White Sand Beach Restaurants on Koh Chang – Our Guide

UPDATED for 2019-20 Season

koh chang white sand beach restaurants

White Sand Beach restaurants offer up a wide range of choices, covering everything from classic Thai food to western steak houses, Italian bistros and Indian diners.

From place to place, prices are broadly in line with one another, whilst the style of cooking and presentation also has a certain similarity in its approach. It’s safe dining with no surprises, perfectly acceptable rather than spectacular and so compliments the area rather nicely.

On the Beach – White Sand Beach Restaurants

Of all the towns on Koh Chang, White Sand Beach has mastered that experience of eating on the beach under the stars.

Each evening throughout the season, the ocean-side restaurants and resorts put out tables and chairs, with accompanying candles and low lighting, to create that unique holiday atmosphere. With the seafood boat BBQ alongside a full menu of curries, noodles and western choices like pasta and pizza, it’s not cooking to over-excite but it works and given the full tables, the locals are not going to change it anytime soon.

Turn in at either of the two public walkways, one at the northern end by the 7-11 next to KC Grande, the other by Du Talay Hotel in the middle of town and you are spoilt for choice. As to which are the best, it’s very subjective but our two favourites are Koh Chang Grand Lagoon and Sea Bar. Sangtawan near the first walkway is worth an honourable mention for its more real Thai style of cooking. Beach Tango, located roughly in the middle, has the most esoteric menu.

Thai Food – White Sand Beach Restaurants

At street level, you can find all manner of Thai food under a roof or on tables spilling out onto the pavement.

Perhaps the best and most popular of White Sand Beach restaurants is Nong Bua, about half way along the main drag. At first glance, its decor of fluorescent lights, plastic chairs, dusty broken ceiling tiles and old loos hardly inspires confidence but each evening and indeed most of the day, you’ll find it packed with both locals and tourists. There’s a full menu including seafood, with all dishes well prepared, fresh, authentic and above all, excellent value for money. The Issan restaurant Gai Mun sits next door, serving up chickens on the spit, somtam and sticky rice.

With its vantage point above the sand, Sun and Soul at Cookies Hotel, is well worth a visit for its seafood, whilst further along and also looking down on the beach, the long established Thor’s Palace continues to serve up well balanced curries after all these years. The Tropical, which combines Thai and western choices such as pizza, is another reasonably priced lively spot on the main street. Iyara Seafood, famous for many years for its restaurant on the canal in Klong Prao Beach has an open air branch outside Kacha Resort.    

Grand View Plaza opposite Grand View Resort is home to the Seafood BBQ Buffet, which also has a large open air area out the back, where you pay 259bt per head for a help yourself evening. The tiny Siam Kitchen by Chang Buri Resort also quietly and successfully goes about its business – a Thai menu with some western dishes, good value and consistent.

Next door to Sea Sun Resort is the place to go for very decent chicken over rice (khao man gai) or braised pork leg (khao kha muu).

Meanwhile, for noodles try the stand by Island Net as you start heading up the hill at the southern end. Seafood, chicken, beef, pork are all available either in the broth or dry, with a side plate of beansprouts and sweet basil. For a very intense flavour, ask for nam tok style, where they add a splash of animal’s blood.

Finally, there’s a nightly food market on the main road at the back of Apple Beachfront Resort and Bamboo Resort. Very much aimed at tourists, it’s not especially adventurous or indeed true street-style, but it still draws in the crowds and is fun to wander along to see what’s on offer.

From Around the World – White Sand Beach Restaurants Koh Chang

White Sand Beach restaurants offer up a few excellent Italian choices. The pick of the bunch is at the southern end on the hill at Invito al Cibo, upstairs in Koh Chang Hut Hotel, worth it for the views alone. Also at this end of town, Ciao Italian has been a fixture for many years and continues to garner very positive reviews, whilst Bella Vita in Grand View Plaza is noted for its homemade pasta.

For Indian restaurants, Taste of India at the northern end by Bua Spa and Royal India along the front of Grand View Plaza, both hit the mark.

Sun and Soul as recommended above in the Thai section, interestingly also has a popular sideline in Mexican food.

For Turkish and Mediterranean, Alaturka once again in Grand View Plaza gets excellent reviews serving all the classics from Baba Ganoush to balloon bread and kebabs.

Oodies, the live music venue, is renown for its steaks and Buffalo Bill, just a few doors down, also has a very extensive selection alongside its burgers.

The relaxed 15 Palms on the beach near to KC Grande serves good Thai and western food, whilst being an ideal spot to just hang out.

Monkeys Bar and Restaurant is known for its European dishes alongside the usual Thai staples, but its all day western breakfast is hard to beat. You can also find the full English breakfast at both Paddy’s Palms and White Elephant, the two pubs which sit side by side on the hill at the southern end. They both have extensive pub style menus as well including classic Sunday lunches.

Coffee Shops – White Sand Beach Restaurants

Marin, the Koh Chang coffee shop chain, has 2 branches in White Sand Beach, one by White Sand Princess at the northern end and one by Grand View Resort towards the southern end. Chang Buri Resort boasts a cafe at the front of its sea-side main entrance, as does KC Grande and Mac Resort. Isle Brew Cafe, centrally located opposite Banpu Resort and Royal Cafe next door to the night market are 2 new additions.

Recommended – White Sand Beach Restaurants

Pricing Code/Per person in Baht (B) excluding drinks:
B= under 100; BB= under 500; BBB= over 500;
Click on the image to expand

North to South


15 Palms

Per Person: B-BB

Long established, popular restaurant and bar on the beach. Bean bags and deckchairs, Thai and western food, cocktails, smoothies, nightly buffet. Live sports a big draw. Great to hang out for a couple of hours.


Buffalo Bill Steak House

Per Person: BB-BBB

Themed restaurant up on the road with seating upstairs and down offering all manner of steaks, sausages, burgers, side orders, cold beers and cocktails. Good fun for the family, complete with bucking bronco.


Sun and Soul

Per Person: BB-BBB

Located above the beach in Cookies Hotel. Lots of seafood choices alongside a regular Thai menu. Western dishes also, specialising in Mexican. Full bar. Get the tables at the front for people watching.


Koh Chang Lagoon Resort

Per Person: BB-BBB

Perhaps the busiest of the resort restaurants on the beach, tables laid out at night, seafood bbq, lots of salads and mildly spiced Thai dishes. Nice spot for lunch too.


Beach Tango

Per Person: BB

On the beach under the tree, an interesting selection of western dishes such as lamb burgers and falafels as well as evenly spiced Thai food. Coffee and cocktails. A laid back atmosphere.


The Tropical

Per Person: BB

Thai roadside restaurant with lots of closely packed wooden tables, the seafood boat out the front in the evening and western choices including pizza. Cocktails. A popular and busy spot.


Nong Bua

Per Person: B-BB

Opposite Banpu Resort, consistently excellent Thai food, properly spiced, with quick service and cheap prices at this no frills eaterie. Very very popular, and for sure an island institution beloved by Thais and farangs alike.


Kai Mun Restaurant

Per Person: BB

In translation called Boogie Chicken, slightly smarter version of its neighbour, Nong Bua. Again, good tasty well seasoned Thai food at reasonable prices with Issan grilled chickens the signature dish.


Sea Bar

Per Person: BB

Last of the places on the beach before the rocks start, seafood bbq, Thai and western choices, tables on the sand and normally full. It’s fresh, good value and has a very holiday atmosphere.


Thor’s Palace

Per Person: BB

At the end of the sand part of the beach, long standing establishment with tables overlooking the sand, an exuberant owner and an extensive menu of Thai food that can be cooked to suit all tastes.



Per Person: B-BBB

Well reviewed Turkish restaurant serving the classics from Baba Ganoush to lamb, chicken and vegetable kebabs, Moussaka and salads. Hot balloon bread a speciality. Now with a Doner Kebab station also.


Invito al Cibo

Per Person: BB-BBB

Upstairs through Koh Chang Hut Hotel, very well respected, long standing Italian and Thai diner with good service, excellent cooking of both cuisines and an amazing position high over the bay. Open for lunch and dinner.


Cheap Thai Eats

Per Person: B

At the southern end next door to Sea Sun Bungalows, cheap stalls with noodles, fried or soup and chicken over rice, khao man gai. A local’s haunt, eat in or takeaway. Don’t be put off by the decor, the food’s great.


Ciao Italian

Per Person: BB-BBB

At the far southern end of White Sands, Italian restaurant, with pasta and pizza prepared in an open kitchen, cafe and patisserie.Good service. Well worth making the effort to get here.

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