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In our Features section of the site, we post all our regular updates, tips and recommendations from the Koh Chang Islands.

We have grouped them into following categories to help you find them easily or you can just scroll down the full list below:-

Koh Chang Accommodation - Home to our Top Ten Lists for luxury or boutique resorts ,  budget options, mid range and many more. We post our best of  recommendations too, so you'll not be short of ideas when picking that perfect place to stay.  Also in this category, we feature a selection of resorts in more detail including Awa, Nest Sense, Emerald Cove.

Travel - Head here for Airport guides to Suvarnabhumi (BKK), Don Mueang (DMK) and Trat (TDX). In addition to their travel tips on getting to Koh Chang, we post features on travel from Suvarnabhumi, Trat and transfers from Bangkok. Cambodia Transfers - Siem Reap to Koh Chang or Koh Kood,  Phnom Penh too.

Koh Chang Activities.  - Complimenting our Things to Do pages in the main Koh Chang area of the site, here we bring you features on specific days out.  From trekking up mountain peaks to private speedboats around the small islands or visits to the waterfalls, we give you some ideas for time away from the beach.

Koh Chang East Coast Beaches - quick guides to Long Beach and Wai Chek as well as the east coast areas of Dan Khao and Dan Mai.

Koh Chang Restaurant Reviews and Food - We review some of the top places to eat around Koh Chang. There's also  a couple of fun Thai food articles on durian and bananas.

Bangkok - With our snippet guides to a few temples, we take you sightseeing in the capital city.

News from the Islands - Updates on festivals like Songkran and events, local news, it's all here.

Koh Chang Islands Seasons - guides to the hot and the rainy seasons.

Trat - a tour around the markets and a guide on Places to stay.

Visa - new Thailand visas such as the STV (Special Tourist Visa).

Use these features and articles in conjunction with the main site pages as per the menus.

Luxury Resorts and Hotels on Koh Chang – The Top 10

pool luxury resort koh chang dewa

Our top ten luxury resorts on Koh Chang, chic resorts to stylish hotels, prices, information, with a chance to book a room. Everywhere from The Awa, to its sister The Dewa, KC Grande Resort on White Sand Beach , Emerald Cove, The Chill and others.

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Value for Money Hotels on Koh Chang – Our Top Picks

pool value for money hotels koh chang

More tips for Koh Chang accommodation with our value for money recommendations, updated for the 2021-22 season. Includes Erawan, Mercure Hideaway, Paradise Hill, The Gallery, Du Talay and Marina Sands. Information, guide prices and chance to book (via affiliate)

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Mid Range Resorts on Koh Chang – Recommendations 2021 – 22

pool mid range resort koh chang

Looking for a mid range resort on Koh Chang? Our updated guide picks out good value for money recommendations across the beaches. KB Resort, Noren Resort b y El Greco, Bhuvarin Resort, Garden Resort, Flora i Talay, Kai Bae Beach Resort and more

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Hostels and Dorms on Koh Chang – Our Picks for 2021 – 22

communal area koh chang hostels

Ideal for budget travellers, our guide to Koh Chang’s top hostels and dorms across all the beaches. Updated for 2021-22, information and chance to book.

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Budget Accommodation on Koh Chang – Our Picks for 2021-22

budget rooms koh chang

Our round-up of the best places to stay on Koh Chang for budget travellers. We pick out the best cheap rooms and bungalows across all the beaches. Information, guide prices and booking (via affiliate).

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Best Boutique Resorts on Koh Chang – 2021-22

pool villa best boutique resorts koh chang

Our guide to the Best Boutique Resorts on Koh Chang. Info, prices, chance to book. Includes Amber Sands, Warapura, The Mangrove, Nest Sense, Serenity Resort, Harley Moon Hideaway, Chivapuri Beach Resort.

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