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Koh Chang Hospital, Dentist, Police and Post

Hospital and Dentist | Police | Post

Koh Chang has two hospitals as well as several smaller health clinics. The public hospital is at Dan Mai on the East Coast, whilst the private one, the Bangkok Hospital International Clinic, sits after the hill at the southern end of White Sand Beach.

The private clinic is part of the Bangkok Hospital Group, which has hospitals all over the country including in Trat, the Bangkok Trat Hospital. There is also a large public hospital in the city. More serious problems do involve transfer to the mainland.

Local Clinics

The health clinics, found in Klong Son towards the sea at the 7/11 crossroads), Klong Prao Beach (down one of the sois opposite the temple), Bang Bao (on the left at the start of the pier) and Salak Phet near to the temple, can deal with most day to day problems of colds, ear and eye infections and such like.

They are particularly adept at looking after exhaust pipe burns and scratches and scrapes from motorbike spills. Because of Koh Chang’s wonderful jungle interior, it is humid, so normal cuts and abrasions will take much longer to heal, with iodine your best friend.

All of the areas have well stocked pharmacies, where the chemists will speak excellent English.

Insurance – Koh Chang Hospital

Health insurance is now mandatory to enter Thailand, with the private clinic and its larger Bangkok Trat Hospital charging fees in line with their western equivalents.

Local Diseases – Koh Chang Hospital

Although the area has not 100% eradicated malaria, cases are extremely rare and usually in the rainy season, so anti-malarials should not be required. There are periodic outbreaks of Dengue Fever in Thailand and cases on Koh Chang do crop up. To give yourself the best protection, use a repellent early evening and sleep under a net.


There is good dentist, Koh Chang Dental , at the southern end of Klong Prao Beach opposite The Splash.

Koh Chang Police

The tourist police by the temple in Klong Prao

Koh Chang Police Station is also on the East Coast at Dan Mai. There are several smaller police boxes at White Sand Beach near to Kacha Resort, Chai Chet just after the two shopping plazas as you head south, Kai Bae after the bend by Choc Dee Resort and in Bailan Beach, opposite the Mercure Hideaway at the southern end.

The Tourist Police Office is located opposite the 7/11 near to the temple in Klong Prao Beach.

There is a Fire Service, again located on the East Coast at Dan Mai.

Koh Chang Post Office

Koh Chang Post Office is in Pearl Beach at the southern end opposite Big C. Opening hours are from 09.00 to 17.00, with an hour off for lunch from 12.00. Postcards are 12bt with further guide rates found here, Thailand Post.

The post code for Koh Chang is 23170 and if receiving mail, you need the house number (often combined with the back slash /1, /2…), street (Moo) number as in Moo 1, Area as in Kai Bae and Koh Chang, District as in Trat, postcode –23170, all in English. So you might get, Jane Doe, 22/3 Moo 1, Kai Bae, Koh Chang, Trat, 23170. It will get there eventually.

There is a small post office at the start of the pier in Bang Bao and stamps are sold in many shops.

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