Koh Kood Beaches


koh-kood-beaches All of the Koh Kood beaches are found on the west coast, with the natural centre at Klong Chao Beach. This has the most development, but don’t expect too much, some high end resorts, a few bungalows along the river, a scattering of restaurants, local shops and bars, but that’s about your lot, but then again, in stunning locations like this, what else could you need.

Heading west, Ngamkho Beach and Bang Bao Beach both have long, sweeping sands, Bang Bao the prettier, but apart from the bungalow and resort accommodation, there is little else, a trend of near perfect escapism that is repeated as you move down through the south west beaches, four of them in total, all very beautiful and remote, a couple of resorts on each and nothing beyond. The road runs all the way down this coast before cutting across to Ao Yai, a classic rough and ready fishing village on the south eastern coast.

Going north from Klong Chao, the beaches are once again isolated affairs, with just the odd resort, though the road does pass through local areas, with police, hospital, a pier, simple shops and such like before it snakes over to Ao Salad, another working fishing village, in the north east. Happy exploring!

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Klong Chao Beach

Great stretch of sand, the most central of the beaches. Accommodation in 4 or 5 star resorts such as Wendy the Pool and High Season on the sand or cheaper bungalows along the river and inland. A few restaurants, shops and even some bars along the road from the bridge. Klong Chao Waterfall too.

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koh kood beaches ngamkho beach

Ngamkho Beach

Heading south away from Klong Chao, Ngamkho Beach is spread out over a couple of kilometres, with a narrow sandy beach, certainly not one of the island’s best. Accommodation in 2 star bungalow resorts, a mid range resort, guesthouses and a backpacker spot. Restaurants dotted here and there along the road, main access to Khao Ruearab (Battleship Mountain), one of Koh Kood’s natural attractions.

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koh kood beaches bang bao

Bang Bao Beach

Next along down the west coast, Bang Bao Beach is set in a gorgeous bay with perfect sweep of white sand and blue waters. Accommodation is in a handful of 3/4 star resorts at the northern end or alternatively, in three mid range and cheaper bungalows operations in the middle and on the southern headland. Very little off the beach, just a couple of restaurants, coffee shop, homestay and local minimart up by the road.

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North West Beaches

Heading up the coast away from Klong Chao, you’ll find the central administrative areas, the island hospital, principal police station, the solitary ATM and Ao Tapao Beach, with accommodation there in a handful of 3 star resorts. Further choices dotted about at Klong Mad and further north at Yai Kee with the upscale Sonenva Kiri the most luxurious. Plenty of minimarts, a few restaurants, coffee shops and Klong Yai Kee Waterfall.

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South West Beaches

Isolated, remote and beautiful beaches along the coast – Ao Takian, Ao Klong Hin, Ao Jak and Ao Phrao – each with just a couple of places to stay, either resorts or bungalows.. Along the road there is just the odd restaurant and shop but these beaches are truly destination spots, where most of your time will be spend relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet where you stay.

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Ao Salad and Ao Yai Fishing Villages

The two working fishing villages on the east coast, at either end of the island’s road. On the way to Ao Salad on the north east, you’ll find a few shops, Huang Nam Keaw Waterfall and the nearby ancient trees and once there, you can eat in a couple of local seafood restaurants. The mainland boats also dock here at different times of year. No accommodation beyond couple of homestays. Ao Yai down in the south east is adding its own seafood restaurants to cater for the south west beaches.

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