Taxis and Motorbike Rental on Koh Kood


Transport at the Piers

koh-kood-motorbike-rentalKoh Kood does have a public taxi system as on Koh Chang. If you arrive by the express boats, Koh Kood Princess, Koh Kut Express or the catamaran, Boonsiri Fantasea at Namleuk Pier (Ao Tapao) and Ao Salad, the boat companies provide free transport by songthaew shuttle taxi to your resort or the reverse on departure.

If the resorts have a wooden pier and water levels allow, visitors arriving by speedboat, either from Laem Sok or from the other islands, are delivered direct to their door and leave the same way.

Motorbike Rental

The best way to explore the island is by motorbike and prices for rental range from 250bt to 400bt daily. The main road that runs along the west coast and out to the fishing villages on the east coast is relatively new and overall is of more than passable quality. It benefits hugely from having next to no traffic, a boon of the island having no car ferries and whilst there are quite a few hills, they are not too alarming.

If you are new to scooter riding, then with all the normal caveats, it is not such a bad place to learn and it will give you a chance to get beyond the bay in which you are staying. The tracks from the road to the respective beaches are, nonetheless, far trickier and probably best not attempted after dark.

Taxis and Tours

The resorts organise cars with drivers to take their guests to the island attractions, such as the waterfalls and the fishing villages. Costs for each mini-tour start from around 500bt, with a whole day out and about, in the region of 1,500bt.

Siam Beach Resort on Bang Bao Beach has the franchise for public songthaews on the island, but this is still a fledgling service and at present it only runs at the same time as the free transport offered by the express boats’ songthaews. When it is on those runs (9.00am onwards going to the piers and around 14.00 coming from them), you can hop on and off it at any point along the way, for 30bt. These songthaews can also be chartered privately for 500bt or more, depending on where you want to go.

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