh Rang (Marine Park tax included).

For the regular style speedboat (local Koh Kood snorkeling trip), the price is 4,200bt for 2 persons, 5,000bt for 3, 5,500bt for 4, 6,000bt for 5 and 6,500bt for 6, half day, morning or afternoon.

A trip over to Koh Rang, also 1/2 day, is 9,000bt to 10,000bt depending on the number of people – it includes the Marine Park tax.

Prices will increase if the numbers in your group require a bigger sized speedboat (15 person or 30 person).

For those much larger groups, we can also set up one of the classic two or three decked wooden boats similar to those in Koh Chang.

If you are interested in the private snorkeling trip above – deluxe or standard speedboat – please do contact us here.

Also do come to us to help if you are wanting to add a boat trip to a wedding party.

Once we know your preferred date and requirements, we will come back to you with prices and availability.

Boat Trip Companies

koh kood snorkeling trips
Sirinity Catamaran – join snorkeling trips to Koh Rang or locally


Using a mini catamaran, Sirinity (sic) runs half day trips to both Koh Rang from 09.30 to 13.30. You leave from Ao Yai Kee’s tiny pier in the mangroves and once in the Marine Park, visit a couple of spots before having a light lunch aboard as you head back. Cost is 900bt per person, 4 to 9 years 1/2 price, food and transfers from (08.45 to 09.00 depending on its location) and back to your resort all included.

If weather does not allow trips across to Koh Rang, then they fallback on the a local trip using a long tailed wooden boat (with sun shade). You visit a combination of say Koh Raet, the beach at Klong Rahan and Koh Maisi Lek, with them sometimes heading over to the east coast at Ao Yai Kerd and Ao Kluai, both near to Ao Salad. It’s the same price at 900bt.

The Tail and Tail Blu, Mareblu and Maresol

Over on Bang Bao Beach, based at Koh Kood Resort, there are a selection of different sized luxury wooden boats for local snorkeling and fishing trips. Low to the water, these vessels are bedecked with lots of soft cushions and yacht style wood panelling, with the food served a notch or two up in quality from the usual fare.

The Tail and Tail Blu go out three times a day – morning, afternoon and twilight – to Koh Raet, Koh Maisi and Coral Beach. Pricse are in the region of 5,000bt to 5,500bt for 2 to 4 persons.

Mareblu and the larger Maresol offer a 3 island or a 5 island trip. Mareblu’s 3 island jaunt is as above to the same spots on 1/2 day trips, morning and afternoon. Join trips are from 1,700bt , though there is a minimum requirement of people to make the trip. A private charter is 15,000bt.

Maresol’s 5 island trip heads over to the Koh Mak area and its islands (Koh Kham, Koh Pii, Koh Rayang) before ending at sunset back to Koh Maisi off Koh Kood. It’s 2,500bt per person for a join trip (minimum 6 persons, max 16) and 24,000bt for private (10 persons).

All prices given here may go up or down at different times of the season.


If you do want to ask around about trips, try TJ Boats at Mark House by the bridge in Klong Chao or pop into the fishing village of Klong Mad, where the speedboats park up in the sea inlet between trips – Chonratee, Navigator and Natcha just three are those on show.

You can also snorkel using the dive boats, with them going out either locally at 1,000bt per person, over to Koh Rang at 1,200bt or to the wreck at Koh Chang for 1,500bt. Transfers and lunch are included, park fees where applicable are extra.

Koh Kood Fishing

Fishing trips are another option for fun out on the water. You will be mainly hunting squid and you eat what you catch.

Join Trips

Using either its long tail boat or a small wooden fishing boat, Sirinity runs afternoon (13.30 to 17.00) squid fishing tours off Koh Raet and nearby spots. It’st 900bt per person, with transfers from and back to you resort. You can throw everything on the little on board BBQ, with a selection of tasty dipping sauces provided!

koh kood fishing boat
A typical fishing boat for a day trip

Located in the central area of Hin Dam, on the shorcut road by the electricity station, the popular restaurant, The Fisherman Hut also organises fishing trips on its boat. Just ask at the counter.


A private 1/2 day trip starts at around 10,000bt on boats holding up to 15 people. For much smaller boats,, say for 2 persons to 4 persons, expect to pay around 3,500bt – best to enquire in your resort and see what is available.

koh kood fishing boat
Private Fishing Boat – for charter

Please do contact us for bookings on either join or private.

Kayaks, SUP and Wake Surfing

koh kood snorkeling private speedboat

Kayaks are rented out at almost every resort, 200bt for a half day and this too is a great way of exploring the coastline and mangrove-lined klongs (canals).

SUP Point by the bridge in Klong Chao Beach has kayaks from 200bt a session and SUP fom 300bt. Koh Kood Cabana over in Ao Tapao too has a small watersports club, wth a catamaran available. Ask directly at the resort for more details.

Wake surfing is available at Koh Kood Resort, with an hour from 1,500bt. They also throw in a free video and photos of your trip as well as transfers from your resort.

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