Ao Jak Beach – Explore with Our Guide

ao jak beach koh kood

Ao Jak Beach, sometimes also referred to as Neverland Beach, is located on the south west coast of Koh Kood.

It’s another of the island’s very secluded spots, with just two resorts and no other shops or restaurants.

ao jak beach koh kood map

Getting to Ao Jak Beach

Continuing down the coast another 5 kilomtres or so from Ao Takian Beach and Klong Hin Beach, the turning to to Ao Jak is marked by a sign for Neverland Resort and Rim Talay. Follow its long, horribly rutted track through the coconut plantations to the end and you arrive at the back of the beach.

Neverland Resort’s bungalows are dotted all over the large grassy area, which in turn leads onto a beautiful long sweep of powder sand and turquoise waters. The resort has a sometimes open cafe here too or alternatively, you can head to the northern end, where Rim Talay has a small restaurant and some rooms of its own.

On the River

On the sea inlet which runs down the northern side of the beach, Rim Talay also has a homestay style Thai house on stilts over the water and behind that, there are a few other bungalows belonging to Neverland.

Look out too for the broken old bridge, which previously lead to the coastal path that connected Ao Jak Beach to Klong Hin Beach. Unfortunately, the path has been abandoned and left for nature to take its course, so it is no longer passable.

river koh kood beach

Southern End

Going the other way on the sand, the southern end has a few abandoned bungalows amid the coconut trees and long grass but no other development. Once again, you can hunt out the start of the coastal path, this time heading to Ao Phrao Beach, but again no longer properly usable.

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