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Koh Chang Snorkeling, Fishing and Boat Trips

Koh Chang snorkeling trips have become an integral part of a stay on the island, with days out possible both to the surrounding islands at Koh Wai and Koh Klum or down to the Marine Park at Koh Rang.

The boat trips range from 1/2 days or full days aboard large tour boats or smaller wooden boats and speedboats, with private charters also available. You can also go snorkeling with the dive boats.

Collection and drop-off from your resort is free, together with food, fruit, water and mask/snorkel. Beer or other soft drinks are additional costs, as are fins, usually rented out for the day at 100bt. Life jackets are provided on all boats.

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Boat Trips – 3 Island, 4 Island and 5 Island – Koh Chang Snorkeling

  • The 3 island refers to islands close to Koh Chang and will include Koh Wai and Koh Klum.
  • The 4 island and 5 island are as good as the same and refer in essence to the Marine Park at Koh Rang.

3 Islands – Snorkeling and Boat Trips

The 3 island trip varies according to the company but will include Koh Wai, with the boats stopping at either the beach at Paradise Resort, at Koh Wai Pakarang Resort with its round meeting room on the pier. Some boats also stop at the two lovely small strands of white sand in the south east corner after the wooden jetty at Ao Yai Ma (Grandma’s Huts).

After Koh Wai, you head across to Koh Klum for some snorkeling and then the northern end of Koh Laoya, The order in which the 3 spots are visited may be reversed.

These snorkeling trips may leave later in the morning at 10.30, and arrive back at 16.00.

4/5 Islands – Snorkeling and Boat Trips

The 4/5 island snorkeling trip, which leave from Bang Bao or Kai Bae (speedboats) around 09.00 to 09.30, taking between 30 minutes to an hour to reach Koh Rang, initially mooring up towards the southern end.

You get 45 minutes to snorkel around the rock, Koh Yak Yai, before heading a little further south along the Koh Rang coast to Koh Mapring, another of the the tiny islets. From there, you can swim across to the lovely beach at Koh Rang itself. You eat lunch on board the boat – just a simple dish of say fried rice (seafood or vegetarian) with some fresh fruit and water. The boat then goes back to the second rock, Koh Yak Lek, for another snorkeling session.

After this, the boat will head back towards Koh Chang, with a final brief stop at Monkey Rock just before you enter Bang Bao Bay, reaching the pier at 16.00 to 16.30 or earlier if a speedboat. Koh Wai may or may not feature on the way to Koh Rang or the way back.

All these rocks or islets at Koh Rang are home to some great coral and shoals of fish, with the nice gentle currents and usually very clear visibility just perfect for easy going snorkeling. The dive companies also head here for their courses and fun dives.

Private Boat Trips – Koh Chang Snorkeling

Koh Chang Snorkeling from bang bao koh chang

We can organise private boat trips on different sized boat according to the number of people. These leave from the pier at Bang Bao, with prices starting at around 5,800bt for visits to Koh Wai, Koh Laoya and Koh Klum or from 6,500bt to go down to Koh Rang for the best snorkeling. Transfer, food, snorkel equipment, fishing equipment, soft drinks and water are all included.

Private speedboats are also available with price again dependent on how many people and where you want to go. As a guide, a 4 person speedboat to Koh Wai, across to Koh Laoya and then back to Koh Klum is 7,000bt. Expect to pay 8,500bt to visit Koh Mak and Koh Kham, with the same price for a Koh Rang and Koh Wai day.

Of course, private charters allow you to set your own itinerary with prices adjusted as needed.

Please note that Koh Laoya, which has a small resort, Coco Resort, and another lovely beach, now charges 200bt to step ashore. Koh Ngam normally part of a more tailored trip, is also 200bt per person.

We also specialise in boat trips for large private groups, in particular pre-wedding or post-wedding. Prices are available on request.

Companies and Prices – Koh Chang Snorkeling and Boat Trips

We are able to help with all your snorkeling and boat trip questions, so you can prebook your day or days – please just use the Contact Us form and indicate your dates, what you would like to do, and we will get back to you with our suggestions, best company to meet your needs and prices. We normally take a small deposit upfront.

boat mr khai pier bang bao koh chang

Mr Khai Tours

Full Day, Per Person: 700bt (4 Island)/600bt (3 Island)

Lovely garishly painted boats in different sizes, transfers, lunch and water. May alternate days depending on numbers.

4 island Koh Rang trip leaving at 9.00 and returning at 16.30.

3 islands (Wai, Laoya, Klum) has times of 10.30 to 16.00, perhaps better for small kids.

Private available too – great for families and groups, please contact us.

speedboat kai bae huts speedboat koh chang

Kai Bae Huts Speedboat

Private Only as of July22, join tours may restart 22/23 high season

Private trips with transfers, food, water, fruit and snorkelling gear – couples to larger groups.

  • Classic 3 islands. From 7,000bt (max 4 persons )
  • To Koh Rang and beaches in east corner on Koh Wai. From 8,500bt (max 4 persons )
  • Koh Mak and Koh Kham. From 8,500bt (max 4 persons )
  • Koh Laoya, Koh Wai, Koh Kradat and Koh Mak. From 8,500bt (max 4 persons )
  • Koh Kood, Koh Mak + Koh Kham and Koh Wai From 12,000bt (max 4 persons )
  • 1/2 day trip visits islands visible off the west coast, either Koh Yuak only or Koh Yuak plus its neighbours. From 3,500bt to 4,000bt (1/2 day, max 4 persons )
speedboat permpoon sub speedboat koh chang

Permpoon Sub

1/2 Days, 800bt/900bt – weather dependent May to October (rainy season)

1/2 Day speedboat tours to Koh Wai, across to Koh Klum and Koh Layao or down to Koh Rang, the Marine Park. 09.00 to 12.30, 13.00 to 16.30.

Larger tours boats to Koh Rang (same style as Sattra Tour, see below) available in high season.

Private available too including Koh Ngam, Laoya, Klum and Wai or Koh Rang – great for families, groups of friends, please Contact us.

boat bang bao boats koh chang

Bang Bao Boats

1/2 day, 600bt (Koh Wai) to 700bt (Koh Mak) – NOT available May to October (rainy season)

Half day wooden boat trip to Koh Mak, leaving from Bang Bao at 09.00, on the island 11.00 to 14.00, arrive back at Koh Chang at 16.00.

Full day wooden boat trips to Koh Wai, leaving 09.00, on the island from 10.00 to 15.00, back at Bang Bao at 16.00.

No lunch but 100bt voucher given for food and drink on either island. Transfers, snorkel & mask included.

yacht sea adventures koh chang

Sea Adventures

Full Day, 1,750bt – NOT running as of May 22, no news on 22/23 Season

13m wharram catamaran which sails off the west coast of Koh Chang at Kai Bae beach and off Klong Son in the north, visiting Koh Chang Noi and maybe Koh Mapring

Free transfer to and from resort, food, mask and snorkel. Beers and wine extra. 9.00 till 17.00. Lots of room for sunbathing too. Recommended.

large tour boat thaifun bao koh chang

Thaifun Luxury Cruise

Full Day, 1,490bt – NOT running as of July 22, no news on 22/23 Season

Large boat over three decks, the premier cruise of Koh Chang snorkeling. Departure from White Sand Beach (small launch from beach to main boat), trip takes in Bang Bao, Koh Klum, Koh Wai, Koh Mak, Koh Rang and Monkey Rock.

Full buffet lunch, tea, coffee, refreshments, bar on board. Transfers. 08.00 to 17.00 (resort by around 18.00). Koh Rang fee not included.

large tour boat sattra tours bang bao koh chang

Sattra Tours

Full Day, 650bt

Alongside Koh Chang Boat Trip, Attipol and Permpoon (their larger wooden boats), this is the standard tourist boat trip down to Koh Rang, marketed as the 5 island tour.

Large boats, row seating, popular with tour parties and part of the Thai weekender packages. Can hold up to 100 people+.

Transfers, lunch all included. Cheap but remember the fee to pay at Koh Rang also.

Koh Rang Tax – Koh Chang Snorkeling

Please note that there is a 200bt (100bt for kids) government tax or 40bt/20bt (Thai Nationals) for visiting Koh Rang. Collection is on site by the rangers, who flit from boat to boat in an inflatable dinghy. This fee is not included in the snorkeling prices given above or below.

Other Boat Trips – Koh Chang Snorkeling

It is also possible to go snorkeling with any of the Koh Chang dive boats, prices at 1,000bt per person. They obviously go where the visibility is best for divers and so might be at Koh Rang one day and the next day, at Hin Rap and Hin Luk Bat, the two rocky reefed outcrops which lie south west of Koh Chang. You can also snorkel over the wreck, which now teems with marine life. Currents are stronger at Hin Rap and Hin Luk Bat and the wreck.

Numbers aboard the dive boats are never too high, say around 30 to 35 persons in peak season. All food, transfer and equipment with fins are included.

In the south of Koh Chang, Salak Phet Resort among others run trips out to Koh Phrao Nok (Koh Sai Khao) in Salak Phet bay, Koh Laoya, further out from the bay, Long Beach and Koh Ngam, both in the far south east corner of the island.

These are in much smaller launches, with local transfer included, but check for food and snorkel equipment. Prices range from 1,500bt to 2,500bt depending on where you wish to go.

Journey’s End, the tiny English run homestay in Chek Bae, also has its own boat for charter, prices from 5,000bt upwards.

Companies and Guide Prices – Koh Chang Fishing

Fishing off Koh Chang is possible with a couple of companies, but this is not that aventurous style of deep sea fishing found in other parts of the world. Indeed, Koh Chang’s version often seems to disappoint the real enthusiasts.

If you lower your expectations, then it still makes for a great day out, with food and beers on board. You’ll definintely catch something ideal for the bbq, but it’s unlikely to require you being strapped into the swivel chair at the back of the boat as you are dragged in the direction of Cambodia.

wooden fishing boat rodjanaphan tours koh chang

Rodjanaphan Tours

Per Day/Night: 1,300bt

Large and small converted wooden fishing boats with GPS which does day and night trips, 09.00 to 16.00 and 18.00 till 23.00. Food, equipment and transfer. Private trips possible.

fishing boats sea hunter bang bao koh chang

Sea Hunter Tours

Per Day/Night: 1,300bt

Selection of well equipped and different sized boats, with on board GPS, 09.00 to 16.00 and 18.00 till 23.00. Food, transfers, water all included. Private groups.

The Swedish owned restaurant Fishermen Hut (currently closed) in Salak Phet also offers day trips on its wooden boat at 5,000bt a day. They trawl with rod and line, so catches are high.

We can book either the share or private fishing trips with any of the above, do contact us for more information.

Fishing from the island itself is also not the best. The piers are good spots to start, including those down on the east coast (Than Mayom if they let you on it, it’s closed off), round the back of Nirvana Resort in Bang Bao or Chai Chet Resort and the cape there.

There are several tackle shops across the island including:-

  • Along the pier in Bang Bao Pier itself.
  • Blue Lagoon across the road from Iyara Boty in Klong Prao Beach.
  • At the southern end of White Sand Beach near the turning to Giant Bungalow.
  • Just after the hospital in Dan Mai on the east coast.

UPDATED SEPTEMBER 22 for 22/23 Season

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